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A FANFICTION CROSSOVERS AND IDEAS fan, and a person who really loves literature and an almost social media person-wanders around as IllusionedDrawer64 in Deviantart, Pinterest, Wattpad, Archives of Our Own, Tumblr, and Fimfiction. Often explores around The Doctor Who Project, A Teaspoon And An Open Mind, and the readable Mystery Kids Wiki.

I blame my boredom and headaches on my certain fanfics.

A great fan of Choice Of Games-and Dr Who, and choose your own adventure formats such as The Telltale Games. Check out the Favorite Authors and Stories List-They Are Great and Enjoyable!

Favorite Choice of Games List:

The Eagle's Heir

Cannonfire Concerto

Tin Star

Showdown at Willow Creek

A Study In Steampunk: Choice By Gaslight

War for Magincia

Tale of a Kingdom: Swamp Castle

The Great Tournament

The Great Tournament 2

Life of a Mercenary

Pendragon Rising

Choice of a Vampire

Choice of a Vampire: Fall of Memphis

My Day Off Work

Sixth Grade Detective

Hollywood Visionary

Life of a Mobster

Curse of the Black Cat

Choice of the Pirate

Diamant Rose

Daring Mermaid Expedition

Best of Us

It's Killing Time

Scarlet Sails

Choice of Broadsides

Choice of Thief-Taker



Attack of the Clockwork Army

Welcome to Moreytown

Choice of Alexandria


Seven Bullets

Broadway: 1849

7th Sea: A Pirate’s Pact

The Daily Blackmail

The Butler Did It


One Minute Mysteries

The Spy and the Labyrinth

Academy of Disaster


No Proper Thief

The Volunteer Firefighter

Dead Already?

What Happened Last Night?

Popcorn, Soda...and Murder?

Treasure of the Forbidden City

The Tomb of the Khan

Sons of Cherry

The Nightmare Maze


NOLA is Burning

Breach: The Archangel Job

Undercover Agent

Favorite Choose Your Own Adventure forms List:

Twisted Journeys: Captured By Pirates!

Twisted Journeys: Shipwrecked on Mad Island

Twisted Journeys: Agent Mongoose and the Attack of Giant Insects

Twisted Journeys: The Quest on Dragon Mountain

Twisted Journeys: Horror in Space

Twisted Journeys: The Fifth Musketeer

Twisted Journeys: Safari Survivor

Twisted Journeys: Hero City

The Abominable Snowman

Journey Under the Sea

By the Balloon of Sahara

The Lost Jewels of Nabooti

Mystery of the Maya

House of Danger


Lost on the Amazon

Prisoner of Ant People

War with the Evil Power Master

The Mystery of Ura Senke

The Case of the Silk King

Beyond Escape!

Secret of the Ninja

Trouble on Planet Earth

Punishment: Earth

Return to Atlantis


Blood On the Handle

Stock Car Champion

Treasure of the Onyx Dragon

Chinese Dragons

Smoke Jumper

Behind the Wheel

Race Forever

Space and Beyond

Inca Gold

Project UFO

UN Adventure: Mission To Molowa

Sunken Treasure

Curse of the Pirate Mist

Zombie Penpal

Search for Mountain Gorillas (Gorillas of Uganda)

Track Star!

Search for the Black Rhino

Moon Quest

Shadow of the Swastika

You can make a difference: The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.

Island of Time

The Salem Witch Trials: An Interactive History Adventure

Interactive History Adventure: American Colonies or Revolution

Interactive History Adventure: US Westward Expansions

Interactive History Adventure: Underground Railroad or American Civil War

The Great Depression: An Interactive History Adventure

Interactive History Adventure: World War I and II

Interactive History Adventure: Civil Rights Movement

Dipper and Mabel and The Curse of Time Pirates' Treasure!

Dr Who: Decide Your Destiny

Certain Favorite Stories:

Lunar Chronicles series

Western Classics:

Riders of Purple Sage

Knife River Prodigal

The Right Eye of the Commander

The Holdup

La Perdida

El Dorado

African-American Classics:

Two Americans

In the Matter of Two Men

On Being Crazy

Lex Tailonis

The Ghost of Deacon Brown poem

The Goopherd Grapevine

Favorite Historical Figures:

