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thetruedragonslayer PM
Joined May '16

name: unknown

gender: M

age: between 486-499 i lost track at 486.5

date of birth: all i know is im a leo so ya

magic: all dragon slayer magics elements mostly death

dragons taught me magic: all of them

favorite anime (no order)

fairy tail

sword art online 1/2

the seven deadly sins

blue exorcist

rurouni kenshin

assassination classroom

soul eater

and more

i'm a big E.N.D fan so if you have any stories with E.N.D pm me please

favorite parings (only for fairy tail because there is really none for all the other ones or they all did it)

nalu natsu x lucy (hard core shipper)

nami natsu x mirajane (it nice)

nerza natsu x erza (i've read some good ones)

natsu x any girl exeped for lisanna (i just don't like here that much)

gruvia gray x juvia

gale gejeal x levy

loke x aries

and all the ones from the canon

parings i hate

nali natsu x lisanna (no...just...no)

lucy x anyone but natsu

thats it i wont make lisanna look like a dick in my storyies but natsu wont ever E.N.D up with her

favorite charterers (no order)

natsu/E.N.D (fairy tail)

soul evens eater (soul eater)

kirito (sword art online)

kenshin himora (rurouni kenshin)

meliodas (seven deadly sins)

ban (seven deadly sins)

rin (blue exorcist)

nagisa (assassination classroom)

karma (assassination classroom)

have fun

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