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The Mystic Eyes i want are:

1; Mystic Eyes of Death Perception (Shiki Ryougi version: Nasuverse/Type Moon)

2; Mystic Eyes of Distortion (Nasuverse/Type Moon)

3; Lino Doue (The Legend Of Legendary Heroes)

4; Alpha Stigma (The Legend Of Legendary Heroes)

The Sacred Gear's i want are:

1; Aeon Balor

2; Sephiroth Graal

3; Incinerate Anthem

The strongest Dragon is Azi Dahaka

Azi Dahaka, Absolute Evil, Aksara, Zahhak, Three-Headed Dragon, "His Excellency" (Origin: Mondaiji)

“This body has crushed everything its eyes beheld ever since its birth. Life, cities, cultures. Societies, achievements, order, crime, public evil, proud justice and hideous depravities. Like a storm, like a tsunami, like a rain of thunder, this body has bared its fangs against everything in existence equally. But I…….am not a “natural disaster”. I am a being that wields the destructions that only a natural disaster should be able to wield, with a single will, and destroy anything by his impulses. That can no longer be called a natural disaster. Inevitably my being, the single word of evil I carry, is the final destination for all hero’s to cross……!”

“Rise………Over my dead body is where Justice lies……..!!!!”

“There's nothing to be ashamed of... If you don't know, learn from now on... The tremble you are having now, is in fact... Fear.”


"Who calls to me…? One who shines in unimaginable darkness… Will you even draw on your hallow self for your strength…? I am Magatsu-Izanagi… I will determine the path you take…"

"I am a shadow... The true self..."

"A Shadow is the true self that is suppressed—a side of one's personality they don't want to see."

My Top Ten Favorite Female Characters

1st. Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

2nd. Saber Alter/Artoria Alter (FGO)

3rd. Zesshi Zetsumei (Overlord)

4th. Akua Shuzen (Rosario Vampire)

5th. Plutia/Iris Heart (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

6th. Raven Branwen (RWBY)

7th. Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)

8th. Madoka Orimura (Infinite Stratos)

9th. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

10th. Eto Yoshimura/Sen Takatsuki (Tokyo Ghoul)

Other female characters i like


Stella Loussier (Gundam SEED Destiny)

Shinobu Kocho (Demon Slayer)

Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

Altrouge Brunestud (Type Moon)

Glass (Tate No Yuusha/Rising of the Shield Hero)

Fitoria (Tate No Yuusha/Rising of the Shield Hero)

S'yne Lokk (Tate No Yuusha/Rising of the Shield Hero)

Chess Belle (Owari no Seraph)

Tobiichi Origami (Date A Live)

Karasuba (Sekirei)

Simca (Air Gear)

Akame and Kurome (Akame ga Kill!)

Esdeath (Akame ga Kill!)

Chelsea (Akame ga Kill!)

Saiko Yonebayashi (Tokyo Ghoul:Re)

Nashiro and Kurona (Tokyo Ghoul)

Haihane (Sekirei)

Benitsubasa (Sekirei)

Uzume (Sekirei)

Miya Asama (Sekirei)

Akitsu (Sekirei)

Yume (Sekirei)

Chaos (Heaven's Lost Property)

Eucliwood Hellscythe (Koreha Zombie DesuKa)

Bambietta Basterbine (Bleach)

Giselle Gewelle (Bleach)

Tabane Shinonono (Infinite Stratos)

Tatenashi Sarashiki (Infinite Stratos)

Chifuyu Orimura (Infinite Stratos)

Autumn (Infinite Stratos)

Laura Bodewig (Infinite Stratos)

The Supreme Throne, Hecate (Shakugan no Shana)

Neopolitan (RWBY)

Cinder Fall (RWBY)

Ophis (DxD)

Lavinia Reni (DxD)

Serafall Leviathan (DxD)

Grayfia Lucifuge (DxD)

Kuroka (DxD)

Tiamat (DxD)

Yasaka (DxD)

Xenovia Quarta (DxD)

Le Fay Pendragon (DxD)

Reki (Hidan no Aria)

Jeanne d'Arc the 30th (Hidan no Aria)

Saeko Busujima (HOTD)

Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Argo (SAO)

Strea (SAO)

Yuna (SAO Ordinal Scale)

Kagura Mikazuchi (Fairy Tail)

Mavis Vermillion (Fairy Tail)

Ultear Milkovich (Fairy Tail)

Irene Belserion (Fairy Tail)

Seilah (Fairy Tail)

