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I ship NejiTen... There is so much dynamic in this relationship and a lot of space for funny and exciting moments.

Pitty it's not a canon...they deserve some romance. Fortunately we have the world of FanFiction!

I like other canon pairings from Naruto Universe as well, but Neji and Tenten still win. They have strong chemistry like ShikaTema, they are more fated than SasuSaku, they are cute as NaruHina and they have more potential for humorous scenes than all other pairings combined.

I'm an artist and the avatar is drawn by myself.

I'm proud to recommend the work of great authors who wrote wonderful stories based on my pictures.

The Proof Of Affection by fanfictioner22 :Great humorous story! Neji is trying to court Tenten and comedy and sweetness is guaranteed. Perfect parallel to NaruHina red scarf thing.

Shades of Konoha: Dragon and Phoenix by Giada Luna: the chapter named "Whisper"- It takes more than two men wearing spandex or the combined efforts of the Rookie Nine to embarrass Neji or Tenten. Or maybe it just takes the right words.

The Cat Situation by EmeraldNorth: After a mission gone wrong, Neji and Tenten have to deal with the fact that they're practically half-cats now. This story is incredibly sweet and will make you smile for sure!

If you want to talk about Naruto world feel free to PM me.

I'm a supporter of Fanfiction Review Movement (FRM). The FRM is a movement, whereby readers pay it forward by reviewing the works they enjoy. Those who have joined believe in positive constructive commentary to better the writing and story quality on this site. Please know you don't have to be an author to join this movement, it's okay just to pledge to review as a reader. Come on guys, the writers give you stories for free! The least you can do is to pay them back with a review! ;)

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