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Hello! I am Kairocksrainbow! A sixteen year old female who loves Cartoons! I haven't posted any stories on here yet but I will soon! Enjoy my work once I post it of course. :P My favorite TV shows are Ninjago,Ladybug,and 13 reasons why. I am Christian. You can call me KRR,KR or Rain for short. The Amazing Smith will be my first fanfic. Anything I use I don't own except for my characters and storylines.

Where else you can find me.


Second IG account:lavajitzu(Feel free to shoot me a DM!)

My previous usernames on FFN:Star Darkness,Guest,Darkrainbow.

I took a Ninjago quiz on which ninja are you and I got Kai!!!! Hell yeah! And then I took what element are you and I got darkness.(How fitting. )

my favorite pairings in Ninjago!(Warning it's a long list. xD)

Lavashipping(MY OTP!!!!!!!! OTP OTP OTP!!!!!!! LOVE THIS SHIP SOOO MUCH!!!!!)

Greenflame(Kai x Lloyd. SHIIIIPP)

Technoshipping(Zane x Jay)

Oppositeshipping(Kai x Zane)

Garmadon and Misako

Bruiseshipping(Jay x Cole)

Zane x Pixal

Ronin and Nya

Kai x All of the ninja.

Bansha and Morro

Soul Archer and Bansha

Jay x Kai(Plasmashipping)

Nya x Skylor

Nya x Cole

Glaciershipping(Zane x Cole)

Lloyd x Chamille

Chamille x Ash

Pixal x Nya

Ash x Kai

Nya x Seliel

Kai x Garmadon

Kai x Ronin

villain x Hero ships:Zane x Cryptor,Kai x Morro,Lloyd x Morro.

As you can see I am Yaoi and Yuri trash. XD

Shippings I ship with My Ocs:

Stan X Jane

Tylor x June(Even though Tylor and June both died, they are together but you know in death.)

Maihreen x Nikita(Girl OC of mine. )

Krissy x Karian

Jaren x Ray

Kaylor x Star

Crystal x Kasen

Kayen x Mailen (Soon they will be a couple. Ladybug)

Rayna x Kade (Ladybug)

Rena x Mayan

Tracy x Kayden(Tracy's now boyfriend)

Tylor and June(Jylor is their ship name.) is My OC OTP.

My favorite ninja in order:

1. Kai!!!!!!!!

2. Lloyd(He moved up to being my second favorite!:D)/Cole.


4. Zane(Still love the guy!)

5. Jay

Favorite Seasons of Ninjago!!!!

1.Hands of Time!!!!!!/Possession

2. Touranment of elements/Skybound/Rebooted

3.Rise of the Snakes

4.The Green Ninja(Season 2)

And of course My favorite special is DAY OF THE DEPARTED!!!!XDXDXD

My BROTPs in Ninjago:Kai and Cole, Zane and Jay,Lloyd and Kai,Jay and Cole,Kai and Skylor,Jay and Nya.

Favorite episodes:Love them all. They're too amazing. XD

Some facts on me!

1. I will NOT give my real name.(Trying to be safe.)

2. I'm probably way too old to be obessessed over lego characters who can control Fire and Earth... ;)

3. I hate dancing. XD

4. I'm a Yaoi and Yuri fan.

5. I like making new OCs.

6. My fandoms:Ninjago,Ladybug,13 reasons why.

7. I support homosexuality or homosexuals.

8. I dont play video games anymore.

9. I am a girl. XD

10. Will not judge anyone's opinions. Will not agree with all but I won't be judging.

11. I am total Yaoi and Yuri trash.(Problem?)

12. I dislike the color Blue.

13. Hate sports.

14. I am a 10th grader.

15. When I publish my fanfic, I won't take any flames.

16. Don't like singing. Also I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. (I got it for Christmas.)

17. My favorite youtubers:The Runaway guys,AmazingPhil,DomoandCrissy,Crissy Danielle

18. Hate dresses,skirts,makeup,fake nails,Shall I go on?

19. Hate TV

20. I live in the USA.

21. Not a Trump supporter.(Won't judge if you are.)

22.I snack a lot. XD

23. I'm socially awkward...Whoops.

24. My parents are divorced.

25. I'm really quiet and shy.

26. I'm not a quick to trust people person.

27. I'm Skillet Trash. XD

28. I loves movies better than reading the books.

29. I dont read books anymore.

30. My love of lava is over the charts. Surprise? Nope. Not at all. XD

31. I wear nail polish now. To not chew my fingers. XD

Stories I will publish and update soon(When I say soon I mean VERY VERY SOON)

Wonderful Fire(Sequel to the Amazing Smith.)

Sibling of Time(No summary yet. Will take place after Hands of Time.)

Frontstage with Kai(Oneshots for The Amazing Smith. Still working on the title for it.)

Background of Smith(Oneshots for Wonderful Fire)

Since I'm bored here is all the info on my Ninjago OCs.

Girls first. Feel free to use them. Just give me credit when you do though. :) (Warning:I have a lot. XD)

Ninjago OCs.

Female characters:

1. Star Amber Sea Miller

Appearance:shoulder length choppy black hair,brown eyes but change to red when angry,light tan skin,pale lips,around her neck is a golden necklace that is hung by a golden charm. cuts on her both arms.(She hasn't told Kaylor she cuts herself.)

Spinjitzu color:Light purple.

Regular outfit:a teal hoodie,purple short sleeved shirt underneath it,light purple skinny jeans,purple jordans.

Personality:quiet,shy,cuts herself for no reason or over depression,never eats,rarely laughs,barely eats.

Weapons:Dark purple katanas of Gravity,Golden double sided daggers like Darth Maul's lightsaber of Shadows,a gun,her powers.

Ninja gi:Lavender ninja gi,her spinjitzu is light purple,black leather gloves,Lavender ninja hood,wears dark purple skinny jeans,Red and Teal Jordans.

Element:Shadows(no relation to Shade) and Gravity(Not related to Gravis)

Age:16(her b-day was on March 18th)


Love life:Kaylor.

Likes:Battling,star gazing,the cold,Jordans,shorts,cutting herself.

Dislikes:any girly things,dresses,skirts,fake nails,heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,stockings,leggings,sandals.

Elemental dragon:Lavender color,purple eyes,light purple wings,black scales that end to the tail,white sharp teeth,a boy,name is Shadow.

2. Rena Cross

Appearance:black hair with blue Sapphire highlights,light hazel eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,around her wrist is a huge silver bracelet like Nya's but has a black gemstone.

Spinjitzu color:Light Magenta




Regular outfit:a black hoodie with a black short sleeved shirt,black skintight leather pants,Black converse.

Personality:nice and kind,calm and collected,fun-loving, willing to be there for others,can be short-tempered if you mess with the ones that she loves,tomboy. Now she was a bad girl.(long story of how that happened...) but now is working at a bar.

Weapons:Magenta katanas of Sound,jet black daggers of Posion,her powers.

Ninja outfit:Magenta ninja gi,her spinjitzu is light magenta,black leather gloves,Magenta ninja hood,wears dark magenta jean shorts,Black and Baby blue Jordans.

Likes:Fightning,gazing up at the stars,Cooking,the cold,shorts,Jordans,Mayan.

Dislikes:girly things,dresses,skirts,dogs,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,training,having no WI-FI,the color white,fake nails,nail polish,leggings,stockings,sandals,tank tops,the color pink.

Element:Sound and Posion

Dragon:Magenta color,pink eyes,light magenta wings,white sharp teeth,black scales that end to the tail,a boy,name is Echo.

3. Zaya Roadway:Neon green ninja of Metal(No relation to Karlof) and Gold creation.(Not related to Lloyd)

Appearance:Dark Cyan blue hair with black highlights that is just past her shoulder blades,fiery green eyes,fair skin,pale lips,around her neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a orange fireball.

Spinjitzu:Dark Neon green


love life:None.(Tracy broke up with her...)


Regular clothes:a black short sleeved shirt with red flames on it,blue jean shorts with orange flame trailings at the sides,Silver Nike Air Shoes.

Personality:a mix of Nya's and my boy OC Crystal's traits.(In the boy OC section below)

Weapons:Yellow daggers of Metal,purple katanas of Gold creation,her powers.

Gi:Neon green ninja gi,her spinjitzu is dark neon green,black leather gloves,Neon green ninja hood,wears neon green jean shorts,black Jordans with blue flames on the sides.

Power:Metal and Gold Creation.

Likes:Battling,star gazing,flames,the cold,Jordans,walking barefoot,any flame designs.

Dislikes:any girly things,leggings,tights,stockings,makeup,pranks,jokes,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,being away from the action.

Her dragon:Neon green color,indigo eyes,white sharp teeth,black scales that end to the tail,is a boy,Name is Silver.

4. Kaylor Winters

Ninja of Nature and Force Fields


Appearance:dark brown wavy hair with red highlights,chocolate brown eyes,pale skin,dark red lips,(No lipstick) around her neck is a necklace that is hung by a deep red ruby.


Personality:a mix of Cole and Lloyd's traits.



Regular outfit:A neon green sweater,dark deep purple skinny jeans,Turquoise Blue Jordans.

Weapons:Two twin fiery green katanas of Nature,Dark blue daggers of Force Fields,her powers.