Anastasia (Fate/Grand Order)

Okita Souji and Okita Alter (Fate/Grand Order)

Jeanne D'Arc Alter (Fate/Grand Order)

Jack the Ripper (Fate/Grand Order)

Atalanta and Atalanta Alter (Fate/Grand Order)

Krul Tepes (Seraph of the End)

Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord)

Evileye (Overlord)

Nemesis (To Love-Ru)

Konjiki no Yami/Golden Darkness (To Love-Ru)

Kurosaki Mea (To Love-Ru)

Misa Amane (Death Note)

Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario Vampire)

Selena/Serena (Arc-V)

Ruri Kurosaki (Arc-V)

Ray Akaba (Arc-V)

Chiffon Fairchild (Freezing)

Ganessa Roland (Freezing)

Amelia Evans (Freezing)

Cassie Lockheart (Freezing)

Monica Krushevsky (Code Geass)

Anya Alstreim (Code Geass)

C.C. (Code Geass)

Caretaker of Spacetime (Code Geass:Akito The Exiled)

Ayano Kosaka (Code Geass:Akito The Exiled)

Black Gold Saw (BRS)

Mato Kuroi/ Black Rock Shooter (BRS)

Yomi Takanashi/ Dead Master (BRS)

White Rock Shooter (Black Rock Shooter THE GAME)

Stella (Black Rock Shooter THE GAME)

Astil Manuscript/Sora (Trinity Seven)

Lilith Asami (Trinity Seven)

Lieselotte Sherlock (Trinity Seven)

Hijiri Kasuga (Trinity Seven)

Arin Kannazuki (Trinity Seven)

Yui Kurata (Trinity Seven)

Levi Kazama (Trinity Seven)

Lugh (Trinity Seven)

Master Liber (Trinity Seven)

Mina Salem (Trinity Seven)

Radix Astil (Trinity Seven)

Ilias Fragment/Ilias/Treis (Trinity Seven)

Black Imperial Sword Judecca (Trinity Seven)

Hermes Apocrypha/Lilim (Trinity Seven)

Libik/Hohenheim (Trinity Seven)

Ryuhime Kashin (Trinity Seven)

Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica)

Angelica Ainsworth (Fate/Kaleid PRISMA ILLYA)

Chloe Von Einzbern/Kuro (Fate/Kaleid PRISMA ILLYA)

Shaula Gorgon (Soul Eater)

Medusa Gorgon (Soul Eater)

Arachne Gorgon (Soul Eater)

Acnologia (Fairy Tail)


The Black Dragon of the Apocalypse
Wings of Darkness

The King of All Dragonkind
The Dragon King
The Death Dragon That Devours All Magic
The Black Dragon
The Arcane Dragon


"I recognize you as my enemy, Dragon. And I shall slay you."

"It doesn't matter where you stand, I'll still destroy you, just like I'll destroy them and the ENTIRE WORLD!"

“I will kill you! I will destroy everything in this world! Nothing will be left standing when I'm done! I NEED MORE BLOOD! I WANT TO BATHE MYSELF IN AN OCEAN OF DRAGON BLOOD!!!" ~(Acnologia's villainous breakdown.)

“I said I'd show you why I'm called Dragon King. Is the lesson beginning to sink in yet or will I have to start killing you?" ~(Acnologia bragging after showing off his power.)

“Final? We haven't even begun to fight. But this will be your end." ~(Acnologia mocking the Dragon Slayers efforts to defeat him.)

“As we stand inside here, my flesh form is on a path of rampant destruction outside the time rift bringing about the end of the world. The hour of reckoning if now upon us. Civilizations reached it's demise. (Natsu: Why are you doing all of this?) It's simple, to bring destruction. (Natsu: Sounds like load of crap to me. This world ain't that weak you hear me and it sure is hell ain't yours to destroy.)" ~(Acnologia explaining his lifetime goal to Natsu.)

“I'm overflowing with power. If feels like when I mastered the art of Dragon Slaying all those years ago." ~(Acnologia attaining the power of time magic.)

“I was a king before but, I've become a god. This world and everything in it is my dominion." ~(Acnologia boasting his new found power.)

“Oh yes, I wield the power of time itself. This immense magic energy cannot be controlled. I will erase all of humanity." ~(Acnologia before using his Eternal Flare spell.)

“Your a Dragon Slayer? A little thing like you has that kind of power." ~(Acnologia targeting Wendy.)

“I've had my fill of this world. I've got to find the Black Wizard and do what must be done." ~(Acnologia re-entering the Alvarez war.)

