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Hi All,

My name is WriterHime and it is nice to (er..virtually) meet you! I have been an avid fanfiction reader for many years but am just now dabbling into writing fanfiction of my own. Despite writing numerous essays in college, be warned that my creative writing skills still need some work as I have never attempted to write anything that wasn't academic before. However, to those of you that favorite/follow/review my work - Thank You! I am glad someone out there likes my fics.

Anyway...for anyone that cares, here is a little bit more about me:

As I have mentioned my Username is WriterHime and while I will not disclose my age just know that I am a 90's baby, and I live somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. Also, I am happily married and a mother of one XD.

Now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, here are my favorite pairings from the following fandoms: Yes, I know most of these pairings are odd or don't make sense but I ship mostly odd ships.


Itachi U./Sakura H. (My favorite out of all of the fandoms).

Minato N./Sakura H.


Ulquiorra/Orihime I.

Byakuya K./Orihime I.

Bleach/Naruto Crossover:

Byakuya K./Sakura H.

Ulquiorra/Sakura H.

Harry Potter:

James P. (I)/Hermione G.

Harry P./Hermione G.

Lucius M./Hermione G.

Draco M./Hermione G.

Blaise Z./Hermione G.

Cedric D./Hermione G.

Devil's Line:

Yuuki A./Tsukasa T.

Kamisama Kiss:

Nanami M./Tomoe

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi (Bed and Breakfast for Spirits):

Aoi T./Odanna

My Fics:

Missed Opportunity (Completed)

Odd Colored Hair (Completed)

Idée Fixe(In Progress)

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