Ninja gi:Light Purple ninja gi,her spinjitzu is purple,black leather gloves, Light Purple ninja hood,wears dark violet purple skinny jeans,hot yellow jordans.

Likes:Fightning,sleeping,star gazing,the cold,Jordans,shorts,flames,the ninja,Wu,Nya,Starbucks.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,pranks,jokes,any girly things,leggings,tights,stockings,makeup,the rain.

Dragon:Light Purple color, purple eyes,white sharp teeth,black scales that end to the tail,a boy,Name is Ivy.

5. Liza Springs


Appearance:Black shaggy hair like Cole's hair but has cyan streaks, deep midnight blue eyes,pale skin,pale lips,around her neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a now black crescent moon.

Family:Doesn't have parents but has a grandma.

Spinjitzu:Light Cyan.

Clothes:a black short sleeved shirt,Black-Dark teal jean shorts,Dark Midnight blue Jordans.

Personality:a mix of Cole and Kai's traits, sneaky and real agile. She was a bad girl(She was a drug dealer) but now is working at a restaurant.

Weapons:Black daggers,Platinum katanas,her powers.

Ninja gi:Dark teal ninja gi,her spinjitzu is Light cyan,black leather gloves,dark teal ninja hood,dark water blue jean shorts,Orange and blue Jordans.

Likes:Baking,cooking,(She's a awesome cooker.) fightning,sleeping,Jordans,shorts,collecting bottle caps,fire,seeing new things in life,food.(Just like Cole.)

Dislikes:pranks,heat,training,getting up early,Cole's chili,Jay's jokes,any girly things,leggings,makeup,tights,dresses,skirts,nail polish,fake nails,being away from the action.

Elemental dragon:Dark teal,white sharp teeth,Light cyan blue wings,black scales that end to the tail,blue eyes,a boy,name is Cera.

Love life:Johnny(Broke up with Leyna. She felt good about it...)

Element:Black water and Telepathy

6. Mayan Larno

love interest:Rena



Appearance:very light pale hair with red streaks tied into a Elsa braid,light brown eyes, super pale skin,red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss. Had surgery on her lips.) around her neck is a white and black rubber band crazy loom necklace.

Spinjitzu:Silvery Grey

Personality:really quiet as a mouse,often shrugs,calm,levelheaded.

Clothing:A Lilac Purple hoodie with a sunset orange short sleeved shirt,dark blue jean shorts,Black Jordans with red shoelaces.

Weapons:Copper/Bronze katanas of Neon fire,Periwinkle Blue daggers of Purple water,her powers.

Gi:Platinum ninja gi,her spinjitzu is silvery gray,black leather gloves,Platinum Grey ninja hood,wears Gray skinny jeans,Sunset Orange Jordans.

Likes:Baking,Fightning,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,not talking,sleeping,Warm weather.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,any girly things,tights,stockings,makeup,sandals,tank tops,dresses,skirts,Cole.(She sees Cole as a black blood sucking demon. Yup. Don't know why though... ._.)

Element:Purple Water and Neon green fire

Dragon:Platinum gray color,light gray eyes,gray wings,dark gray scales that end to the tail,a boy,Name is Titan.

7.Maihreen Cross(Don't think she is ever going back to my OCs...Yeah she's never coming back.)


Elemental power:Telekinesis.

Appearance:Elbow length blonde hair with hot red highlights,mocha brown eyes,pale skin as pale as a ghost,Dark pink lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick.) around her neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a Sapphire gemstone.

Clothes:black short sleeved shirt over a black leather jacket,black leggings with a black leather knee length skirt with a metal chain around leather high knee boots or a pair of bright yellow converse.

Spinjitzu:Dark Yellow

Weapons:two twin fiery orange katanas,Bright yellow daggers of Telekinesis.

Crush:Nikita(minor girl OC of mine.)

Personality: Past:shy,quiet,anti-social,trustworthy,loyal,bubbly,cheerful,never explodes in anger,has never lost her temper. Now she's in a gangster group. Her traits are now bad,brave,loyal,trustworthy,rarely gets angry,often cheerful.

Ninja gi:Bright yellow ninja gi,her spinjitzu is dark yellow,black leather gloves,bright yellow ninja hood,wears firey red skinny jeans,Red and Yellow Jordans.(Nikita has no clue that Maihreen is a ninja.)

Likes:Jordans,shorts,playing with flames,Baking and Cooking,Battling,sleeping,star gazing,the cold,working on her own.

Dislikes:Any girly things,leggings,tights,stockings,makeup,sandals,tank tops,pranks,jokes,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,(Not a morning person.) nail polish,lipstick,lip gloss,Lightning.(not scared of it. Just hates it.)

Dragon:Bright yellow color,yellow eyes,yellow wings that are bright as the sun,white sharp teeth,black scales,a girl, name is Ash.

New character of Jace.(He is a OC of mine. He passed away as well.She was a male the whole time and no one knew since.)

:Leyna McNight




Love life:None.(Liza broke up with her.)

Appearance:jet straight silky smooth black hair with purple streaks,blue eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,around her wrist is a bracelet like Nya's but has a Baby blue jewel.

Element:Wind(Not related to Morro) and Blue fire.(Not related to Kai)

Personality:extremely intelligent,outgoing,loyal,brave,has a quick short temper,(Meaning she gets angry in two seconds) is extremely a hothead,is now depressed and emo...

Ninja gi:Light Grey ninja gi,her spinjitzu is dark gray,black leather gloves,light grey ninja hood,wears blue jean shorts,Dark blue Nike Air shoes.

Weapons:Silver double sided daggers like Darth Maul's lightsaber of Wind,Grey katanas of blue fire,her powers.

Regular outfit:a dark Neon blue hoodie,blue short sleeved shirt underneath it,light blue skinny jeans,Teal blue Jordans.

Dragon:Grey color,dark gray eyes,gray wings,white sharp teeth,gray scales that end to the tail,a boy,Name is Breeze.

Likes:Cooking,battling,gazing up at the stars,video games,sleeping in,shorts,Jordans,Nike.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,any girly things,(dresses,skirts,leggings,etc.) people judging her personality,someone or anyone talking to her when her is on her phone texting or whatever.

Evil Ocs for girls:

Name:Kayenta Timberland


Dragon:Will unlock it soon.

Appearance:Waist length dirty blonde hair with black streaks,deep sea blue eyes,pale skin,pale lips,around her neck is a necklace that is hung by a black fireball.

Siblings:Kai and Nya's long lost cousin.(They both don't know that.)

Personality:Really interesting,super intelligent,is full of sarcasm,quick thinker,humble,short-tempered,can get violent sometimes.

Spinjitzu:Light red.

Love interest:Kace.(But don't tell him! The only person she trusts.)

Family:None. She has no clue that Ray and Maya(Names of Kai and Nya's parents.) are her real parents.

Weapons:Dark orange katanas of black fire,a gun,her powers.

Clothes:a black short sleeved shirt, deep emerald green skinny jeans,Cyan Blue Jordans.

Ninja gi:Violet red with dark red mini fireballs at the wrists,her spinjitzu is light red,black leather gloves,Violet red ninja hood,wears Violet red skinny jeans,black converse with orange flame trailings at the sides.

Element:Dark fire(has a relation to Kai) and Waves

Name:Jalya Lockwood


Dragon:Hasn't unlocked it yet. Will soon.

Appearance:auburn hair with some brownish red highlights that show tied into a Elsa braid,Aquamarine eyes,pale skin as pale as a ghost,Dark red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick.) around her neck is a chain necklace that is hung by a dark orange lightning bolt.

Clothes:a orange hoodie with a blue short sleeved shirt underneath it,teal blue jeans,Neon Green Jordans.

weapons:Teal Blue katanas of Black Lightning,Orange double sided daggers of Blackholes,her powers.

Siblings:Jay's sister.(of course Jay doesn't know that. Also She has no absolute clue that Ed and Enda are her real parents.)

Spinjitzu:Neon green.


Personality:snickers a lot,stubborn,smarter than anyone,intelligent,quiet.

Ninja gi:Dark neon green with dark Aqua blue lightning bolts at the wrists,her spinjitzu is Neon green,black leather gloves,Dark neon green ninja hood,wears dark midnight blue skinny jeans,Neon green Jordans.

Power:Black Lightning and Blackholes

Now my Boy OCs.

1. Karian Milestone

Element:Darkness and Invisibility


Family:None. They got killed after his ninth birthday.

Love life:Krissy

Appearance:Short choppy chocolate brown hair with black highlights,deep blue eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,around his neck is a golden necklace is that hung by a golden shaped knife.

Clothes:A Midnight blue hoodie with a baby blue short sleeved shirt underneath it,red skinny jeans,Silver and red Jordans

Weapons:Two twin light pink katanas of Darkness,Blue double sided daggers of Invisibility,his powers.

Spinjitzu:Light Aqua.

Personality:kind,has trouble opening up to others,saids things he is comfortable saying,has a bright side.

Ninja gi:Aquamarine ninja gi,his spinjitzu is Light Aqua,black leather gloves,Aquamarine ninja hood,wears Midnight blue skinny jeans,Dark pink Jordans.

Loves:fightning,sleeping,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,the cold,video games,being late to anywhere,fire,flames,Krissy,thinking about Death.