“I thought this day might never come. But now I'm looking at the one who gave humans the power to slay dragons. In that regard I suppose I should call you "mother". THE SOURCE OF MY SIN!!!" ~(Acnologia stomping on Irene's corpse.)

“To think that Dragons still live... I am displeased." ~(Acnologia to Igneel.)

“Brave words but empty. They come from the mouth of one soon to be dead. Do your worst." ~(Acnologia during his battle with Igneel.)

“Oh, come now. You don't really think I feared one of Zeref's pathetic Demons, do you? That's ridiculous. I am Acnologia, King of the Dragons!" ~(Acnologia denying his fear of E.N.D.)

“Black Wizard, what is it you want?" ~(Acnologia meeting with Zeref Dragneel.)

“My arm is aching. The same one that was devoured by the flame Dragon. This is my time. The Dragon King Festival will soon begin." ~(Acnologia preparing for war.)

“Behold and tremble before the true king of dragons. The ultimate life form on this planet, ACNOLOGIA!!!" ~(Acnologia declaring war.)

“Element? I have no one kind. I am the ultimate dragon. The dragon of the apocalypse and the devourer of all sorcery. I AM THE ARCANE DRAGON ACNOLOGIA!!! " ~(Acnologia to Wendy Marvell, Erza Scarlet and Jellal Fernandes.)

“I am Acnologia, slayer of dragons. And I come to this place to wipe your ugly kind off the face of the planet once and for all." ~(Acnologia during the Dragon Civil War)

“I smell the putrid stench of a dragon." ~ (Acnologia appearing before God Serena.)

“Only seven more dragons remaining. I will slay them all." ~ (Acnologia after killing God Serena.)

“It would seem you fools need to learn a lesson. One I'll gladly teach you. Why I'm known as the Dragon King!!!" ~(Acnologia to the seven Dragon Slayers.)

“Dragons? Kind hearted? The Dragons took everything from me have hearts devoid of kindness. They slaughtered my family, burned my village, not even children were safe from their wrath. So, how in the hell can you tell me those creatures are kindhearted and noble? THEY DESERVE TO DIE!!!" ~( Acnologia telling Natsu Dragneel why he hated Dragons.)

(Accelerator Quotes)

I’m the Strongest Level 5, I don’t need brats worrying about me. Listen, even if someone is suffering before you, the kind of person that can take up arms without hesitation to shoot down the villain is no better than a villain himself. The kind that doesn’t care about others, doesn’t give 2nd chances; someone that kills if given a reason, is definitely not a hero. You don’t have to become that kind of person. That’s my specialty. Only I have to go through that.

I strive for something beyond the strongest, that challenging me would be the most ridiculous thought ever, that fighting me would be a sin!

That's right, I killed over 10,000 of the Sisters, but this doesn't mean that I should just leave the remaining 10,000 to die. I know that these words are hypocritical, I know that I have no right to say such words, but no matter how much of scum bags we are, no matter how many excuses we put forward, those can't be the reasons to kill this brat!!!

You’re really pitiful. Listen, I’ll tell you one thing. That day, my brain was damaged alright. Looking at me now, you should know, right? That I can only use the electrodes and let the calculation work be done by others, right? If I enter a place where I can’t receive the clones’ electrowaves, I can’t let the clones do the calculation work for me. And even after therapy, I can’t even get half of my power. The battery of this thing can only allow me to fight for 15 minutes—but then again, just because I’ve gotten weaker, it doesn’t mean that you got stronger, right?

You god damn fucking pieces of shit!! You rotten fuckers look down on me thinking my powers can only be used to kill!! I’ll show you right now!! Just like when I saved that brat from Amai’s virus back then, I’ll show you that I have the power to protect!!

It’s ridiculous that a villain who was no better than a piece of shit like me was guarding her!! No matter how you think about it something must have been wrong!! How could I possibly be a hero!! No matter what, I can only choose the blood-stained path!! Why do I have to do all these things!! If a hero like you had shown up earlier, then something like this mix-up of position wouldn’t have happened!! That brat would not had to have suffered as much this way!!

I have no interest in being a villain, and I don’t think that I can become a good person. I’m at a halfway point where I’m not even sure which path I should walk down… but I guess even there, I can still interfere in someone’s life and help bring things to a positive conclusion…

Aah!~ Fuck, I admit it! I want to protect her! I don't want to lose her!! I don't even want to think about the possibility of losing her!! I will face anything in order to protect this dream of mine!!

