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Right, so, thus far I've not uploaded anything yet. I'm a complete noob writer and mostly just enjoy reading and listening to Writing Excuses podcasts.

I'm fairly blunt and direct, though I try to soften the blow when I give constructive criticism and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.

I do intend to upload here, mostly to receive constructive feedback and further develop my writing skills. I'll probably never finish a story, but I'd rather have a couple of snippets and ideas for an interesting story than end up writing something without an interesting plot.

My biggest fear, both when writing and reading fanfics, has to be OC characters who add nothing to the story. IT is why I actively try to question characters I come up with.

For example, If I go the famous twin of so and so route, I ask myself: Why do I want to give so&so a twin, What difference will it make? What sorta person is it? Am I consistent enough in the personality? Do I want to follow a stereotype and if so, How can I twist it and or turn it into a believable character?

My favorite fanfics to read, because there are so many of them are Harry Potter and Naruto fanfics.
The ones that appeal the most to me are those showing immense character growth, or at least featuring a somewhat intelligent character. I cannot stand people actively doing something absolutely stupid, like saying"There is something out there." and walking off alone in the woods with nothing but a freaking flashlight.

I also try to keep in mind that everything I try to do has been done before and way freaking better than I ever could. So things like one of my favorite writers Larry Correia does truly make my day. Things instead of making elves these hippy nature loving people they always get depicted as, turning them into redneck trailerpark elves. Stuff like that is gold.

The most important part of a story to me, is the beginning. The majority of the authors both professional and hobbyist tend to have a rather generic first chapter or prologue. I really like it if there is a bit of world building going on through the perspective of the character and an insight to be gained into the characters personality. MY favorite books doing this really well are: Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia, Swarm (Starforce book 1) by B.V. Larson and Old man's war by John Scalzi.

My favorite opening to a movie has to be dawn of the dead. The rest of the movie admittedly sucks but that opening with the zombie husband chasing after her car at breakneck speeds only to snap his head to the side as he spots the neighbor and switch targets, that made that whole movie memorable for me.

My biggest dream in writing would be to write an opening sequence that anyone reading it will remember 5 years on, though I doubt I will achieve that. Most snippets as a result that I write and will possibly post someday are primarily prologues and first chapters because of that.

My personal biggest downfall in writing is writing and inserting dialog. Not because I cannot write people as individuals, but simply because it feels unnatural to me to write entire conversations. My skillset leans more towards narrating and as is often the case with people who are good at narrating, they do tend to do less well at dialog. That is why to me the toughest and most skill intensive part in writing will be in writing successful dialogues.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy whatever Crap I write, and once again my apologies in advance if my reviews upset you, I honestly do not go out of my way to try to do that.

If I've reviewed you and my review is almost a puzzle to understand, than another apology, since I wrote it on my mobile phone, and/or simply used speach recognition to respond and missed something in checking it over for mistakes.

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