Hates:heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,(Not a morning person) pranks,jokes,PARENTS,(With a burning passion of his life and sanity.) participating into anything,lightning.

Dragon:Aquamarine blue color,Light aqua eyes,Aqua blue wings,teal scales that end to the tail,white sharp teeth,a boy,name is Midnight.

2. Kaylen Rivers



Appearance:short choppy ebony(black) hair,coffee brown eyes but change to stormy gray when angry,pale skin and pale lips,around his neck is a platinum necklace.

Clothes:A Sword Art Online(anime) short sleeved shirt,light cyan skinny jeans,Cyan Jordans.

Weapons:Golden two twin katanas,Red double sided daggers,his powers.

Personality:has major depression issues,quiet,shy,cuts himself for no reason or over sadness.

Ninja gi:Dark Cyan ninja gi,his spinjitzu is blue,black leather gloves,Dark Cyan ninja hood,wears dark cyan skinny jeans,Golden Jordans.


Element:Erase and Neon Green lightning

Likes:Sleeping,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,the cold,being anti-social,Kai getting hurt.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole's chili,Jay's jokes,getting up early(He's not a morning person.)pranks,jokes,sandals,tank tops,Kai.

Love life:Jane

Dragon:Dark Cyan,cyan eyes,Dark Cyan blue wings,white sharp teeth,Cyan blue scales,a boy,name is Spark

3. Krissy Valleys(Ik his name is a girl's name. I'm aware of that.)


Appearance:short jet black hair with golden brown highlights that show in the sunlight,Dark Cyan eyes,very pale skin,light pink lips,around his neck is a golden necklace that is hung by a blue fireball. the outline of the fireball is gold.



Weapons:Sky blue two twin katanas,Turquoise double sided daggers,his powers.

Clothes:A Sky blue hoodie with a Indigo short sleeved shirt that says in black bold letters that says Get a life underneath it,Red skinny jeans,Turquoise Jordans with golden sparkly shoelaces.

Personality:always miserable,has a dark mind,quiet.

Ninja gi:Water blue ninja gi,his spinjitzu is light blue,black leather gloves,Water blue ninja hood,wears water blue skinny jeans,Sea blue and black Jordans.

Spinjitzu:Light blue.

Dragon:Water blue,teal eyes,Water blue wings,white sharp teeth,a boy,name is Gem.

Likes:Battling,walking,star gazing,thinking about the world,music,playing with his electric Turquoise gituar,sleeping,the cold,Jordans,shorts,flames.

Hates:bullies,abuse,daisies(Allergic.) heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,Kai,pranks,being told what do.(Like giving him orders,commands,etc.)

Element:Smoke and Sapphires.

New character for Kadian(He passed away too)

4.Jane Bridgestone


Love life:Stan

Appearance:short black hair like the color of Cole's hair but not shaggy with purple highlights,Dark Aqua blue eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,around his neck is a silver necklace that is hung by the symbol of light.

Clothes:purple short sleeved shirt with a gray cloud in the middle of the shirt,gray skinny jeans,Blood red Jordans.

Personality:has a bit of a temper and a bit shy but overall he is levelheaded,nice,kind,deep voice,lightheaded.

Weapons:Double sided dark red katana of Light,fiery purple daggers of Mind,a gun,his powers.

Spinjitzu:Dark Aqua

Family:Doesn't have parents and his grandpa died from old age.

Element:Light and Mind

Ninja gi:Aqua ninja gi,his spinjitzu is Dark Aqua,black leather gloves,Aqua ninja hood,wears dark blue skinny jeans,Aqua and white Jordans.

Likes:Fightning,sleeping,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,the cold,playing in the rain.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,waking up early,(Not a morning person.) pranks,jokes,Dark places,sandals,tank tops,Darkness.

Dragon:Aqua color,sea blue eyes,dark aqua wings,white sharp teeth,aqua scales,a boy,name is Hope.

5. Johnny Miller


Appearance:like Kai's hair but it is black spiky hair with teal blue streaks,light blue eyes,white pale skin,light pink lips,around on his wrist is a chain bracelet that has different kinds of gemstones.

Love life:Liza.

Personality:serious about everything,determined,brave,clever,super intelligent,always quiet,is a emo.

Clothes:All black. Black hoodie with a black short sleeved shirt underneath,black skinny jeans,Black Jordans,wears a black fedora with a dark purple stripe.

Weapons:Black double sided daggers of Dark green energy,a black gun,two twin black katanas of Portals,his powers.

Spinjitzu:Black-Dark teal

Dragon:Doesn't have one just yet.

Likes:fightning,others getting hurt,death,being depressed,ignoring others,being alone,tears,nighttime,Liza.

Dislikes:people goofing off,rain,sunshine,talking,loud noises,being protected by others,training,heat.

Ninja gi:Black-teal ninja gi,his spinjitzu is Black-Dark Teal,black leather gloves,wears black skinny jeans,Black Jordans with Dark Teal shoelaces.

Element:Dark green energy(Not related to Lloyd) and Portals.

6. Kasen Firestone


Love life:Crystal.(Is engaged to him)

Appearance:black shaggy hair like Cole's hair but with red streaks,lime green eyes,pale skin,red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss.) around his neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a blue raindrop.

Personality:super quiet,intelligent,deep voice,devious,has always something on his mind. Good or bad.


Spinjitzu:Dark Cyan blue.

Ninja gi:Light Cyan Blue ninja gi,his spinjitzu is Dark Cyan,black leather gloves,Light Cyan ninja hood,wears Neon green skinny jeans,Turquoise converse with red flame trailings at the sides.

Element:Knowledge and Seas(Can control any form of Seas of the water)

Weapons:hot water blue two twin katanas of Seas,Platinum daggers of Knowledge,his powers.

Clothes:a teal blue short sleeved shirt,hot icy blue skinny jeans,Violet purple Jordans.

Likes:Battling,sleeping,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,the cold,Dinner.

Dislikes:heat,training,Cole's cooking,Jay's jokes,getting up early,(Not a morning person at all.) Tank tops,sandals,Breakfast,lunch.(Doesn't eat in the morning nor in the afternoon.) is crabby,grumpy and slow in the morning. Basically he's looks like a zombie when he wakes up early.

Dragon:Light Cyan,green eyes,ocean blue wings,white sharp teeth,is a boy,name is Tide.

Alright. Here is the new character for Tylor.(Tylor died and I made a new OC by using his powers. Long story.)

7. Name:Crystal Stone (Yes I am very aware that his name is a girl's name.)


Love life:Kasen(His name was Keena but changed it.)


Appearance:short black hair,his hair color is like Cole's but not shaggy with blue highlights,dark blue eyes,fair skin and pale lips,around his neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a silver raindrop, He has a side swept bang that covers his right eye. It has a blue highlight in the middle of his bang. On his index finger is a golden diamond ring.(Kasen gave it to him. Crystal's engagement ring.)

Personality:shy,troubled,quiet,sometimes jumps to conclusions,is always tired once in a while,thinks about the solution before he does it.

Regular outfit:a black short sleeved shirt with a big red heart in the middle over a Light Cyan blue jacket,blue skinny jeans,Golden Nike Shoes.

Weapons:two twin light blue katanas,Neon double sided daggers,two twin guns,his powers.

Ninja gi:Neon orange ninja gi,his spinjitzu is light orange,black leather gloves,Neon orange ninja hood,wears dark blue skinny jeans,Red and black jordans.

Element:Amber and can teleport. (Is keeping his Amber power a secret.)

Spinjitzu:Light orange

Likes:Battling,sleeping,star gazing,Jordans,shorts,the cold,Cooking with Kasen,Kasen.

Dragon:Neon orange color,dark blue eyes,bright,sunset orange wings,a boy,name is Power,orange scales,white sharp teeth.

Dislikes:Same things Kasen hates besides eating breakfast and lunch,Kai,forcing to be paired with Kai in any mission,training,etc.

8. Name:Tracy(Yes for the third time I am very aware that his name is a girl's name) Yang Brooklyn. He is also half human half Vampire. But he is mostly half Vampire. Which is not good for him.

Vampire age:1,800 years old. Real age:18

Appearance:short black hair with orange highlights,sea blue eyes,fair skin and light red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss. Natural lip color) around his wrist is a chain bracelet.

Personality:shy,quiet,intelligent,trustworthy,humble,hates talking,trying to make himself mute.

Regular outfit:a red short sleeved shirt with a dark teal blue sweatshirt, blue skinny jeans with purple flame trailings at the sides,Hot blue Nike Air Shoes.

Element:Magma and Water(Has no relation to Nya)


Spinjitzu:Light blue

Ninja gi:Very light blue ninja gi,his spinjitzu is light blue,black leather gloves,Very light blue ninja hood,wears dark lava orange skinny jeans,Orange and black Jordans.

Weapons:Blue katanas of Magma,green daggers of Water,his powers.

Likes:same things as Crystal besides cooking and baking with Kasen.

Dislikes:same things Crystal hates,heat,sunlight,bronze.

Love life:Kayden.(Tracy now has a boyfriend.)

Dragon:very light blue,blue eyes,teal wings,black scales that end to the tail,a boy,name is Igneous.

