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"A guy went to an Author and started to complain about how the book went. The author looked at the guy calmly and asked him, "How do you spell author?"

They looked at him for a few seconds, "A-U-T-H-O-R."

The author replied, "Wrong!! It's spelled G-O-D!!!"

They guy looked like he was struck, so the author continued, "I chose how the story started, I chose how it went, and I choose how it ends!! You don't have any right to complain about how it goes!!!" After that the guy left disgruntled and the author was pretty happy."

Copy and paste this onto your profile if you hate whining and harassment from Flamers.

The Ten Commandments of Reviewing - created by FictionReader98 and Zoneshifter D, post them if you agree and use them yourself

1) Thou shall point out the parts you enjoy
2) Thou shall point out the parts you disliked, if any.
3) Thou shall point out the parts you utterly hated and explain why
4) Thou shall write with good grammar!
5) Thou shalt not give annonymous reviews, for the authors might want to reply to thine criticism!
6) Thou shall not flame
7) Thou shalt write a four sentence paragraph minimum!
8) Thou shall use constructive criticism!
9) Thou shall review as much as possible, not merely once!
10) Thou shall voice thine expectations

Again not mine, I did not create these.

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