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I, as you may be able to tell by my Author name, am Asian. Japanese to be exact. I love video games and Anime. I got onto this site to write Fanfics no one I've seen has done. I'm planning on doing a Narutoxslight MGSV crossover with Naruto gaining a Bionic arm with fem Ocelot and Kaz, it will take a long while (Draft is in the works). I'm also planning a NarutoxFem. Shino fic. and a true Naruto x Rin Pairing. Will also take some time, since life is being a bitch at the moment. PM me for any Ideas or questions.(WARNING: I am using my phone most of the time, a IPhone, and Fanfiction.Net doesn't have a app yet so I may not be able to respond to your PM immediately!) Avid, OUT!



Fairy Tail

a few other misc. that I'll fill in later


Metal Gear Franchise

Left 4 Dead franchise

Sunset Overdrive

rest will be added later

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