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Subject : Jakomadara

Gender : this is shared account.

Like : Fried Tofu, Tea, Drawing, Science Fiction, Master Yoda, Nepko, Marvel, Touhou

Dislike : Bad Turian, DC Universe (all the heroes are too OP)

Need to stop playing Stellaris, the shit addicting like Civ5

Original Character

Tsuyoishi Miki
"The society create monsters."
Species : Human?
Gender : Female
DBreaker : DB-XYZ Coordinates System / XYZ Arms Gloves
Gender-bend of my original character from old comic i made in middle school. No special power, magic, or power-up. All her fighting ability earned through training, technology, tricks, and genre savviness. Immune to magic attack and everything related with magic because her beliefs. Tends to leave fight when the enemy start telling flashback for days or more. Become soft after her comic ended. Have complicated personality

"Can i be happy, master?"
Species : Artificial Human
Gender : Female
DBreaker : DB-10PCb Pathfinder System / Pathfinder Core
Artificial human product designed to cross universe. OC from author high school days. Quiet, robotic, and emotionless. Very obedient, she will do whatever you ask and takes everything literally. Because she is the first of her series, she is lightly weaponized with standard energy blade, BLADE Offensive module, and Portable Coffee Maker (PCM). Reported Missing-In-Action when testing her upgraded Pathfinder Core aka accidental blind jump.

Plot Device

Dimension Breaker
The first dimension breaker created by Dr. [REDACTED] is used to be a timegate machine. After learning the dangers of "rewriting" history, he changed the whole Gateway System to instant teleportation to another universe cause he can't just destroy his invention which cost Trillions. The other reason because travelling to another universe sound cool. The engine become some kind of MacGuffin plot device for a while, until people from another universe created their own dimension breaker. By now the engine became common technology used by everyone to travel between universe like using an airplane.

Universe F-7829540


Project Earth (Hyperdimension Neptunia) - English
Drama/Crime/Dark Humor/Sci-Fi/Slice-of-Life
Stories about Console War on Earth and other thing. Will involve adult theme, elements of real world, focused on character to character interaction with harsh reality, human-trafficking and drug. All mixed with dark humor.
Progress: Writing, slow

Project FGT (High School DXD) - Bahasa Indonesia
Adventure/Sci-Fi/Indonesian Meme/Cameos
Story about Issei's life in a futuristic city with his new best friend Shirone. Will involve many OC and other characters from different series. There will be no devils involved because they are locked in underworld and busy with their own war against themselves. Again, no devil involved means no Rias-bitch and Sona.
Progress: Looking for new inspiration
(will take long time, this is the third time i'm reworked the roadmap.)

Project FATE (Fate/Stay Night)
Side follow-up to DXD fanfic as Shirou have deal with a troublesome "war" just for a golden cup? And worse, it only grant one wish for killing seven "dangerous" dead heroes!? It sound unproductive to participate when there's dragon ball laying around on Earth like how his family on Einzbern line use it to recover their lost magic. Oh, the Tohsaka doesn't know about it huh? Featuring his cute little sister Miyu and his gorgeous big sister Illyasviel. Did i sound like siscon just now?
Progress: In Development

Stupid Free-Ideas:

Torture/interrogate Sona with magical girl shows.

"Clarent Bloody ARTHOOR!: Fuckin' Mah Shitty Dad Over"

My Dark Lord Can't Be This Cute ~A Creepy Tale of Harry x Voldemort, The Fuck Is This Shit!?~

Ingredients for making Sandalphon:
- Nokia 3310
- Sandal Jepit Swallow
- a Cauldron
- Magic Chalk
- Roasted Soybean Flour
- The Toilet Throne
- Tight Sealed Antimatter
- Rainbow of Aiur
- Tsunako Drawing
- Advanced Dump Recycler Mechanism Plan
- TK-S10TDEv1 Reactor
- good Heatsink

Ask Koro-sensei is he edible?

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