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Hey, I'm just another writer who loves telling stories but sucks at writing introductions. I've been writing for a majority of my life at this point and am told I'm pretty good, so hopefully you'll enjoy my stuff. My interests include a big variety of stuff ranging from Pokemon to anime to creepypasta. I'm also an immersive daydreamer (and if you've never heard of that, look it up—you might learn something interesting!)

I went to school studying game design because it's a whole new medium for telling stories, but really I'll be happy telling stories in ANY medium.

If you want to join the Discord server for Ignite and Aftershock, the invite link ends with 6WWwTXU!

As of November 5, 2020, I will not be posting any new stories to FFN. This is day five of a browser outage where new chapters and stories are ONLY visible on the mobile app, there is no word from FFN about this issue, and I am done. The staff clearly does not care about the site, they only care about the mobile app. I will keep cross-posting updates to stories already on here as a courtesy, but I will be more active on Archive of Our Own. I encourage people to come over to AO3 if possible. My account can be found by adding /users/CannibalisticApple to the end of the URL there. You'll have to put your email on a waiting list to make an account, but I'm told it usually gets approved within a couple days at most.

I know that there are many great stories on here that are FFN-exclusive, so leaving entirely is not an option. If any of those stories you follow have updated since November 1, consider leaving a polite review explaining how unprofessional FFN is right now and ask the author to consider cross-posting to AO3.

Here is a template you can copy and paste for those reviews as a starting point:

"Hello! You may not know if this is your first update since November 1st, but FFN's website has been broken since the start of the month and I can't read your latest update. New chapters and stories only show up in the mobile app, and the links we get in emails don't work. There's been no word from FFN's staff about the issue, and this site clearly does not care about its users at this point. Would you please consider cross-posting to AO3 in the future? I really enjoy your writing and want to read more, but I physically can't right now. Thank you!"

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