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NOTE: I've Changed my pen name from Lisa Grey to a nik I was gifted with at a fiction BBS that I used to hang out on. Sort of a tribute to them since I'm not around much anymore. So, no, I'm not stealing my own work. =)

I guess it's about time I updated my profile. I know I haven't been very active, but I'm suffering from a fairly persistent case of writer's block. I'm still working on a few things but nothing that's nearing completion. Apologies to my fans that eagerly await something new from me.

There is a bit of sad news. On December 31, 2008, my beloved dog passed away. He was my loyal companion and best buddy for almost 16 years, so he was very old for a dog and lived a full, good life. I loved him like my child and will miss him terribly.






Occasionally, I'll get asked if someone can use my ideas for a story they are writing. This is how I feel about that:

It's fanfiction, and unlike some other uptight boneheads, I don't feel I can claim any sort of ownership of my work. Far as I'm concerned, it belongs to the owners of the Characters I borrowed. I mean, really, it seems sort of silly to use someone's copyrighted characters without permission to write a story and then expect everyone else to get permission from you to use your ideas in their own story. That's just hypocritical. So, if you want to use my ideas (short of outright plagiarism, which I would consider extremely bad form), knock yourself out. _


Well, I have a bit of bad news for the fans of Transcending Time. The original author has asked me to remove it and I will respect his wishes. I can only offer my apologies to the fans of the story who will be saddened that it is no longer available. It's a shame that future fans won't be able to enjoy one of the best Ranma/Setsuna pairings ever written, but his reasons for requesting it be removed were good ones. I won't go into those reasons. Again, sorry, to all the story's fans.


I've been asked a few times in the past to add some favorite stories/authors. I finally got around to doing so. It's a pretty exclusive list at the moment, but there it is. Hope you enjoy their work as much as I do. As far as my favorite authors, well, Gabriel Blessing and Ozzallos are without a doubt the finest authors on this site, full stop.

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