I wanted to be with you forever, too.

I get it... this is what it means to fight to protect.

This is not a negotiation, a suggestion, a deal, an entreaty, an agreement, a compromise, or a capitulation. It’s my triumphant return, you fuckers.

It’s true I have no real reason to protect her, but that’s no reason to just let her die.

It's useless! From here on, the path is only a One-way road! Just put your tail between your legs and get your ass back where you came from!

In this pathetic state, I know it's impossible for me to ever become Academy City's "Strongest" again... But I've already made up my mind... In the eyes of that brat I will always be the "Strongest," scumbag!

They may all look the same to you, but there are different kinds and different levels of evil. A first-class villain doesn't target honest lives.

Fine, now is a good time to teach you something: even Villains have standards!

“I intend to repay my debt to the clones, but I have no intention of apologizing to you. You aren’t conveniently forgetting that you too were one of the ones responsible for that experiment, are you?”

I know…I know that. I know I’m just licking my own wounds. I know they only look like the real thing because I’m superimposing my own wounds over them. But even so…That is…They are the final proof that those I killed ever existed. No matter how horrible a method they are being used for, they are still the final evidence that the lives I stole were ever here!!

It’ll be all right. If you need something to prove you existed, I will be that remnant. I will dig deeply into this world to leave behind an indelible mark that will prove that you were here as the ones who were sacrificed to the monster that I am. These twisted records are no longer needed. I just have to return you to a place where the dark side of science like me can’t reach you. I will end it all!!

If that’s the most surefire, absolute, and safe way of ensuring their safety, then I ‘might as well’ kill her. I’m not a fan of getting swept away by pointless emotion and getting stabbed in the back for my trouble. And I’m even less of a fan when it’s someone else’s back getting stabbed.

You can’t just write off everything they’ve done because ‘all’s well that ends well’. Whether you were blinded by greed or were nudged in that direction by someone, everyone is carrying something like that. We’re living on despite the suffering. You can’t just set that burden aside because it’s heavy!! You have to face it! Face yourself, you son of a bitch!! If you can’t do that, I’ll grab you by the hair and make you look! It’s the same damn thing you’ve done to so many other people!!

~My Most Favorite Anime Characters~

Kizuna Astin (Sunday Without God), Accelerator (To Aru Majutsu no Index), Indra Otsutsuki, Madara Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto), Vergil Sparda (Devil May Cry), Nero (Devil May Cry) V (Devil May Cry 5), Esdeath (Akame Ga Kill) ,Rogue Cheney (Fairy Tail), Zeref (Fairy Tail), Mammon , Kyoya Hibari, Rokudo Mukuro, Xanxus (Katekyo Hitman Reborn), Okada Izou (Fate/Grand Order), Astral Trinity (Trinity Seven)

(Quotes I Like)

I don't believe in god. There's no proof he exists. In a world where there isn't even proof of the future, the past exists. Even if it's tainted with misunderstandings and delusions, if the people themselves believe in it, the past is the truth to them. And, if you base your actions or your life around it, in a way, it's a type of god itself.

Anything I would never want to lose is always lost. It is a given that everything that is worth wanting will be lost the moment I obtain it. There's nothing worth pursuing at the cost of prolonging a life of suffering.

Man fears death and yet, at the same time, man is drawn to death. Death is endlessly consumed by men in cities and in literature. It is a singular event in one's life that none may reverse. That is what I desire.

Death is a privilege of the living. A destiny without reason, continually roving on, evermore. How fleeting a thing it is. One cannot live and forget about death. The despair that is me, forgotten by death, can at least embrace my yearning at twilight, and sleep.

Everyone thinks at some point if what they are doing has any meaning or not. Will the day come when I get what's coming to me, or not? How much influence does my existence have on the world at all, or doesn't it?

Me? A liar? That's almost hurtful. I just don't feel like telling the whole truth.