9.Kayden Brookstone


Weapons:Dagger and sword.

Love life:Tracy.

Element:Blue Lava and Storms.

Appearance:short thick black hair with flaming red orangish highlights,blue eyes,milk-pale skin,light pink lips,around his neck is a bronze necklace.

Spinjitzu:Dark red

Ninja gi:Black with red borders gi,his spinjitzu is Dark red,black leather gloves,wears blue skinny jeans,Silver Jordans,red ninja hood.

Regular Clothes:a black plaid shirt over a teal blue leather jacket,dark blue skinny jeans,Hot purple Nike shoes.

Likes:Tracy,meat,nighttime,going hunting for animals,scary stories,cooking meat.(LOVES meat.) is a meat person.

Dislikes:Sunlight,garlic,cold days,ice,snow,giving up on his loved one,Kai.

Personality:quiet,intelligent,has a soft side,tech-savvy,loyal,brave,anti-social.

Dragon:Black and red color,green eyes,red wings,black scales that ends to the tail,a boy,Name is Phoenix.

Extra:He has OCD,anxiety,sleeping disorder.

:Kace Hart(Will appear in Sibling of Time. So will Kayenta and Jalya)


Dragon:Doesn't have one yet.

Love life:Kayenta.(But don't tell her!)


Appearance:short dark brown hair with dark brown bangs,fiery blue eyes, pale skin as pale as a ghost, Light red lips,( Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss.) Around his wrist is a bracelet like Nya's but has a Sapphire blue jewel.

Clothes:A Sailor Moon(Anime) short sleeved shirt,lemon yellow skinny jeans,Lilac purple Jordans.

Personality:smart,is full of fury,is sometimes quite Violent,a fast thinker, agile,sneaky, serious, Amazing at solving codes,clues,mysteries,mysterious.

Weapons:a gun,double sided daggers of Black Fogs,Magenta katanas of oceans, his powers.

Spinjitzu:Light Teal Blue.

Element:Black Fogs and Oceans.(Can control any from of Oceans of the water.)

Ninja gi:Teal Blue ninja gi, his spinjitzu is light Teal, black leather gloves,Teal ninja hood, wears dark teal skinny jeans, Ocean blue Jordans.

(currently working on Ray)

Name:Kairocksrainbow. KRR or KR for short. Oh real name? You wish.


Birthday:4th of the first month.

Appearance:Not happening.

Favorite shows:Ninjago(DUH!!!!!!!!) and Miraculous Ladybug.(Can't wait for Season 2!)


My favorite genres:Action and Adventure,Drama,Mystery,Humor and Comedy.

Least favorites:Romance and Poetry.

Favorite colors:Black,Red,Dark Turquosie,Ocean blue,Gold,Silver,Dark Blue,Dark Teal.

Favorite bands:Skillet,The Fold,Fallout Boy.. I love rock music. (Rock music is life.)

I hate Tea. :/(Sorry to the people who enjoy it.)

Kai and LLoyd are my top two favorite ninja.(Lloyd is now my second favorite. :D tied with Cole. :3 Completely love the Greenflame. :3) Zane is now my third favorite.(Still love them though!:D)

Kai x Cole(Lavashipping) was my first pairing that I loved in Ninjago because of Episode 9. :3 I love Lavashipping like A LOT. XD I'm obsessed with the Kale couple. XD I shipped Greenflame since Season 5. XD

Rules about my stories:

1. I will NOT write lemons.(Not gonna happen.)

2.All of my stories will be Rated T(or maybe K.)

3.I might be terrible at writing depression/sad stories or sad one-shots. XD

4. None of my stories will be Rated M.(NO WAY BRO!)

5. Might be one or two pairings in one of my stories or None at all.

6. will not do collabs with other fanfiction authors. (Sorry.)

7. One or two OCs(Or maybe more.) will appear in my stories.

8. No flames

9. Won't write any smut,lemons,etc.(You get the drift.)

10. I REFUSE TO WRITE ANYTHING RATED M!(I will never write it. Nope. No way. NOt gonna happen.)

11. Swearing(Not a lot.) will be in my stories.(If you don't like then don't read my stuff then.)

Favorite pairings in Miraculous Ladybug!:

Adrien x Marinette

Chat Noir x Ladybug

Alya x Nino

Adrien x Nino

Alya x Marinette

Rose x Juleka

Chloe X Sabrina(Don't judge alright?)

Juleka x Nathanael

Adrien x Ladybug

Ivan x Mylene

Marinette x Chat Noir.

I don't ship Chloe and Adrien. NO. Just NO.

Favorite boy characters from Miraculous ladybug:Adrien/Chat Noir next to Nathanael and Nino.

Favorite girl characters from Ladybug:Alya,Rose,Juleka.

Ok. Now my Miraculous Ladybug Ocs. Boys first. Feel free to use them.

Name:Kade Brooklyn Gates


Love life:Rayna


Where he lives:Paris,France. He used to live in The Untied Kingdom but moved to Paris.

Appearance:black shaggy hair with dark blue streaks with a side swept bang that covers his right eye, In the middle is a purple highlight running down in the middle of his bang,Teal eyes,pale skin,light red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss.) around his neck is a golden necklace that is hung by a black shaped wolf. the outline of the wolf is red.

Regular outfit:a firey orange short sleeved shirt over a purple leather jacket with pink leather gloves on his hands,Indigo skinny jeans,Green and black jordans.

Personality:really Quiet as a mouse and extra shy,lonely person,fearful,often sarcastic at times,super intelligent and real sneaky,agile,has a dark mind.

Secret Superhero Identity:Gray Wolf.

When transformed:He wears a gray skintight suit with a silver collar around his neck. He wears a gray wolf shaped mask,has dark gray wolf ears that have pink inside. He has a fake gray wolf tail that wraps around his waist and hangs down like a wolf's tail but it can move a little,has gray gloves that on the front of his gloves is gray wolf paw prints.His necklace turns a bright purple after he uses his howling powers one at a time. Each wolf print goes away until he transforms back,has wolf-like gray eyes,on his gray boots has a hidden wedge,gray steeled toes on the front of his boots.

His Kwami:A girl. Name is Tide. Kind of like Marinette's but it is all Turquoise color with a small platinum crown that has six red rubies inside of them on her head,has light blue spots all over her back,green eyes,is kind,funny,caring and will do anything to help and support Kade,has wolf teeth.

When he transforms:"Tide Paws Out!"

When he has to go:Wolf out.

His powers:Can transform into a wolf,he is a black wolf with red highlights that show,dark pink eyes,white sharp teeth,soft black fur,he has the power of Telepathy in his wolf form to communicate with Ladybug and Chat Noir and Howling. when he howls he can make their enemies confused within a matter of seconds.

Extra:He knows who Chat Noir is but not Ladybug. He hides Tide in one of his purple leather jacket pocket on the front. Never pays attention in class and always looks out the window but the teachers never notice.

Kade's weapon:Black Katana with a purple wolf head on the katana.

Tide's favorite snack food:Strawberries and grapes.


Tide's powers and abilities:Levitation,can phase throw any object,helps Kade transform,Can shapeshift.

Likes and Dislikes:Kade likes Tide,sleeping,nighttime,playing his electric black gituar,fightning,Cat Noir,chocolate,trying other foods or sweets from different countries.

Dislikes:heat,Marinette,Chole,Sabrina,Tide feeling sad,bullies,roses,(Allergic.) Family,bananas,white chocolate,Hawk Moth.

Name:Kayen Manila



Family:Hawk Moth.(Father)

Weapons:Black staff of Destruction.(Just like Chat Noir's but black)


Appearance:short dark blonde hair,deep purple eyes,very pale skin,light pink lips,(Doesn't have lip gloss nor lipstick.) Around his neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a black lightning bolt. His Miraculous is his necklace.

Personality:sneaky,devious,serious,very smart,Amazing at solving puzzles,very pessimistic.

His normal outfit:a black short sleeved shirt with a black lightning bolt in the middle of the shirt,orange skinny jeans,Red Nike Air shoes.

Superhero name:AntiNoir

His Supervillian outfit:just like Chat Noir's but his mask is black-purple that is cat shaped with dark purple cat paws,has a tail just like Chat Noir's but it is the same color as his mask that wraps around his waist,black leather gloves,his eyes change to red,black leather gloves that have silver claws on the fingertips,his ears are purple with red inside of both ears, in his lightning bolt necklace has 9 cat paws on it going diagonal,his whole outfit is like Chat Noir's but it is dark purple skintight suit,his purple boots with a secret hidden wedge and have golden toes,his hair is a bit brushed back,his eyes are cat-like with purple sclerae with the same iris and slit pupils. his hair hides his normal ears. His staff is behind his back.

His Kwami:A boy. Name is Midnight. He is all black with red eyes,has one whisker that has some orange-ish red at the tip of the whisker and the other whisker is Cyan at the tips. Is never happy,always miserable.

Midnight's favorite snack food:Dark chocolate.

Midnight's powers and abilities:Telekinesis,levitation,helps Kayen transform,basically what Ladybug's Kwami can do.

His powers:Antilysm(Can destroy anything he touches but he can use it more than once.)

When Kayen transforms:"Midnight Cat's Out."

