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Many years ago, I wrote fanfiction on quizilla under the name "bioticnabiotic". I had such a wonderful time, I decided to 'remaster' my most popular fanfics and repost them. I also decided to start writing new fanfics, and, eventually, post up some original shorts.

If you happen to remember me from such a long time ago, then you can imagine how much life has changed for me. My life is much busier now, and I can't dedicate as much time as I used to to writing, editing, and uploading chapters. I have a family now, (a great guy, 2 babies and our 3rd due in a few months), and a job that I could take or leave (lol!). This means that I will only be updating about once a week.

I am INCREDIBLY open to and happy to receive feedback of ANY KIND. If you hate it, please tell me why. If you love it, please tell me why. If you think it's okay and that it could use some improvements, please tell me how! No one ever improves their craft without HONEST FEEDBACK, which is all I ask for.

Please feel free to leave comments or PM me. I appreciate hearing from readers!

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