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Heyo, basically, I was a cringe worthy kid. I made changes and retained some.

I'm (very weird the worst mistake of your life) normal (still am today)

•100% Pinoy

•I draw rarely, grades are more important for my family

•Facts about me:

  1. Introvert (Ambivert)

  2. Basketball player (I'm not even good tho)

  3. Likes rain and wants to experience winter

  4. All kinds of music but mainly old music 60's to 90's (cuz of my parents)

  5. I love games, anime and manga

  6. No one laughs at my jokes(they're too intellectual)

Age: I'm between 10 and 20

Hair Color/Eyes: Black

Which hand to write: Right hand(I can write on my left when in a green board or white board)

Someday in the future I'm gonna feel a chill up my spine when I read this.

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