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To My Readers:

I’m sure that by now many, if not all, of you have noticed that all of my stories have been malfunctioning in some way or another for each of you depending on when you were reading them. Firstly, I thank all of you who sent me PMs to alert me to the ways in which your reading of my works was interrupted. However, I need to inform you… that these malfunctions are not, in fact, errors. The is a reason behind them that reason being a direct result of my actions over the past few weeks, and most recently, the past two days at the time of me constructing and posting this notification to you all.

That said, I would like to start off by saying I am NOT done writing, I will be continuing to work at putting out my before mentioned book, and other ORIGINAL works. Yet, with that bit of good news, I must now give you the bad. The works that I will be continuing to put out will not be on THIS site. As, while I am still in search of a new platform in which to post my works, I will no longer be doing Fanfiction. Please, let me explain.

When I first started writing Fanfiction, or even getting into anime for that matter, I was in a HIGHLY emotional, mental, and on the rare occasion that was getting all the more common at the end, a physically abusive situation. I had to watch anime and write fanfiction in secret just to be able to use it as a means of escape. Then, after I was out of such a situation, I openly latched onto Anime and Fanfiction, even preferring to be in a fantasy world than facing reality.

During this time, my writing style became corrupted with scenes whipping back and forth between emotions, things were rushed out just so I could take in the praise in the reviews, and after coming to accept them, I started getting hyper-focused on stories with Limes or Lemmon scenes and other similar content. It inevitably led to pornography addiction that was so bad that I even made a secret account very close to the time I made my new account know just so I could keep writing stories filled with sinful things even as I was trying to “Clean up my stories”. That account was NarutoxYugao, some of you may know it, some may not.

Regardless, that’s what happened, and looking back, I can see how I had turned Fanfiction into my idol, I’m not proud to say that but it’s what I did. I had lost my way as a Christian. Now, however, I have returned to my walk with God, and as such, I simply can not continue with fanfiction. I had turned it into my idol, and even trying to read Fanfiction without a feeling of disgust for all the sin, even in my own stories, I see woven into the stories, is impossible for me.

Now I am not saying all the stories in Fanfiction is full of nothing but sin. There are good things in several of them. What I am saying is that there are far too many that are and too few that aren’t. It is what led me astray.

I love writing, Fanfiction helped me gain a love for reading and helped me with my writing to a point. But it hurt my writing in so many ways. I will always, so long as I live on this earth, be grateful for the help Fanfiction has given, and remember the lessons about writing it I learned from it but I simply can’t continue it any further.

For those who wish to read my ORIGINAL works, I will be posting about the new platform I am writing on when I have found it and started to write once more, as I will be taking a break from putting stories together until November. However, within that time, I will still be looking for a new platform, and constructing elements of stories. Such as flushing out characters, or making notes, and only notes, of the ideas I have. So if you know of any sites that writers can post Original works on, please let me know of them, it would be a big help.

Until then:


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