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What can I say...my favorite pairings (OTPs) are Ranma/Akane in R1/2; Trunks/Pan in DBZ; Anakin/Padme in SW; Harry/Ginny in HP; and Senshi/Shitennou in SM. I also like Usagi/Mamoru in SM. I don't read stories if the couples are paired with others.

I have no problems with yaoi/yuri, as long as the author warns about it in his/her story. The only issue I have with the same sex pairing is the suspension of belief that I need to use to accept the pairing(s) in a particular story. That goes with the opposite sex pairing too, but yaoi stories have it more in abundance than others. If it's not believable, then I will not read the stories unless I happened to like that particular type of pairing.

Also, I don't tolerate infidelity in stories unless it's crucial to the plot. However, if it's present to allow the canon storyline to be true before the favored girl/guy can be with the heroine/hero, then it's stupid.

I keep my fave story list updated and will add/remove stories depending on what I like/dislike as time goes by. Majority of the stories in my fave list have my preferred pairing(s), but not all. There are many good stories with my preferred pairing(s) that are not on my list due to a certain quirky reasoning of mine. Let's just say it's complicated.

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