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Hello all you wonderful peoples! I write Marvel fanfiction (so far Captain America with Avengers thrown in), free of smut, slash, and almost all language. (K-T)

I love Marvel, LotR, Hunger Games, and The Giver series. (I need more Giver fics. They're hard to find. Let me know if you've read any good ones.) I also enjoy giving and receiving constructive criticism (don't be afraid to point out typos/mistakes in reviews - I'd much rather know) so shoot me a message and I'll be glad to give you some feedback! I review almost everything I read anyways, but don't be afraid to PM me and I'll check you out. :P

I take suggestions and I try to upload pretty regularly, but once in a while life gets in the way. Still, I promise not to abandon any stories; anything I start on here, I'll finish. Feel free to PM me about anything and everything fangirl/fanfic related!

I don't ship Stucky. I never will. It's not a romance, I don't even like to call it a "bromance." It's an incredibly close friendship where they love each other. But not romantically. It's platonic. And believe it or not, sometimes that makes friendships even closer, because you don't have as many complications. They're brothers. They have a familial love, okay? Anything Stucky or whatever is gross, I'm sorry.

If you know of any Steve and Bucky non-stucky stories that are well-written, let me know. I am always on the lookout and I love reading them. :)

Go ahead and ship your ship. It's a free world. But don't expect me to agree or write accordingly.

Staron forever. :) Proud member of the Sharon Carter Defense Squad. She's adorable with Steve and great without him, too. Don't hate on her just because their relationship is cannon, please.

Sammm is the besttt. Sam Wilson is so great. If you don't agree, feel free to fight me. xD Him, Steve, and Bucky are literally goals and I love their friendship so much.

I am in the process of writing a WinterWidow fic. If any of you are interested let me know because I ship them so hard. They are beautiful people and more beautiful together. I'm not posting this one until I have the whole thing completed beforehand (lol that didn't happen), because I'm experimenting with a style different from my other stories on here. Hopefully I'll start posting soon, we'll see. :)

Guys, it's up. "Written in Red"

Here's a quick guide to the chronological order of my fics, if you're interested. Most of my stories aren't really connected per say, but it might be helpful. These are chronological from when the fic starts not when it ends, since some span over a long stretch of time. If they have a * they're in a series together. means that they are completed.

Gotta Work on that Left Hook

The Sketches


Written in Red

Some Days

On Friendship and French Fries


Leaning On You*

I Dropped It

I'm thinking of writing a Hunger Games fic as well. We'll see if it happens. XD

Hey. You. My reviewers. Thank you so much for your continuous support! I love hearing from you and a lot of the time you are my motivation to keep writing. To all the Anons, thank you so much. I wish I could message you but as I can't respond directly, you're awesome. Don't stop! I love you all. :)

Thanks for checking out my page! :)

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