Mercurius Opening Monologue

What if I said that one's entire life had been decided by fate? That every single one of your actions, from the minute to the monumental, stemmed not from your own choices, but had already been decided upon? That life being a journey of limitless possibilities was but an illusion, and no matter how fiercely man struggled, he stood at the mercy of a long-established path? The wealthy shall know their riches. The needy shall starve on the streets. The wicked shall be wicked, the righteous just. The beautiful, the hideous, the strong, the frail, the fortunate, the miserable... and finally, the victors and the defeated. What if I said that all such things had been carved into stone eons ago, allowing for no divergence? If so, sinners have nothing to answer for, nor do saints have any true virtue to their name. What if I said that not a single action is carried out of one's own volition, but had been decided long ago? That we are merely adrift in the current of time? Tell me, would you feel content with such a world? A world in which power is merely given, not earned - would you accept knees bent to a throne build upon such falsities? A universe where the sinless have-nots are oppressed and downtrodden - would you allow such a world to exist?
Never, I say. Never.
Those in possession of such knowledge who can still laugh joyfully, oblivious to what it means to be truly alive, are but slaves, the lowest of the low, hardly deserving to be called human beings. Nothing dampens the spirit like the stale wine of an unearned victory. Nothing is more unbearable than bitter defeat against the chains of destiny. Should ceaselessly repeating this farce - this slander of the highest order - be the fate of mankind, then I will struggle against those chains with all my might. I shall walk this road to its utmost conclusion, and, at the distant place I can call my finale, compose an opera that belongs only to me.
And so, I require your aid, my dear ladies and gentlemen. You, the oppressed, the downtrodden, the massacred - you who where once as brethren. You where born to be defeated, to be massacred till the end of times. Should you curse that fate of yours, come and stand at my side as comrades. If a hundred battles yield no victory, fight a thousand. If a thousand battles yield no victory, fight ten thousand. Vow to struggle for an eternity, ceaselessly, till the light of victory finally shines upon you. Any that has the strength to do this shall be permitted to become a means to that end - a part of the "sorcery". All in order to claim eternal victory. The Mane of the Beast, each an every strand of it, shall be from your flesh and blood. You are blessed to be as such. Although I, you, and he as well... are still bound by that miserable cycle at this moment... let us believe that the decision we are about to make truly holds a meaning... That one day, we can break free from this perpetually repeating cycle.
My dear ladies and gentlemen. Defeated souls of the present age. I await your answer:
Will you rise to battle?

The Guillotine song

Blood, blood, blood, All it wants is blood Give the Guillotine, A blood offering Blood to slake it's thirst So the blood that's for The Guillotine's thirst is never quenched Only thing it wants blood, blood, blood!

~Dies Irae~

"On the Day of Wrath at the end of times, all creation shall turn into ashes and shatter as foretold in David's and Sybilla's prophecy... On that day, of judgment of tears and sins, whence from the ashes all of you shall rise again. So pardon them, O Lord, in mercy when time comes. Merciful One, now grant them thine eternal rest, Amen.

Atziluth: Du-sollst――Dies irae!

No mortal man under the sun, no powers that be, no chains that bind shall constrain Him,
for He dwells in the nether; a soul from the grave is He. His shackles crumble, his chains fall limp onto the ground before His will; He, the Dweller in the Grave, His cries of mingling agony and madness.
No man, no divine breath that course the veins of this universe hold the power to sway Him. And so the Lord asked – what manner of beast are you? Your lips breathe folly; your question a sage intellect would never hatch.
If you know not what I am – very well, I shall answer. Know my name, for it is Legion.
Briah: Gladsheimr - Gullinkambi Fünfte Weltall!

Day of wrath and doom Impending, David's words with Sibyl's blending, Heaven and Earth in ashes ending. Oh what fear man's bosom rendeth, when from heaven the Judge descendeth, on whose sentence all dependeth. Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth, through earth's sepulchers it ringeth, All before the Throne in bringeth. From the dust of earth returning: man for judgement must prepare him. Spare O God, in mercy spare him. Lord all-pitying, Jesus blest, Grant them thine eternal rest. Amen
Atziluth: Du-sollst――Dies irae!

(Madara Uchiha)

Love is not necessary, power is the only true necessity.

People cannot show each other their true feelings. Fear, suspicion, and resentment never subside.

The longer you live... The more you realize that reality is just made of pain, suffering and emptiness...

It seems that you still want to dance but... You will not be able to make steps anymore.

I'd be lying if I said things are going according to my plan... but beggars can't be choosers, right?

Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this world. The longer you live, the more you realize that in this reality only pain, suffering and futility exist.

Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed.

Power is not will, it is the phenomenon of physically making things happen.

Don't improvise what you cannot handle.

Talking about peace whilst spilling blood, it's something that only humans can do.

Nine-Tails, you are merely a momentary life, a temporary existence of coalesced energy... energy that once was a single, ultimate form! An unstable force, lacking in intelligence or sapience, you require a guide to show you purpose. That guide is the Uchiha! The tailed beasts are but slaves to those with blessed eyes. Obey!

