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Name: Can't say, my mother is paranoid

Random stuff (In which I will ramble about stuff currently happening in my life)

I am a very selfish person, I make no excuses for it and I accept it as a part of my self that I don't want to change. The world does not revolve around me but I certainly do. That's not to say I'm a horrible person, just overly concerned with myself.

Random quotes

"I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not yelling and screaming like the people on his bus."- friend at school

"It's better for people to say they hated your concert instead of saying: it was okay, because you want it to affect them."- Music teacher

"A story that begins with fire ought to end imediatly"- Lemony snicket

"Beauty is pain so I don't bother" - Me

"Survival of the fittest = survival of the selfish" - Me

"Bah, being normal is for freaks" - Me

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