Zheng He

Marco Polo

Ibn Battuta

Sir Francis Drake

Admiral Yi-Sun Shin

Henry Morgan

Henry Avery

Bartholomew Roberts

John Paul Jones

Cheng I Sao

George Alexander Ballard

Thomas Cochrane

Wyatt Earp

Doc Holiday

Wild Bill Hickok

Calamity Jane

Anne Oakley

Davy Crockett

Daniel Boone

Togo Heihachiro

Sato Testsataro

An Chung-Gun

Jang Yeong-sil (A/N: Would be similar to Galileo, as he would suffer due to his rank of low class status and studying of astronomy in ancient Korea)

Honorary Fictional Characters:

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Mario (Nintendo)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega)

Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock Holmes community)

The Doctor (Dr Who)

Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)

Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory)

Ironman (Marvel)

Optimus Prime (Transformers)

Newt Salamander (Harry Potter: Fantastic Beasts)

Batman (DC)

Sousuke Sagara (Full Metal Panic)

Po (Kung Fu Panda)

Zero/Lelouch (Code Geass)

Severus Snape (Harry Potter)

V (V For Vendetta)

Koro-Sensei (Assassination Classroom)

Gandalf the Grey (Lord of the Rings)

Aslan (Chronicles of Narnia)

Firestorm (DC)

The Invisble Man (1958, 1975, 2001, and 2005 versions)

J. Jonah Jameson (Marvel)

James Moriarty (Sherlock Holmes community)

The Joker (DC)

The Master (Dr Who)

Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)

The Major (Hellsing)

Red John (The Mentalist)

Ultron (Marvel)

Megatron (Transformers)

Jean Descole (Professor Layton)

Soundwave (Transformers)

Jigsaw/John Kramer (SAW)

Green Goblin (Marvel)

Mr Glass (Unbreakable)

Doc Octupus (Marvel)

Dr Facilier (Princess and the Frog)

Lex Luther (DC)

Darth Vader (Star Wars)

Bane (DC)

Voldemort (Harry Potter)

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Star Wars)

Black Hat (Villainous!)

Ra' A' Gul (DC)

Loki (Marvel)

Gellert Grindlewald (Harry Potter)

Thanos (Marvel)

Vandal Savage (DC)

The Grandmaster (Marvel)

Darkseid (DC)

Darth Vectivus (Star Wars)

The Music Meister (DC)

How I found the fandom:

As daily, I often rewatch what I seen from my childhood experience on Youtube, finding Super Mario Bros Z (expanded on ) and fan sprite source materials which are drawn and taken from already existing gaming icons and stories.

As a watchful fan, I soon discovered the connected fan art source materials upon Deviantart and soon enough, the fan written sources of Fanfiction.

They follow certain great guidelines: Credits to already existing multi-media or their canon sources, No Copyright Infringements, and all rights belong to the creators.

Credits to any creators for images.

Projects that I am interested to publish:

Dr Who and JSDF: GATE crossover (with Torchwood and UNIT meeting the JSDF and a Korean-American OC character, the whole thing would be quoted as "Game of Thrones meets Modern Warfare"). (In Progress)

My already existing one-shots from my other fanbases accounts as the wandering IllusionedDrawer64. (Complete)

Dr Who and Gravity Falls AU crossover: Who Falls AU (inspired by many sources, and by these two favorite amazing shows). May take a long time-after I figure out to handle certain errands. (Complete)

Sherlock and Code Geass AU crossover one-shot. (Complete)

Universe Falls Three Year Anniversary Extravaganza Homages (Complete)

Arranged Worlds (AUs and parallel universes within my fanfics):

Expanded DC: Warriors AU [A mashup DC and Warriors homage to Dragofeild, you can find the user on Deviantart or AO3]

Code Geass: Reichenbach Falls, and Final Problem [Sherlock and Code Geass AU]

Expanded Batman: Multiple AU [Whereas each seperate chapters has different Batman crossover with Avatar-the Last Airbender, Code Geass, and Lunar Chronicles]

Code Geass: LXG [Code Geass and LXG AU. Separate multi-crossover]

Expanded Batman: OC Profile [Whereas the reader has a wacky adventure]

The Doomed Joke [Batman: The Killing Joke parody with Who Framed Roger Rabbit]

My Little Pony: Duality Is A Curse [An OC pony that is based off from Two-Face]

A multi-crossover that includes Master of Villainy (an ambiguous pony incarnation of the Doctor faces an incarnation of his arch-enemy, the Master), Who Falls, Who Falls Shorts, Editoral (a certain point in the future), Gate: Thus UNIT Fought There (bit more into the far-future), and the Gaming Smashverse (the far-future: doodled Super Smash Bros fanart pics found on my Deviantart page).

Others (Geronimo Stilton: Eloquent Evil, Geromino Stilton: The Dark Propsal, Funeral for Superman, The Recap)

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