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Hope you all will likes this...

mutters* "Even thought I have terrible writing/how to write a story"

I like Undertale,All Rick Riordan Books, RWBY, Star Wars etc etc

AHHH...too many to name...Lets just say I like a lot...and I mean a lot of stuff..and if you hate what IFIRE like then fine it's your opinion.

Will also reading any fanfiction with pairing/shipping...Unless...it make sense...

Thought ships/pairings I dislike

fontcest(Sans X Papyrus)-KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Pairing Ruby Rose,Jaune Arc,Pyrrha Nikos with reasons

Ruby Rose-She is too young! (Exception:written rather good like "Twin Heroes of Remnant")

Jaune Arc-Arkos only please( Exception:Mutiple Lover Thing with Pyrrha in it,also no pairing Jaune X OC)

Pyrrha-...Arkos..thought (Exception:written rather good like "A Thorny Tangled Triangle" though no OCs)

Also ZERO TO NO Bashing!

I don't care if your like hating and bashing Ron from Harry Potter or Chara from undertale.I don't care for character hate...There is always good in anyone...no matter what the canon says...unless there just unredeemable.Also whatever i write is from any game,book series or anything that is own by someone else is owned by owners not me or else i wouldn't have said this!

Roses is Red...

Bacon is Red...

Poems are hard...


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