In this world, wherever there is light - there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers. The selfish desire of wanting to maintain peace causes wars, and hatred is born to protect love.

The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up. A word that holds no true meaning.

The Uchiha is a clan destined for revenge...

It will be a new world... A world of truth, not lies.

When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.

...Would you consider dying together "Teamwork" as well?


I don't understand the feelings of the weak. The law of the world is survival at its fittest. Its how the weak are weeded out. It just means those people that died were too weak. Its only natural for the weak to perish.

The weak are destined to lie beneath the boots of the strong. If that angers you, overcome your deficits.

(Future Rogue)

"The shadows...are they reaching towards the past? The future? Or, are they reaching towards the hearts of the people?"

"Sometimes, it's impossible to stop actions with words. Even if we convince them now, they will definitely close the door. We can't escape fate. Some people live and some die. The one who closes the door will close it, as long as they live."

"Once I kill Acnologia, not only will I be the Dragon King, but I'll be the ruler of humanity itself! The mere thought gets my blood boiling!"

"The earth will crumble, the skies shall burn, and the flames of light shall be extinguished, for I am the Dragon King: the emperor born from the Dragon King Festival!"

"Equality for everyone is nothing but a pipe dream! Grow up, Natsu Dragneel!"

"Shadows...The shadows...they're trying to consume me...They've come for me...time and time again. The darkness within permanent. And the day I lost Frosch, I became one...with the shadows. " "Please tell 'me' to protect Frosch a year after...because Gray will kill Frosch."

(Rogue Cheney)

"Nakama... Bonds that don't exist in our guild, huh..."

"Natsu Dragneel... I can't see the bottom of his power..."

"There had to be a reason...for you to stay in Fairy Tail. I didn't understand, but now I do. It was your nakama, right? Our guild lacks that concept. We are the Master's soldiers. His orders were absolute. Victory was a must. What is a 'guild'? What are 'nakama'? What am I even fighting for?"

"That's right! As long as he's here, I'll be alright! Should I become stained with evil, the light would surely kill me."

(Vali Lucifer)

"That’s fine. I don’t have any interest in living long. Just, I feel regret being born in this age. A world without God. —I wanted to try defeating God."

"What you think of as peace can be painful for others."

"I just want to fight eternally"

"I’m a descendant of the previous generation’s Maou Lucifer who died. However, I’m a child of mixed blood born from a father who was the old Maou’s grandson and a human mother. —I obtained the [Vanishing Dragon]’s Sacred Gear because I’m half-human. It was just by chance. However, I, who is a true blood relative of Lucifer and is also the [Vanishing Dragon, was born. If there really is such a thing as fate and miracles, I may be that. —Just joking."

"Like I thought, you are truly amusing. –Get stronger, Hyoudou Issei."


"Abandon your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop. You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate."

"Though you fight a fierce battle on the outside, your inner world trembles not the slightest. To fight...Or to live...Choose."

"Ichigo... I hate the rain. Rain falls in this world, too. When your heart is in chaos, this sky becomes clouded. When you are sad, rain falls so terribly easy. Can you understand...the horrible feeling of being pelted by rain when you're all alone in this solitary world? If only to stop that rain, I shall lend you any strength. If you trust in me, I won't let a single drop of rain fall from that sky. Ichigo, trust are not fighting alone."

"What are you doing? Why do you run Ichigo? You still have not called me. Face forward, Ichigo. You should be able to hear it now. That which blocks your ears is worthless fear. The enemy is one, you are one. What is there to fear? Cast off your fear. Look forward! Go forward! Never stand still. Retreat and you will age. Hesitate and you will die. Shout... my name is... ZANGETSU!"

(Zeref Dragneel)

"I'm sorry. It's not as though I want to steal anyone's life... but the world rejects me. I want to see you soon, Natsu."

"I see... so you people are the Apple of Discord here. It's sad, how you've managed to anger me."

"I had no reason to come to this age. I'm not an ally to anyone. I'm not an enemy to anyone. But still, if an age is about to end right now... I might awaken once again."

"It is people like you who carved me into existence. It is wicked thoughts like yours that summoned Acnologia, heralding the end of this age. No one can stop it now. The world will be finished here."

"Trash that doesn't even know it's trash deserves to fall into the abyss."

"I've lived for many centuries and watched the rise and fall of different ages. People hate and evil causes conflict, but I'm looking forward to a new age that will purify all of this. How many times has this happened...where people make the same mistakes over and over again?"

"If this world continues to reject me, then I shall reject the world."

