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As it mentions (above?), I've written fics for Harry Potter, Reba, Life Goes On, Golden Girls, OZ, Ugly Betty, Gypsy, Sunset Boulevard, Passion, Anything Goes, Sweeney Todd, American Horror Story: Coven, and HOLLYWOOD (2020). Check the tags - I try to be clear if there is femmeslash.

xoxo, lyss

"Dear America, when you tell gay Americans that they can't serve their country openly, or marry the person that they love, you're telling that to kids, too. So don't be f--ng shocked and wonder where all these bullies are coming from that are torturing young kids and driving them to kill themselves because they're different. They learned it from watching you." -Sarah Silverman

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xoxo, lyss

In The Works - Chaptered Fics


Maybe It Was the Hormones: Gypsy Revival. Based on Patti LuPone and Boyd Gaine's portrayals. Herbie, clearly, had no idea how dreadful this was! He was still lavishing her swollen tummy with kisses and cooing to their unborn child in a cheerful voice. RoseHerbie (Chapter Six Posted)

Sharing a Dressing Room Is Like Sleeping Together: Gypsy revival. Based on Patti LuPone's Rose and the real Rose Hovick (who was, in fact, a lesbian). Rose tried to remember the way Tessie’s skin had felt against her own, the way Tessie’s lips had been so soft as they caressed her neck, the way Tessie had tasted when they kissed. (Chapter Seven Posted)

Harry Potter - On Hiatus

Coming Out of the Broom Closet: POV of Hermione. Hermione finally gets the courage to come out, right after she realizes her neverending crush on McGonagall. The only problem is, the only person she gets the courage to come out to is... McGonagall. And, of course, McGonagall starts asking questions. Coming out story of Hermione Granger. (Chapter Sixteen Posted)

Courage to Love an Angel: POV of Ginny. Written with Sapphos-Daughter (writing as Hermione) and Stormytje (writing as Fleur). Love triangle featuring Hermione as the center of affection. Set in Ginny's sixth year when Hermione is in her seventh year and Fleur is the professor of transfiguration. (Chapter Five Posted)

Dangerous Conception: Voldemort always rewards those who are loyal to him and Bellatrix has been so loyal. But her reward affects many others as she brings a new reign of terror into the world. And what does it leave Bella with in the end? Bellatrix is pregnant with Voldemort's child, who is already exercising its powers from the womb. (Chapter Two Posted)

Kicking the Habit: One of Hermione and Ginny's visitors has always casued Hermione to not act like herself and has given her headaches. Hermione turns to a Draught of Peace to calm her nerves, but what happens when Hermione continues to rely on these little vials? (Chapter Six Posted)

No Lesbian Sex: Minerva McGonagall and Xiomara Hooch visit Minerva's parents for the summer so that Xiomara can finally meet them. Unfortunately, Minerva'as parents have many rules and regualtions that the couple will have to abide by. FEMMESLASH (Chapter Three Posted)

Life Goes On

Spring Fling: One of her hands fell to her stomach, "Sixteen months of doing for me is what got us here in the first place." "You don't want the baby." "That's not what I said, Jerry. Of course I want the baby." Libby/Jerry affair au, pre-season 2 through post 4. (Chapter Three Posted)


Voracious: "To me, men are like books. Sometimes I want a romance, sometimes a thriller. And sometimes, I want a classic. But when I finish, it's back on the shelves and on to the next." "Maybe you're reading too fast." "I'm voracious." Stella Coffo focused fic (Chapter Two Posted)


I Have Read About That Kind of Love: A Passion by Sondheim fic. Fosca's story from the garden scene on. She knew what she wanted from him, what she had been vaguely warned about in her condition, and it was not merely friendship. (Chapter Six Posted)

Reba - On Hiatus

Somewhere Between What Was and What Could Be: Reba is finally given the choice between which life she wants: Her life with Brock back, or this new life she's living. "Reba," Brock said as Reba struggled to pull away, "I still love you. Always have. Always will. Can you really tell me you don't feel the same way?" Brock/Reba "The whole thing with Brock opened up this door with you." Reba/BarbaraJean. (Chapter Four Posted)

To the Edge and Back: When Brock doesn't come home after one of their fights, Reba's whole life is turned upsidedown as she deals with having to hold her family together after their latest fight. She just keeps telling herself that he loves her and he'll come home eventually. (Chapter Three Posted)

Supergay?: Based on the episode Van's Agent. Van lies to sports agent Sadie so that she'll represent him. Little does he know what his lie will unleash for supergay Reba! Thanks to my dear friend, Amanda SheIsMySin, for help! FEMMESLASH. (Chapter Two Posted)

Sweeney Todd

A Child's Love: Toby's getting older. Mrs. Lovett can't pretend it's not true. And boys that age? They have needs and desires. She fears, though, that her adoptive son has set his sights on her. (Chapter Seven Posted)

Midnight Fantasies: “Why is it ya always get so agitated when it rains at nigh’, love?” Mrs. Lovett asked. Sweeney was back at the window, the gin in his hand, staring out at the dark, rain-covered streets. He surprised even himself by answering. “Lucy,” he answered simply. (Chapter Eight Posted)

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