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Well I joined the site quite some time ago as a reader and never bothered to write something in my profile... What would be meaningful enough for people to be interested in? So I'll go for minimalist.

I'm French ; so you will notice some french-written stories in my list of favorites. However the site is mainly providing us with English-written fics, so I've read quite a lot in this language and my linguistic skills have improved exponentially as a consequence! No need to read boring stuff, fanfic is entertaining and useful as well...

I'm probably older than many here...

My first big passion has been and will always be Star Trek TOS. It's more than a show, it's the ultimate show, it's a philosophy for life.

And then I discovered White Collar some years ago and it became an all consuming passion. I see Peter and Neal in an unlikely BFF relationship (or father-son sometimes).

I've always loved to watch Old West series and films; a couple of weeks ago I watched the first episode of the series Magnificent Seven and immediatly got addicted. Sadly there are only 2 seasons with 22 episodes alltogether but there is a magnificent fandom, with many compelling AUs too (the modern and fabulous ATF for instance), here and on other sites... Can't read enough about them just now!

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