Name:Kalen Sparks


Love life:None



Appearance:short Dark Midnight blue hair with black streaks,light hazel eyes,pale skin,light pink lips,around his neck is a silver necklace that is hung by the symbol of Spark. His Miraculoucs is his necklace.

Likes:Fightning,sleeping,star gazing,Sweets,cold weather,fire,flames,the color Teal,candy.

Dislikes:Heat,Chole,Sabrina,Dogs,cats,any animal in existence,Beans,(Allergic.) Dark Chocolate,Marinette,Tulips,(Allergic as well.) flying insects,bumble bees,Coconut,Chocolate Milk.


His Kwami:A girl. Name is Spark. Is purple color with blue eyes,has a sparking lightning bolt on her forehead,is joyful,bright,optimistic.

Rena's favorite snack food:Licorice.(Has to be strawberry.)

Regular outfit:a hot blue short sleeved shirt over a black leather jacket with light orange leather gloves,pink skinny jeans,Magenta Jordans.

Weapons:Pink daggers of Blue Sparks.

Rena's powers and abilities:What Marinette's Kwami can do,Knowledge.

His powers:Sparks.

Superhero name:Spark.

His Superhero outfit:He wears a very light blue skintight suit with a blue collar and Blue Spark lightning bolts. on each side of his hips places his Pink daggers. On his face is a blue mask with six balls of Spark design that are in a symmetrical design,blue boots with a wedge,blue leather gloves with mini blue sparks in a quincunx pattern.

When he transforms:"Rena Sparks on!"

When he has to go:"Gotta Jet."

Now my girls.

Name:Rayna Chang


Love life:Gray Wolf(AKA Kade even though she doesn't know who he is.)




Personality:nice,loveable,royal,pessimistic,dark at times,courageous,doesn't complain about whatever happens. She just goes with it,really intelligent,has TONS of trouble paying attention.

Appearance:Like Chole's hair but it is Dark brown hair pulled back into a ponytail,light orange eyes,light tan skin,pale lips,around her wrist is a chain bracelet that has a green gemstone hung by it.

Her Kwami:A boy. Name is Aqua. He is similar to Ladybug's Kwami but he has a dark green color,has a black spot on his back,firey purple eyes,is funny and caring at heart but he has dark circles under his eyes,always a downer,never looks on the bright side of things.

Regular outfit:a purple flannel shirt,red skinny jeans,Water blue and black jordans,has a magenta jacket over her flannel. Her miraculous is her green gemstone that is hung by her bracelet.

Weapons:a double sided blade that the whole thing can vanish.

Aqua's powers and abilities:helps Rayna transform,Can read emotions,levitation,can phase through any object.(Solid,liquidity,etc.)

Secret Identity:Lady Vainsher

When she transforms:"Aqua Vainsh out!"(That's the best I got. XP)

Likes:Battling,cooking,sleeping,Sushi,chicken,(Any kind.) Sweets,being serious,being dangerous,explosions.

Dislikes:heat,green beans,(Allergic. Yes she is actually allergic.) Chloe,Sabrina,Dogs,(Allergic as well.) bugs,being scared,school,waking up early,(not a morning person at the slightest.) bumble bees,Coconut.

She says when she has to go:"Lady gone."

Aqua's favorite snack food:Chocolate.

Her powers:Can Vanish/Turn invisible for a long while and can create force fields.

Her Superhero outfit:her mask is jet purple,Her outfit is like Lady Wi-Fi's but it is Dark Red with a Purple Force Field in the middle of her outfit,her leather high knee length boots are Dark Magenta,Firey green leather gloves,her blue earrings that are shaped like Force Fields that allow her to know when danger is around when her earrings beep.

Name:Klara Bridges




Appearance:jet black hair with dark red streaks,has a side swept bang that covers her left eye that has a red highlight in the middle of the bang,dark hazel eyes,pale skin,light red lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss) around her neck is a silver necklace that is hung by a bee shaped head.

Regular outfit:a purple short sleeved shirt with a teal raindrop in the middle of the shirt,deep ocean blue skinny jeans,Green and blue Jordans.

Superhero name:Honey Buzzer

Her Kwami:A girl. Name is Feira. She is black with yellow tabby stripes ,has Turquoise eyes,has a stinger,has blue wings on her back giving her ability to fly,is nice,gives awesome advice,friendly,is sweet.

When she transforms:"Feira Stripes On!"

When she has to go:"Gotta Fly."

Weapon:Two twin Sais with bee designs on the handles.

Likes:Battling,taking a walk,star gazing,gym shoes,Eating healthy,fruit,weapons,the taste of tears,(Yup.) music,dark colors,water,Juleka,Rose.

Personality:is secretly a emo and obsessed with chains,(chain necklaces,bracelets,etc.)Clever,quiet,intelligent,harsh sometimes when others try to talk to her,super anti-social.

Dislikes:People who talk to her,opinions,(She hates them with a burning passion.) bright colors,Salt water,(Allergic.) Chloe,Sabrina,pranks,Raw meat.(Allergic as well.)

Her Superhero outfit:Top half of her outfit is like Ladybug's outfit it is black with yellow spots,her mask is a bee shaped mask,the rest is she has on a yellow leather skirt with black spots,black leggings with honey raindrop trailings that go up to her knees,black leather knee length boots with bee chains hanging on the zippers,yellow leather gloves,her Miraculous is her necklace that has a honey comb in it,in the comb has honey that it is filled up to the top,her hair is in a bun with two loose hair strands at the back,has Light blue wings on the back of her outfit that folds down when she lands,her hair changes to black with yellow stripes,on her head is a Bumble Bee headband.

Powers:Honey and can fly with her wings.(Can shoot honey from her hands and can create small bees out of honey to find anything. Can also talk to any kind of bees.)

Feira's favorite snack food:Chocolate Chip fudge Bee shaped cookies.

Feira's powers and abilities:Same thing as Marinette's Kwami,helps Klara transform into Honey Buzzer.

Name:Mailen Thunders


Love life:None.



Appearance:snow white hair with blue highlights that show,blue snowflake eyes,pale skin,purple lips,(Doesn't wear lipstick nor lip gloss. It's her natural lip color.) on her ears are both black shaped fireballs earrings.

Personality:quiet,brave,intelligent,never complains,smarter than anyone,feisty.

Regular outfit:a purple hoodie,yellow short sleeved shirt underneath it,blue jeggings,Teal and purple Jordans.

Supervillian name:Dark Flame

Her Kwami:A girl. Name is Tera. Just like Kayen's Kwami but she is indigo color,black eyes,is quite stubborn,really intelligent,without the whiskers,has a red big fireball on her forehead.

Tera's Powers:Levitation,can phase through any object,helps Maileen transform,Can steal other people's strengths.

Weapons:two twin double sided scythes of Dark Flames.

Powers:Dark fire.

When she transforms:"Tera Flame On!"

Tera's favorite snack food:White Chocolate.

Mailen's supervillain outfit:Similar to Stormy Weather's outfit. she wears a dress that is just like Stormy Weather's but it is Dark red with orange-ish red flame designs on the front. wears teal high heeled boots that has black flame designs at the sides,Silver leather gloves,black leggings with dark blue flame trailings on the front of her leggings that goes up to her knees,her Miraculous is her earrings,her hair changes to jet black hair with firey red streaks,on top of her head is a red headband with black fireball gemstones across on her headband.

Extra:Her and Kayen have a Hawk Charm just like Ladybugs Yo-yo but it is Indigo with black spots.They know each other and their identities.

What they say when they use it:"Hawk Charm!" Kayen wants Adriens ring and Mailen wants Ladybugs earrings.

Things about my Ninjago OCs that you didn't know.

1.Kadian is a doctor.

2.Maihreen had feelings for Mayan before Kadian was an Oc. Kadian:What? Maihreen:Yup. Now Mayan has Rena.

two boy characters Tylor and Jake secretly had feelings for each other before Tylor dated June.

4. Star and Kaylor are actually engaged.(Even if they're both teens and they are girls.)

5.Tylor has a soft side but never showed it and he died because he wanted to face his fear of death.

6.Stan has depression issues because his mother had it and after she died they were passed down to him.

7.When Maihreen is sad,she eats junk food.

8.Tylor is half French half American.(Even though he doesn't look like it)

9.All of my OCs hate Skylor. XD

10. Zaya is a Zane x Nya shipper so that's why her name is Zaya.(Because the ship name for Zane and Nya is Zaya.)

11.Krissy is dating Karian because he wanted to know what dating the same sex as him is like.

12.Kaylor is dating Star cause she had feelings for other girls.

13.Kace has feelings for Kayenta.

14. Kasen and Crystal text each other all the time. When they across from each other,next to one another,etc.

15.None of my OCs are Jaya nor Kailor shippers.

16. My girl character June has died because she was depressed about my boy OC Tylor(He was her boyfriend) died recently and she killed herself with a knife... Yup. She did that.

17. June,Tylor, Jake,Kadian and Jace(Boy. Long story of she was a male the whole time) are the Ocs of mine that have died so far. I know. A lot.

18. Jake is half Canadian half American but he is mostly American.

19. Star has made 16 scars from cutting herself with a knife.

20. Ray is actually allergic to baked fish.

21. Jaren reads One Direction fanfiction.

22. Kaylor finds dating boys boring In her opinion. She finds dating Girls way better.

23. Star is half Chinese half American. Even though she doesn't know look like it.

24.Crystal and Kasen are dating.

