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Profile: Just a guy from Ohio, who has really crazy story ideas. Now as for my account name, I just like Cobra Commander a lot. I'm presently working on a few stories, but I need some help. I need you guys, to vote on my polls, send me reviews, PM me, etc. Please enjoy my work. Of you don't like, don't read.

(01-05-17) Hello everyone. If you've read the stories, telling you to come to my profile page, I called you here to tell you the reason, I haven't updated my stories in a while. Look at the stories, you're most familiar with,



Expect more spelling errors for a while. The device I USUALLY write my stories on.. Isn't letting me. So.. I'll be writing on my cell phone for a while. A smaller screen than I'm used to. Expect more spelling errors, till I get it fixed

I apologize. Recently, there has been a problem with my iPad. For a while.. I will have to publish from a stationery device or mobile phone. So.. Some updates may be slower than any of us wanted. Sorry.


I haven't updated these stories in a while, because I they're kinda hard to think about. However, I will be working on this, whenever I can. I assure, my friends, everything will see it's update soon. Having the Flock be Jedi, is an especially fun idea. Same for them being Vampires, so I will work on those, but I will NOT forget my other stories. Expect to see updates soon enough.


Apparently, I made a bit of a mistake. Apperently, writing Lelouch, King of the Supernatural, was not up to me. I said it was inspired by another story, the author of of which hadn't finished, but I found out he does in fact, intend to finish it. So, I won't be working on that anymore. I am postponing Family of Fibers and Blood, because I can't exactly think a lot about it. Particularly, the romance between the girls' parents. It's very difficult to think about, and I don't really know they have in common, other than their daughters. So, I need an editor for that one. Aside from the romance, I'm having trouble on how to introduce other characters. Such as, Mako, her family, Mikisugi, his organization, (I'm not saying their name. I'm sorry, but I'm not saying it.) and the Elite Four.


These ones, I WILL continue, for a long time. I'm having a difficult time with it. If you're willing to read them, please do. I'd appreciate it. I need your reviews, and in time, you will get the next chapter.


Yeah. I've decided to make a few stories into comics. I just need to find the right artists for it. If you're an artist, and you'd like to do it, get my attention somehow.


A challenge for Code Geass crossover writers. The Geass&Batman challenge. In Gotham. Lelouch fights, with the Dark Knight. Four rules.

1. Lelouch can be either part of the Britannian Mob (yeah. Took a guess) or a member of the GCPD (Either Captain or Lieutenant).

2. Must have a long agreement between Lelouch and Batman, as well as disagreement between Charles and Commissioner Gordon.

3. CC must be some kind of a cat burglar (similar to Catwoman, but not the same.

4. While Lelouch likes Batman.. Not very fond of Bruce

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