"The real Dragon King Festival is about to start. Black Wizard, the Dragon King, and you humans. It is time to decide who will survive. There are things in this world that you cannot oppose, no matter how hard you try"

(Gilgamesh King Of Heroes)

"Hero of Justice? A world where no one is hurt?" Don't be absurd. "Humanity" is the name for an animal that cannot find joy in life without sacrifice. The pretty lie that is "equality" is nonsense spouted by weaklings who cannot look upon the darkness. Nothing but an excuse to cover up life's ugliness."

"Sinful? Corrupt? I don't understand your logic. Why must pleasure and sin be connected? Pleasure gotten through evil means could be a sin. But pleasure can also result from good deeds. What kind of philosophy calls pleasure itself a sin?"

"To unite dreams beneath a banner of conquest. I praise your efforts. But, warriors... did you not understand? That all dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last one of them. Therefore, it was inevitable that I would stand in your way. King of Conquerors, know the end of your eternal dream. I, myself, shall show you harsh reality. Now awaken, Ea! A worthy stage has been set for you! Look up and behold... Enuma Elish!"

The Role Of The Mist Guardian

Illusions or real illusions

Within the illusions hide the real illusions

From the real Illusions, the Illusions are created

Within the truth, hides the lie

Within the lie, hides the truth

This is the mist

Creating something from nothing,

and nothing from something.

Thus, bewildering the enemy.

Rendering the families true form intangible with the visions of deceit.

That is the role of the guardian of the mist.

(Kingdom Hearts Darkness)

"It's really quite simple. Open yourself to the darkness. That is all. Let your heart, your being, become darkness itself."

"All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it, it grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came. You see, darkness is the heart's true essence."

(Mard Geer Tartaros)

"In order to kill Zeref the immortal, I must destroy all concept of life and death. Those effected by this Curse are neither living nor dead. They are simply gone. Erased. Eradicated. Eternally... become "nothing"."

Prologue (Poem)
When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting

Act I (Poem)

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water’s surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Act II (Poem)
There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds
Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh

Act III (Poem)
My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow
My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return

Act IV (Poem)
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess
My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber
Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world’s end
The wind sails over the water’s surface
Quietly, but surely

Act V (Poem)
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice

Diva, the Divine Spirit

Two lights cast their all-seeing eyes upon the spiral,

Instructed of the great Will only to watch, never to interfere.

The lights raise their voices in harmony, Diva of the heavens,

Singing of the world's end, a long-forgotten fate.

The Nameless Tome 4:4

Within the whirling wheel, nestled in the infinite spiral,

Lie two sacred thrones.

In one sits the divine spirit aligned with Lindzei,

In the other sits the divine spirit aligned with Pulse.

One seeks to stain the soil with blood

And thrust open the gates to the realm unseen,

The other nurtures souls,

Hoping they will open the gate on the spirit's behalf.

Bound by their covenant,

Despite an infinitesimal probability of success,

The two continue to challenge the limits of possibility

Over and over, cycle after cycle,

Until they fade from this world.

The Nameless Tome 4:11

First Paragraph

The first locus to be cast away belonged to age.

Age is the fountain from which flows all of man's despair,

The manifest mark of mortality.

Though they could not sever it from the spiral,

The divine spirits shunned age, deeming it unnecessary.

They let out a sigh lasting for ages,

And when the crumbling cliffs had finally eroded to naught,

Age was finally alone,

A pariah within the whirling wheel of percipience,

Within every wheel.

And like the crumbling cliffs,

Age's heart began to wear away

Until the day the soul of suffering appeared.

Third Paragraph

The third locus to be cast away belonged to suffering,

An indispensable inevitability.

Unless one understands, experiences, and expunges suffering,

One can never attain sublimation.

Yet the divine spirits did not desire to ascend.

Thus, they deemed suffering unnecessary to the gods,

For it was not sublimation but transformation that they sought.

And so, within the eternally ephemeral spiral,

Suffering came to know pain in all its forms.

Then, in the abyss of despair, he found a girl

Standing perched over an even more treacherous void.

In that instant, he awoke to the reversal at the end of all pain.

From that moment forth, suffering began thirsting for that inversion

In whichever wheel he traversed.

The Nameless Tome 14:7

Only the chosen may enter that land.

The chosen will touch all creation, and obtain that which is truth.

It is reason outside of reason—the reason of Agito.

It is power—the authority of Agito.

The sage proclaims:

"In all things, there is meaning. In all things, mourning will end.