25.Maihreen is half Korean half American even though she doesn't look like it.

26. Kadian and Maihreen broke up(Don't ask ) and Stan and Kadian are a thing now. (Meaning that they are dating)

27. Liza and Leyna are engaged.

28. Crystal has anxiety.

29. Mayan has Dyslexia(Has difficulty reading)

1. Age? 15

2.Height? Don't remember.

3.Eyes? Brown

4.Have any tattoos? F*ck no.

5. Piercings? have earrings and that's it.

6.Fave food? Not telling you that.

7.Fave pizza topping? Pepperoni and Sausage.

8. Fave drink? Water obviously. But if a soft drink Sprite all the way.

9.Siblings? 1 older brother who is 18 and my little sister who is 7

10. Been in a fight? Nope.

11.Serious relationship or one-night stands? Serious relationship.

12. Weight? Don't know. Too lazy to check.

13. Fave snack? Not telling you that.

14. Fave candy? So many. Milky Way,Starburst,Skittles, Sour Patch kids, Twix...

15 Fave movie? The Incredibles.

16. Fave show? NINJAGO and Miraculous Ladybug.

17. Do you smoke? Nope. Never have.

18. Blondes or Burnettes? Both.

19. Any scars? No.

20. Fave music? I have too much favorite songs. But my all time favorite is Fire and fury and Stars by Skillet

21. Fave actor? Vincent Tong. (Not because of Kai Ok?-.-)

22. Where do you live? USA in Chicago, Illinois. Oh my address? F*ck no.

23. Do you miss anyone right now? My friends.

24. Last person to make you cry? Hell No. Not answering that.

25. Do you enjoy school? F*ck no.

26. Desires? Not telling you that.

27. Favorite fast food joint? Burger King for life.

28. What's the last thing you drank? Water duh.

29. What are you doing right now? Is that any of your concern?

30. Where would you like to go? None of your business.

31. Are you in a relationship? No.

32. Ever been arrested? No.

33. Ever had a stalker? Nope.

34. Ever gone skydiving? Nope.

35. Where do think you'll go when you die? Heaven I hope. ;)

36. Is there a God? Yeah there's God,Jesus or The Lord. ;)

37. Do you have a cell phone? Yup.

38. Are you squeamish? Don't need to know that.

39. Are you human? Of course I am.

40. Fastest speed you've ever experienced in a car? Don't remember.

41. Stupidest thing you've ever done? Not telling you.

42. Do people find you attractive? No. You don't need to know that.

43. Who annoys you? Not telling you.

44. What are you afraid of? Death,going to hell,speaking in front of others.

45. Gold or silver? Both.

46. Are people afraid of you? No. I don't think so.

47. Do you sing in public? No.

48. Ever been screwed over? Don't need to know that.

49. Does money make people happy? Don't care to know.

50. Do you have any hope left for the human race? Naw.

51. What's your hair look like? Not answering that.

52. First Job? Don't have one yet. I'M ONLY 15!.-.

53. Do you like meeting new people? No.

54. Do you get along with your parents?*nods.*

55. Ever played strip poker? Nope.

56. Ever get into an argument with a cop? Nope. Never.

57. Ever been in a car accident? No.

58. Most flight of stairs you've ever fallen down? None. XD

59. Do you care what people think of you? No.

60. Where do you see yourself five years down the line? Don't know.

61. Are you afraid of the dark? No.

62. What kind of car do you have? Not telling you!

63. Time you were born? Don't remember.

64. Ever break any bones? Nope. XD

65. Fave childhood toy? my littlest pet shop toys. :)

66. Fave author? Too lazy to type it all out.

67. Are you a paranoid person? Who knows...

68. Have any enemies? The devil. Does he count? Oh people? I don't care to know.

69. Are you afraid of heights? No. Only a little. :3

70. Last movie you watched? Suicide squad. Which I didn't like at all.(Don't judge me.)

71. Most disturbing movie you've ever seen? Deadpool. I mean I loved the movie but they were A LOT of inappropriate scenes which I won't name. I didn't know it would be that disturbing...

72. Chocolate or vanilla? Both.

73. Favorite color? Black. Cause I can.

74. What time do you usually wake up? Not telling.

75. What are you doing? Not answering that.

76. What is something that you keep in your purse/wallet? Should I answer that?

77. What is the longest work shift you've ever worked? Don't have a job yet.

78. How many days have you gone to work consecutively before having a day off? Does school count?

79. Can you do a handstand? Too lazy to find out.

80. Are you an angry person? I am but I am trying to control it.

81. Is there anyone out there who you would like to personally kill? The devil. Oh, on the planet Earth? Not telling you that.

82. Do you talk in your sleep? Is this important for me to answer?

83. Have you ever gotten so drunk that you couldn't remembered what happened the night before? No.

84. Can you break a piece of wood with your forehead? Too lazy to find out.

85. Are you delusional? No.

86. What is something you're horrible at? No. Not saying anything.

87. What is the most boring thing you've ever done? Watching a history video in Social Studies. I almost fell asleep.

88. Can you lift someone who is twice your weight? No. Too lazy to try. :/

89. Would you rather be a ninja or a pirate? NINJA! DUH!!!! XD

90. What is the worst movie you've ever seen? Frozen.(DON'T JUDGE ME!-_-) Or the Justin Bieber movie I saw a long time ago.

91. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-handed.

92. Do you suffer from short-term memory loss? Do you want to know?

93. How are you feeling right now? Fine.

94. What annoys you most about people? Not saying anything.

95. Do you dislike children? No... My mom said I am good with younger kids.

96. Can you climb a fence or would you fall off? Climb.

97. Would you like to own a pair of brass knuckles? No.

98. Can you smile for me? No.

99. What do you do if you can't fall asleep at night? Not telling.

100. When was the last time you fell off your bike? Don't have a bike.

Ninjago Fangirl Interview

1. Who is your favorite ninja?

KAI!!!!!!! Sorry. Got carried away. XP

2. What would you do if you met your favorite Ninja?

Fangirl and can't believe he's real!XD

3. What would your favorite Ninja do if s/he meet you?

Don't know really.. Probably hang out with me!:P

4. What music does s/he listen to?

I would say the Fold. XD I don't know. XD

5. Do you have an OC?

Yup. Quite a lot actually.

6. What would your OC do if s/he met your favorite ninja?

They have actually...

7. What crazy thing could you imagine s/he doing?


9. Who is your favorite Serpentine?


10. What crazy thing could you imagine s/he doing?

Don't know..

11. What would your favorite Ninja and Serpentine do if they met each other?


12. Who is your least favorite Ninja?

Jay. Nuff said.

13. Who is your least favorite Serpentine?

All of them.

14. If you could marry your favorite Ninja, how many kids would you have?

None.. or Two maybe. I don't know. XD

15. What is your favorite Ninjago pairing?

KAI X COLE! LAVASHIPPING FOR LIFE! Sorry. Nya x Cole for sure. and Pixane!

16. Have you ever called a Ninja hot?

DUH! YEAH! Kai. Because he's hot..XD Quite literally... XD

17. If you could be a ninja, what would it be of?

I don't really care to be honest... ARE YOU SERIOUS? FIRE!!!

18. What side would you join?

Is that even a question? Ninja of course!

Ninjago:Road Trip Version






6)Sensei Wu


8)Tracy(My OC)

9)Crystal(My boy character)

10. Zaya(Girl OC of mine)

2 is the driver while 4 rides shotgun. How does that go?

Nya:How long until we get there?

Zane:Not too long. Just a few more hours.

While on the trip, 3 starts to annoy 1

Jay:Kai? Kai? Kai Kai Kai! I have to tell you some-

Kai:SHUT UP JAY!*punches him.*

5 is keeping him/herself busy by?

Reading comics.

Time to fill up the tank! But nobody wants to do it,how do they decide whose gonna do it?

Crystal:Who votes Jay to do it? Say I.

Everyone else:I.

Jay:What?!? WHY ME!!

Everyone else:JUST GO JAY!!!

Jay:Hate you people.

Crystal:Hate you too. *busy texting Kasen.*


4 goes in the gas station to buy snacks for everyone. What does 4 get everyone?

Nya:Got you guys Takis,pop and Skittles.

Everyone else:YAY!!!!

6 and 10 fall asleep in an interesting position

Sensei and Zaya(sleeping)

Tracy(takes picture and posts it online.)

7 just remembers something very important.

Cole:I forgot my chocolate cake!!!!


Nya:It's alright Cole.

Kai:We'll get you a new one Cole.

Cole:Okay.. Thanks Kai and Nya..

Jay:It's just cake Cole!


8 starts getting sleepy at the wheel. What does 9 do?

Tracy:I'll take over Crystal.

Crystal:Thanks Tracy. *sleeps.*

Tracy(continues to drive)


Zaya:No Jay.

Yay,they made it to their destination. How does the trip home go?

Crystal:Let's not speak of it.

Zaya:Good idea.


Zaya:Next time let's leave Jay home.

Everyone else:Agreed.


Random Version











10 is feeling a little down. How does 1 cheer him/her up?

