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Name: Hehe that's for me to know and for you to find out !

Nationality: I'm French !

Age: 22, I'm a Leo

Hobbies: reading fanfictions, old TV-series, anime, cycling, running, listening to music...

Fandoms: Naruto, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, I've also started reading Game of Thrones.

I originally arrived on this website because I had been SO DISAPPOINTED in Naruto's 9th OVA, the Chunin exam day ! You can't imagine how much I've hated that OVA. I could rant for a long time but basically they stop Naruto from being able to use 80% of his abilities, he of course doesn't listen 'because he's such a dunderhead, haha that's funny' and therefore gets disqualified because he used Sage Mode ! WHAT'S THE POINT OF TRAINING, IMPROVING AND GAINING NEW SKILLS THEN ? Yeah Naruto absolutely outclassed everyone in the exam but that leads to the even more infuriating point, WHY DIDN'T THEY GIVE HIM A FIELD PROMOTION ALREADY ?!? He mastered the Rasengan, improved it, mastered Senjutsu to an even better degree than Jiraiya, defeated Pein (Edit: HE SAVED THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD !!)... Why on earth didn't they promote him to Jonin ?! Oh right, it's so we can have that shitty comedy that was OVA 9. You know what, fuck off, you and your stupid writing team.

So I looked on the internet for a story that would be Naruto's real Chunin exam ! And I fell down the Rabbit's hole...

But I've recently decided to start writing my own story and I'm currently working on it !

My Favourite Pairings and Thoughts on Others:

Naruto/Hinata: My OTP ! I won't go into all the details and rants about why I believe it's THE canon pairing and why I hate delusional NaruSaku fans (I even discovered recently that some people truly believe that The Last is actually Hinata still in the Infinite Tsukyomi...). But let's make things clear, you write and read what you want but I will not read anything but NaruHina.

Harry/Ginny: My OTP. And same thing as for NaruHina, I do not read any other pairing.

Sasuke/Hinata: fuck off with that one ! As if Hinata would ever fall for that cunt...

Kiba/Hinata: Zero chemistry or attraction here. I honestly believe that Kiba and Hinata are more like siblings and Hinata loves Naruto way too much, even Kiba knows it.

Draco/Ginny: You really want me to puke right ?

Harems: I hate them, you want me to believe that Naruto can love all these women and that they are totally okay with Naruto banging other women ? Well he's an asshole or you're a pig who never had any real girlfriend and tries to compensate. It's just so degrading for the women who are part of the harem. In the past I have read one story or two that contained a harem but usually they are only glorified smut stories (I have nothing against smut but I usually read them with a very different mind-set), so I don't read them anymore. Hinata is the one and only. Same for Ginny !

Yaoi: I have nothing against gay pairing but it has to be believable. You can't have two known hetero-sexual characters fall in love (cough*Draco/Harry*cough) and pretend you have so much as an inkling of seriousness in your fic.

General thoughts on Fanfiction:

I come here to have a good time and read things I like about characters I love so I can be very picky about my reading choices. I hate unnecessary drama between couples, simply for the sake of adding tension. Therefore I hate what's called 'anime drama' which is the science of stupid misunderstandings ! If you ever write a story where there's a problem between some characters because of a simple misunderstanding that could've been cleared up in seconds, expect to receive a a big-ass rant in your reviews.

Because yeah, I'm a passionate reviewer ! If there's something I like in your chapter, you'll know it but if there's something I don't like, you'll also know it !

That leads me to another point:

Thoughts on 'Realistic Fics':

What I mean by that is stories where the author adds some kind of really dark twist or experience to make it feel more 'life-like'. Well I'm sorry to say that this is fanfiction, not real life so I DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT GINNY BEING MENTALLY RAPED OVER AND OVER BY RIDDLE DURING HER SECOND YEAR !

Honestly, nothing in Potter canon points to that having happened to Ginny so why add this ? Is it for your own perverse enjoyment ? I've read some fics that have made me cry because some extremely horrible things had happened to a character. I've felt sick reading some chapters, that while were very well written, were gruesome and horrific beyond measure. I've had days of being too disturbed and depressed over something I had read, to pick up any story ! And that's not what I'm here for. As for Naruto grittiness, yes they are ninjas but you don't need to add rape to the story, there was no mention of it in canon either !

UPDATE 09/04/20: Hey to anyone reading this. I'm not dead, far from it. I want to explain what's been going on if there's anyone still waiting to see an update to my story. Basically I'm a lazy person. I started studying again in September 2018 and moved to a busy new city. It's been great but very intense as we have 40h of lessons every week (plus homework on top of that) and I've also picked a new sport which takes a lot of the remaining time. So I usually don't have the motivation to write anything when I get back home or on the weekend. BUT I've also had a bigger problem with my story (for context, I started writing it when I was working a winter seasonal job in the mountains with nothing to do during my free time, which I had a lot more of). My problem was that I had no good overarching plot. I had this idea to give Naruto some of his future powers earlier and see him be awesome until I realised that it made for a boring story. It really killed my drive.

However I've been on Reddit for a year. It just happens that in the recent months I've picked up a couple of fantastic ideas and best of all an idea for the plot ! So as we're all in lock-down, I've been going over my ideas trying to properly outline the story and jotting little details and ideas. I'll be going over all the chapters I already wrote because there's a lot of stuff I want to change, for example Danzo.

I had mentioned that I was thinking about a potential Harry Potter/Star Wars story, well I have a ton of ideas but now I find myself a good plot for this story too ! So nada at the moment !

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