Make your choice: will you choose reason, or the power of kings?"

And unto him, I reply:

"I will become Agito. I will sound the knell to shake all the world.

When nine and nine meet nine, the depths of reason shall stir.

When the seal of creation is broken, a voice like thunder shall sound,

And thou shalt know—we have arrived."

The Nameless Tome: Final Verse

The wheel whirls within the spiral,

Its light growing ever radiant with every revolution.

Yet when the small spiral collapses in upon itself,

Its light fades, and as a wheel it begins whirling anew.

Within the spiral emerged a single locus, so close yet invariably distant.

In the flash of an eternity, one became ten and six, then ten and two,

And the wheel began whirling once more.

The first revealed the power of acceptance,

The second, the power of kindness,

The third, the power of knowledge,

The fourth, the power of valor,

The fifth, the power of innocence,

The sixth, the power of tenacity,

The seventh, the power of discernment,

The eighth, the power of tranquility,

The ninth, the power of action,

The tenth, the power of ignorance,

The eleventh, the power of wisdom,

And the twelfth, the power of judgment.

Cast away were the loci of fear, love, suffering, and age.

Their souls elevated through the endless cycle of transmigration,

Those who ascend these loci were chosen by the divine spirits:

One wishing to open the gate with its own hand,

One wishing to open the gate using the hand of another.

The elevated souls shine more radiantly as the wheel continues whirling,

But fragments break off from each locus with every revolution.

When these shards are ten and two, the souls shall break forth from the wheel,

Involuntarily moving toward the end,

And the grand spiral shall collapse, sinking back to the percipient depths.

Only then shall a new wheel begin to whirl.

Yet at the edge of infinity, time overflowing is born of the spiral.

Though the gate remains closed,

Two loci who fell from the ten and two are granted human will of the divine.

And the fallen shards rejoin the wheel in its revolution,

Each one bearing the smile of Etro.

One of the divine spirits accepts their return,

Releases the loci and sets out on a new journey.

The remaining radiance forges the wheel of creation and set it whirling anew.

Is this wheel one of joy, or one of despair?

Or perhaps...

Funi quotes:

I called your boyfriend gay and he hit me with his purse

i see stupid people, there's so many

I see you're playing stupid again, looks like you're winning

Therapy is expensive, but bubble wrap is free (From personal experience.)

How are you? I'm f.i.n.e-

Fucked up


Neurotic and


I'm F.I.N.E. Thanks for asking

what do u mean the moon isn't made of cheez?

Funny but true philosophies:

i don't have a problem with god, it's his fan club i hate...

shit happens...(especially in a Predator movie with Jamaicans.)

'that which does not kill me makes me stronger'? Then how come french fries make you fat?

we have enough youth, how about a fountain of intelligence?

Guns don't kill people, the bullets do...

Blondes will never survive a Gundam Series.

Handy Quotes:

Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting. -John Russel

People who are organized are too lazy to look for anything. -Unknown, Most Likely a disoganized person.

A word to the wise isn't neccessary, it's the stupid that need advice. -Bill Cosby

When angry, count to four; when very,very angry, swear. -Oscar Wilde

Always forgive your enemies, it annoys the hell out of them. -Oscar Wilde

"There comes a time when the diplomacy as expressed by the handshake, hug, and knife in the back, becomes the diplomacy as expressed by the smiles, friendly e-mails, and nuclear warheads straight up the @!" The Late Chaos Nightbringer.

"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind."-Data, Star Trek: First Contact

"Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition! The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it's my very good honor to meet you and you may call me 'V'." -V for Vendett

"Oh Shit! I think i saw a ghost!"-Eddie Murphy on crack.

"carry a Badge, carry a gun."

"Or carry a bigger gun in the extreme emergencies when you actually need it."

"Or just do like the kamikazes and strap a stick of TNT to you balls. Pain is temporary, nitroglecerin is forever."

Famous Last Words...

"Into the breach!"

"No, Goose."

"It's not so bad... I was wrong!"

"But dying is such a b-!"

"I'm in a hospital, what could go wrong?"

"What's this button do?"

"Red Wire, right?"

Don't worry, I can Make it!

You'll love this!

It's as harmless as a fly!

Why are you so overprotective?

How big could it be?

Let's go out and buy a nuke, and then shoot roman candles at it.

I'm not supposed to die!

One shot: one kill.

Shhhh, it'll be hilarious...

Better red than d-

I don't need covering fire!

You'll never take me alive!

You here to kill me?

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