Zane(hugs her)

Zaya(hugs him back):Thanks Zane...

Out of nowhere, 9 loses it and goes into a psycho rage. How does 4 calm him/her down?


5 is the hero in a movie. Who is his/her damsel in distress?

Tracy:-.- KAYDEN!


Tracy:I broke up with your ass remember?


3 and 8 go on a date. How does this turn out?

Kai and Cole(I SHIP THEM! OTP. Silence)

Kai:Who made us do this again Cole?


Kai:Let's kill him after this.


Kai:having fun though Cole?

Cole:I am...

Kai:Did you enjoy your chocolate cake?

Cole:Yeah! It was yummy!

Kai:Heh...Sorry if this is weird for you Cole..

Cole:Oh no! It's okay..I don't mind this..

Jay(in the background holding a camera recording them):Hehehehe...This is soooo going on My Instagram.

Lloyd:You're going to be dead meat dude...

4 walks in on 3 changing. How do they react?


Lloyd:AAAAA MY EYES! WHERE'S THE BLEACH?!?(Sorry Greenmoss shippers.)

6 and 9 to the beach together. What happens?

Nya and Misako (doesn't say a peep.)

In a wild spin-the-bottle game, 2 gets 4. What happens between them in the closet?

Crystal(texting Kasen)

Lloyd(Reading comics.)

Crystal:We're killing Jay after this.

Lloyd:Way ahead of you.

8 tells the dirty secret she's been hiding. What is it?

Misako:Are you serious?O_O

Kai(blushes):Yeah but don't tell Lloyd.(Greenflame shippers will get this one.)

Misako:I won't...

5 accidentally hurts 1. Is 1 forgiving about it?


Zane:It's okay. But are you sure you can't see it?


3 and 5 get really drunk. What's happening?

Tracy:Ugh..What's happening?

Cole:Ugh.. I don't know.. Can't remember anything BUT WHO CARES?!?

Tracy:Ugh... We got drunk.

Cole:Aw Shit.

8 propses to 6. What is their reaction?

Kai:We're siblings! Why would I propse to you?!?

Nya:No Clue at all bro...

Roomies Version










10)Rena(another girl OC of mine)

During breakfast, 1 uncaringly goes into the kitchen wearing only his/her undergarments. What're everyone's reactions?

Kai:The fuck?


Zane:Jay, please put some clothes on!

Nya:The hell Jay?


Crystal,Tracy and Zaya:...

Rena:If that were only Mayan...

Tracy(glares at her.)

Rena:What? You wish that were Kayden!

Tracy:I'm going to murder you Rena...


3 and 6 spent the day together doing...?

Cole and Nya(making out)

Jay(eye twitches)

Kai:I'm okay with this.

2 walks in on 5 changing. What are their reactions?



8 and 9 have to share a room together. How does that go?

Zaya:Do you want the bed or the floor?

Tracy:We can share...


Tracy:We both get the bed.

Zaya:That sounds good.

2 makes everyone dinner one night! how is his cooking?


10 finds out that 5 took his/her laptop. How does he react?

Rena:ZANE!*has poison in her both palms.*


Rena:Good. Thanks!

4 starts to annoy 7



Lloyd:I wanted to ask if you want Burger King for dinner...

Crystal:Oh sure!

3 and 1 get caught making out randomly by 5. What is his/her reaction?

Zane:... I wish I didn't see that...*walks out.*

Cole and Jay(continues to make out)

6 makes a move on 2

Nya and Kai(silent.)

Kai:Let's never speak of this.







6)Tracy(Boy character of mine)


8)Sensei Wu



If 1 and 4 had a multi-dimensional war for you who would you choose?

Cole by a long shot.


10 wants to go on a date with you.

With Kasen?!? You have Crystal damn it. But as friends Sure.

7 decides to let you and 9 be roommates.

Sure. I'll be roommates with my OC. XP Girl power!

Number 5 and 10 are getting married.

Crystal and Kasen? YES! I SHIP!

Number 1 asks you to be married to him while 2 is trying to be more than friends and 9 and 10 wants you to marry 2.

Me being married to Nya?!? Jay the hell... NO! Nya and I are not a thing. YOU be with Nya! Even though I ship her with Cole...And Jay...I WILL NEVER MARRY YOU! Sorry Kasen and Zaya but I will never marry Nya.

4 tells 8 that 9 loves 7 and you love 3

I love Zane?!?O_O Uh...No. I'm a full on Pixane fan. And Zaya is now single... Cole what...


Kai:Why would I ever date you anyways?

Zaya:Way to be mean hothead!

Kai:Not my fault that Tracy broke up with your sorry ass.

Zaya:...Good point.

2 gives you carrot cake for a lifetime

Thanks Nya...*gives the cake to Cole.* Sorry. I'm not a big fan of cake.

3 gives you a panda bear for Christmas.

Thanks Zane! I'll name him Kai!


1 proposes to you on your birthday


Jay: :(

Zane:Told you it was not going to work Jay.


7 and 10 become BFFs

Kai and Kasen? Sweet!

6 and 1 are related

Tracy:-_- With this blue dumbhole? No thanks.


5 and 6 get in a fight who will win?

Hmm...Crystal because he will absorb his powers-Nvm. It's a tie.

1. Zane

2. Nya

3. Cole

4. Morro


6. Jay


8. LLoyd

9. Soul Archer

10. Tracy

11. Bansha

12. Zaya

1)Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fic? Do you want to?

Jay and Bansha? I ship her with Morro... But I have not and I would love to. :D

2) Do you think Four is hot? How hot?

Hmm... You might wanna ask FirstFandomGirl that question. She likes him for God's sake.

3)What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?

Wait. Wait Wait.WHAT?!? Zaya got Lloyd pregnant?!? I have to be dreaming rn...NO!

4)Can you recall any fics about Nine?

About Soul Archer? Think so.

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?

I don't care. I'm done shipping Romantic Jaya. :')

6)Five/Nine or Five/Ten? Why?

Kai/Soul Archer or Kai/Tracy? Hmm...First off I Tracy and Zaya are no longer dating...But if I have to choose then I guess Kai and Soul Archer.

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve kissing?

Pixal? Not sure and Zaya and Nya?!? No...I ship Zaya with Tracy.

8)Is there any such thing as Seven/Twelve fluff?

Pixal and Zaya? Yeah but I haven't read any fluff with those two.

9)Suggest a title for One/Eight hurt/comfort fic.

Zane and Lloyd? No clue...

10)Does anyone on your friends list consider Three hot?

I doubt it.

11)Do any of your friends write or draw Eleven?


12)Would anyone of your friends list write Two/Four/Five?

Probably not.

13)If you wrote a Song-fic about Eight,what song would you choose?

LLoyd? No idea...

14)If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?

Zane/Jay/Zaya. Warning:Technoshipping with one sided Jay/Zaya and little moments of Zane/Zaya. And Random!

15)When was the last time you read a fic about Five?

Pfft. Yesterday. There's many Kai fics out there..

16)1 and 7 are in a happy relationship until 7 dumps 1 for 9. 1 brokenhearted,goes on one date with 11 has an unhappy breakup with 12 then follows the wise advice of 5 and finds true love with 3

Ok..So Zane and Pixal are in a happy relationship until Pixal dumps Zane for Soul Archer(Woah) Zane,brokenhearted,goes on a date with Bansha,has an unhappy breakup with Zaya(Zaya:I'M WITH TRACY!) then follows the wise advice of Kai(Awww. Oppositeshipping fluff) and finds true love with Cole.(Awwww. Glaciershipping!)

What would you title this fic and what would the warning be?

Don't know. Warning:Random I guess..

Interview of Random.

1. Grab the book nearest to you, and go to page 111, Paragraph 6. What is it?

Too lazy to go get it. :P

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you touch?

Wall. XP

3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?

Didn't watch it. Hate TV. XP

4. Without looking, guess what time is it?

Too lazy. XP

5. Now look at the clock. What time is it really?

6:20 pm. In my time zone is.

6. With the exception of the computer, What were you doing?

My mom watching TV. :P Also she's cooking dinner. XD

7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?

Going to my brother's school. With my dad. XP

8. Before you started this survey,What did you look at?

Fanfiction. Duh. XP

9. What are you wearing?

My PJ's. XP Also underwear(Duh!) and a freaking bra. XP and socks. XD

10. Did you dream last night?

Since I have dreams everyday,It's Ninjago related sometimes. When Kai and Cole got married. XD I LOVE LAVASHIPPING!!!!!! Sorry. XP Carried away. XD

11. When did you last laugh?

At my mom. XD

12. What are on the walls of the room are you in?

Mirrors,a Mario 3D land poster...

13. Seen anything weird lately?

Myself in the mirror in my own bathroom. :P

14. What do you think of this quiz?


15. What is the last film you saw?

Didn't see any film. XP

16. If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

All of the Ninjago sets and donate some money to children. :)

17. Tell me something about you that I don't know.

I have two houses. My mom's house and my dad's place. I live with my mom though. XD

18. If you could change two things about the world,regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?

No more taxes and stop racism. ;)

19. Do you like to dance?


20. George Bush.

He's cool.

21. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?

Nya. Don't judge. XP

22. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call him?

Kai. Cause I can. XD


You know you're Kai if...

