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Profile? I am a white republican male. Married (sort of) with children(s). Yes, heterosexual. I have not yet gotten my ear tag for that yet, because I am somewhat resistant to blowgun darting. National Geographic has been filming and they are making a documentary about me. Last of my kind and all. Generally uncaring, unconcerned, disconnected, ignorant, blind to others suffering and unapologetic. I have two degrees, One in Nursing and the other in Education. I have worked critical care and ICU for about 12 years now. Yes, I know that is what I do and not who I am.

Have for many years went by the handle of Sharpknife. Putting that out there some of you might put together the dots and know who I am. Yes, It is me. Let the fear and loathing begin in earnest. His Unpleasantness has arrived. For those who don't know me I did not bestow that title on myself. The handle was also put on me because of my tendency to sneak up on people and put a blade into them during many of the combat games of the early time. Surprised I didn't get another one for my love of the grenade gun. I probably did and they wouldn't dare speak it in my presence. I keep it through years and different versions of of Unreal Tournament.

I want to think I will not have to reveal my real name here. Not that I mind it if someone figures it out and there is a good chance that some of my Wheel of Time friends are on here and can put it together. Some of those people also know why I would keep it secret. I can't believe non of them are writing fan fiction, but have not asked.

In any case, I love reading, I gave up TV sometime in the late 80's or early 90's can't remember when, but am prone to binge watch shows on Netflix. As for writing my fist major was journalism. Unfortunately I had to give that up. Still regret that decision. Prior to that I can't claim anything, but high school experience. I was either on the staff of or the editor, at any given time on the creative writing magazine, was on the newspaper staff, part of the debate team and took part in other related activities or exercises for the general four years. I wish those times never ended. Yes, it was minor, to be nice about it. Out side of that all I can claim is having written over 30k words in papers when I was carrying 17 credits one semester in college. Yes, I was a busy guy then and am now. My writing if you can call it that is often confused by those who have read it with that other guy M. Drake. Probably because we hung out a lot in those days and both are very similar. I concede he had a better style more talent. I dream about starting again, but am plagued by procrastination and excuses.

Now you know too much and I will have to hide another body.

Enough for now, gotta take my son to college he is going to watch a debate for extra credit.

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