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I am interested in graphic novels, comics, video games, piano, music, harmonica, reading, soccer, basketball, Graphic Design,Game programming ( haven't really made a game), story writing telling, running, bike riding , my puppy... sleepwalking (I did it and my so did my bro it seems pretty odd) , dreaming (I dream too much about stuff got to go and do something)and competing(I like to win, against challenging opponents).

I don't like lying (except when absolutely necessary), dead things (I don't mind them any more it’s just the smell, disease and memories they bring), haunted houses (bad memories), roller coasters (I like my life and when I tried it could not find out how people could enjoy it), baseball ( Borring. You just stand around and wait for the ball to fly by you -_-), evil things\people, getting screamed at, Bonao\Dr (Just a certain evil little boarding school in the middle of DR), and getting lost.

I am also in the process of creating a website.

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