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Nice to meet the people who took their time to visit my profile and to look into my stories. I admit, I'm still a beginner, as you can see, but I'm improving(the people who follow me from the beginning have noticed). Unfortunately, I still haven't written that much but I have priorities and responsibilities as well, so please have some mercy XD. Anyway, I have a lot of ideas in my head, the only thing that I lack is the needed time to write my fics. But it's not just me, I have to think about my beta as well. If I'm able to post or update, I'll do it as soon as I can.

A bit about me.

I'm a reader and I'm proud of it. I read books in almost every genre and I have the feeling that soon I'll be prohibitted to read.

But I also enjoy watching anime. Here's a list of some of the anime series I've watched and the pairings I ship( it's my guilty pleasure XD)

D.GRAY-MAN(AllenxLenalee; MirandaxMarie)

Soul Eater my favourite anime (SoulxMaka)

Fairy Tail(Nalu; Gruvia; Gale; Jerza; Rowen) the usual

Sousei no Onmyouji(BenioxRokuro; MayuraxShimon)

Yuri on Ice(VictorxYuri!!!!!!!!!!)

Attack on Titan(ErenxMikasa) I'm sorry Ereri shippers(not sorry)

Pandora Hearts(AlicexOz)

Ghost Hunt(NaruxMai) I just adore them(and I can't stop laughing at them)

Noragami (YatoxHiyori; BishamonxKazuma)

Owari no Seraph (YuuxShinoa) I ain't ashamed

Bungou Stray Dogs(AtsushixKyouka; CHUUYAXDAZAI) I LOVE THEM

And so on...

Anyway... for those who follow me and read my stories, I hope you like them. I'm still a beginner, but soon I'l become a really good writer(at least I hope so)

In progress:

The Call of the Heart


Her I follow

Your touch proves I'm here

In the quiet night, I jear your whisper

Innocent bond

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