You almost never get listened to.

You never let go of anything until proven wrong.

You have a bad temper.

You care about your family and the people around you.

Someone tries to push you down, but you know you're stronger.

You have siblings.

You love fire.

Red is so your color.

Sometimes you're so reckless, you end up hurting the people you love.

You have secrets you don't tell people.



You know you're LLoyd if...

You love your family.

You can't bear the thoughts of losing everyone you ever loved, or still do.

You want to have a team instead of working alone.

You believe many things you hear.

You can get in trouble when you try to be evil, or do something wrong.

Green is the best.

Candy is amazing.(It is.)

Vegetables are the worst.(I eat mine!)

You know you aren't perfect, yet you try to seem that way.

Some people rely on you more often than before.



You know you're Jay if...

You talk way too much.

You are extremely creative.

You developed crushes before, or have one right now.

Blue is totally awesome.(I don't like blue and not saying that because of Jay.)

You have a boyfriend/girlfriend, or had one.

You aren't the smartest.

You tell jokes too often.

You are sarcastic.

You can be a little too cheerful.

You can be occasionally called "short."



You know you're Cole if...

You are strong.

You have strong points and opinions.

The envirorment is something you care extremely about.

You can take care of yourself.

You hate following other people's path, and prefer to make your own.

Cake is the greatest of all foods.

Black is very awesome.(It's my favorite color!)

You'll eat about anything.

You have motion sickness.

You can't cook well.



You are very intelligent.

White goes with everything.

Technology is like adding 2 to 2.

Birds are one of the most amazing animals in the world.

You always have your cool.

You never explode, or lose your temper.

Robots are awesome.

You occasionally have assistance.

You would sacrifice everything just to save your loved ones.



You know you're Nya if...

You love gadgets and codes.

You had/have a bae.

You had/have a sudden crush.

Blue is your favorite color.(Hate blue.)

You have an older sibling or siblings.

You always want to go your way.

Sometimes, you try to succeed so much, you are a Mary Sue.

If you fail, you won't ever try again.

You hate feeling weak.

You are often called smart or pretty.


I am...KAI!!!!! So glad I woke up today! XD

My Element(Bolded if it's a true statement about me)


You have a short temper

You often act on your emotions without thinking first.

You are very competitive.

You like to play with fire.

You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all.

You prefer warm weather over cold weather.(I love Cold weather. XD)

You often lose control over yourself.

You can be quite reckless.

You sometimes hurt people without realizing it.

People have often called you insane.



You have a calm,laid-back personality.

You like to go to the beach.

You rarely get angry.

When you do get angry, you know how to control it.

You think before you act.

You are a good swimmer.

You like the rain.

You can stay calm in stressful situations.

You are very generous.



You are physically strong.

You have a close connection with nature.

You don't mind getting dirty.

You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.

You could survive in the wild.

You care about the environment.

You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.

You rarely get depressed.

You aren't afraid of anything.

You prefer to have a strict set of rules.

Total:4.(Tied with Fire. Wait... Fire is Kai and Cole is Earth...XD No I won't do it.)


You have a free spirit.

You hate rules.(I still follow them though.)

You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.

You hate to be restrained.

You are very independent and outgoing.(True enough.)

You tend to be impatient

You are easily distracted.

You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.

You wish you could fly.



You spend most of your time alone.

You prefer nighttime over daytime.

You like creepy things.

You like to play tricks on people.

Black is your favorite color.

You prefer the villains over the heroes,TV,shows,video games,etc.

You don't talk much.

You are atheist.

You don't mind watching scary movies.(Don't watch them but I'm sure I won't mind them.)

You love to break the rules.

Total:5(Tied with Air. Wow!XD)


You are very polite.

You are spiritual.(Christian bro. :D)

When someone is in trouble, you never hesitate to help them.

You believe everything you see or hear.

You are afraid of the dark.

You hate violence.

You hope for world peace.

You are generally a happy person.

Everyone loves to be around you.

You always follow the rules.


So I am Light!!! and balanced with Darkness and Air. And Tied with Fire and Earth. Well then. XD



Hothead ()

Spiky hair ()

Fiery Personality (X)

Wear Red (X)

Have a Sibling (x)



The funny one ()

Wear Blue (x) And I dislike the color Blue. :/

Inventor ()

Creative (x)

Easily Freaks Out ()



Leader ()

Wear Black (X) It's my favorite color!:D

Likes Dancing ()

Loves Cake() Only like chocolate cake..And not big fan of cake. ;)

Loves Dragons(X)




Robotic ()

Wear White (X)

Independent (X)

Bird Fan ()


Welp. I'm Kai and Zane. My top two favorite ninjas!

1. Zane

2. Jay

3. Tracy

4. Zaya

5. Kai

6. Star

7. Nya

8. Crystal

9. Kaylor

10. Sensei

Q1: If 5 ask you to marry him, what would you say?

F*ck yeah!

Q2: 6 says she pregnant and not to tell 3 or 2... Of course you couldn't keep it in but you only wanted to tell one person... who is that going to be?

Star?!? Well then! I guess Tracy. If I told Jay,He would tell everyone right away Besides Tracy barely says shit.

Q3: 2 ask you to beat him in a round of a video game. Of course he win so what would you do? Hit him? Say good game? Again?

Good game Jay. (Smacks him) What? For being a Jay hater, of course I would hit him. XD

Q4: 1 turn back into a little kid and ask you that if he never knew his parents or his uncle...would you be his adoptive mother?

Zane, I'm only 15. I will if I was older but Eh. You could be my little baby brother!

Q5: 7 finally told you why he like tea... what would your expression be like?


Q6: 10 returned and kidnapped 5... What would you do? You're not a ninja and have no experience of fighting. Are you willing to risk your life for 5?

Uh...Sensei why would you take Kai? And I would!

Q7: 4 is being 4 is making some cake from a recipe... would you still trust even though you love cake like he does?

Of course! Zaya's a awesome baker!

Q8: 2 suddenly push you against the wall to kiss you... What would you do? Kiss him back or kick him in the nuts?

First off I'm not Nya Zaptrap! And I would kick him in the nuts!

Q9: 8 tells you that you had been bite by a deadly snake (not devourer), you can either turn evil or die.. which one will you choose?

Oh.. Thanks for letting me know Crystal. And turn evil.(Whoops.)

Q10: 9 tells you he has a thing for you.


List only 10 characters from any series Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu

1. Kai

2. Pixal

3. Zane

4. Nya


6. Lloyd

7. Skales

8. Sensei

9.Cole(Not a ghost in this)

10. Jay

Q: 1 walked in on you while you were showering. What is your reaction?

I locked the door. HA!

Q: 7 cooked you dinner.

Thanks but not really hungry.

Q: 4 and 5 are having an argument. Why is this?

I don't care.

6 is extremely pissed off about something, why is this And what will you do?

Jay ate all of Lloyd's candy. And I will go to him... After he is done killing Jay.

Q: You are about to do something that will make you feel very embarrassed. Will 9 comfort you?

I think he will.

Q: You're lying on the beach peacefully, and then you turn your head to see 1,2, and 9, by the water wearing speedos.

(Drinks bleach)

Q: 8 confessed to be a part of your family.


Q: 6 kidnapped you, why is this?


Q: 7 is having relationship problems, 4 tries to help him out but his advice isn't helpful. Your thoughts about this predicament?

Wow...First off Skales has a wife and Nya I thought you would be helpful!

Q: 5 gave you a teddy bear.


Q: 9 and 1 accidentally get hooked up on a dating website and are forced to go on a date together.

Kai and Cole? *tries not to fangirl scream.*

Q: It's storming outside and 4 allowed you to stay with him at his place until it blows over. And your reaction to this kind gesture is?

Thanks Nya!

Q:5 wakes you up in the middle of the night.

The f*ck Dareth? What do you want?

Q: You and 10 go out for a picnic. Everything is peaceful until 2 crashes it by showing up and inviting you to go hang out at a café. Would you go with 2 or stay with 10?

Oh thank god you are here Pixal! Jay was starting too ramble on about Nya!

Q: 1 suspects you are Kira.

Who the crap is that?

You and 9 get trapped in an elevator together. What happens? And who are the other random people with you two?

Cole..We're stuck. JAY GO FIX IT!



Zane:Please hurry...Kai's starting to go crazy.

Sensei(drinking tea)

Pixal:How can you be so calm about this?

Sensei:I have been through worse.

Q: 4 writes you a love song, plays it for you, and kisses you on the cheek.


Q: 2 is forced to sing karaoke by his friends...and you as well. What song would he sing? And what song would you sneak in for him to sing when he wasn't looking?

Pixal would sing Phoenix by Fall Out Boy. And I would sneak in the Fold Spinning Out in Color.

Q: All the listed characters get into a very epic and all-out battle. Who will be the last one standing?

Kai because he would burn everyone.

3 told you that she will soon be getting married to 2. What is your reaction?

YAY!!!! Congrats to you both Zane and Pixal!

You catch 10 looking at porn on the internet.

Wha...Cole...Why are you looking at-Nvm. I'm not going to ask.

You walk in and accidentally on 3 and see her having a threesome with 9 and 10.

Zane,Cole,and Jay...Wow...Nice. Technoshipping and Glaciershipping apparently...

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