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About Me

I'm just your average twenty-something girl who likes fanfiction. I'm currently obsessed with the Owari no Seraph series. I also like Final Fantasy 7 (Crisis Core), A Court of Thorns and Roses, Kuroshitsuji (the manga), Devil May Cry, Naruto, Lord of the Rings, Akatsuki no Yona, Vampire Knight and Diabolik Lovers (and many more). There's a strong probability that I'll write stories for those fandoms in the future if I haven't already done so.

English is not my native language, so you can correct my grammatical/punctuation errors, typos, or vocabulary mistakes if you want. That would be a big help.
Other than that, I want to improve my writing skills and I'm open for constructive criticism as long as it is said in a normal and civilised manner.

My name on AO3 is SayaTsukihime.

If you want to chat with me or want to talk about my stories with me, feel free to PM me :) !

Story Updates

• The updates for Between Two Worlds and Where the Flowers Bloom are sporadic. Telling me to update soon won't motivate me to write, but leaving a proper review might ;P

• I'm not planning on abandoning my stories, but I will tell you if I have to go on a longer hiatus (more than half a year) or ultimately decide to abandon them (though I'm really not planning on doing that, ever), because I know how frustrating it can be to wait for updates on a story that has in reality already been abandoned by the author.

! Important Update #1: Heimat ist kein Ort and A Tale of Shadows and Flames are on hiatus at the moment

! Important Update #2: Between Two Worlds is currently being rewritten because I came to the conclusion that I couldn't continue the story the way it is now, there were too many plot holes and other things that bugged me. I also started this fic at the beginning of 2017, so I didn't know as many canon facts as I do now (there were only 54 manga chapters back then). The rewritten chapters will be posted on AO3 first. Once I've caught up to the newest chapter of my story, I'll upload all the rewritten chapters together with the new chapter on this site. I apologise for the trouble, but this has to be done. I hope that you'll like the new and final version of Between Two Worlds!

Between Two Worlds Update (30.06.2022): I've uploaded Chapter 5 of the rewrite on AO3!

Where the Flowers Bloom Update (26.06.2022): working on Chapter 8 atm. I'm about 70% done with the chapter.

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