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At the current moment, I am a free–to–play Fate/Grand Order JP server player who uses the username The Rin Simp (using the female avatar).

Here ya go, my Friend Code: 375,653,878

I enjoy everything about the Nasuverse and admire Kinoko Nasu's writing skills, although I find myself enjoying Ryohgo Narita's writing too.

I am currently working on My Ideal Academia, a crossover between Fate/Stay Night and My Hero Academia. This is mostly because I believed there to be an incredible lack of them at the time. There was one that used a female Shirou but that didn't tickle my fancy and the other one is not that memorable for me (no disrespect to the authors though). I simply have been wanting a Crossover like this for a while now, especially when Stain made his appearance. If no one was going to write it, then I suppose that I will, even if the quality of the said story is not as good as I wished it was. Things are often obvious in hindsight.

Likes: Food, Arturia (Not Altria), Kato Danzo-chan, literally every Rin-face, Nakano Nino from 5-Toubun no Hanayome, Hololive, and good stories.

Dislikes: Effort, Altria (Arturia ftw), and grammatical errors (If you see one on my story, please tell me through PM or Review).

All in all, I'm a standard Nasuverse fan.

That, and a college student for programming and game design, but who cares about that?

Personal Updates as of 6/28/2021:
Being in my house for over a year – with only a few instances of leaving for obligations alongside outside circumstances – has dwindled my motivation to death. It honestly feels like a slog to even write a thousand words, which is basically a tenth of my usual chapters. I'll try to write up some chapters to catch up, but it'll take a while.

TLDR; I'm basically writing 3 chapters of BH, 2 of MIA, and 1 for BDA. This will all be done, hopefully, by the end of this month. Forgive me if I end up failing that though.

Guest Reviews as of 7/15/2020:

If you've noticed that your guest review didn't show up on one of my fics, it is likely because my self-made program deleted it. While it is a shame, I've gotten a lot of petty bs over the past few weeks so I wanted to nip a problem by the bud before it affected my mental health (as cringe as that sounded). If you don't want your review deleted by the bot, just log into your account (or make one). Nobody can delete account reviews.

Status: (Chapter x due MONTH YEAR, which usually means within the specified month. Usually guaranteed to be within that timeframe, unless extenuating circumstances exist)

My Ideal Academia: Chapter 40 due Late October 2021

Bladed Horizon: Chapter 26 due Late October 2021 (Originally September. Delayed due to being a sick little shit)

Beacon Duel Academy: Chapter 3 due 2021 (KEKW)

Fanart I've received:

From Alex-Keller on Deviant Art for My Ideal Academia: https:(slash)(slash)alex-kellar(dot)deviantart(dot)com(slash)art(slash)lunch-for-a-mountain-lady-734084918

From Wes80 on Deviant Art for My Ideal Academia: sta(dot)sh(slash)0ru1amv38xe

Basic overviews of story ideas that I may or may not write once I reach a suitable length in the majority of my stories:

-Accelerated Sword: [Accel World x Fate/Stay Night]

Shirou dies and reincarnates as Haruyuki Arita's brother. The world has no wars or conflicts anymore so what purpose does he have? Haru spends an entire night in the hospital alongside Shirou's classmate Kuroyukihime. Shirou would end up playing Brain Burst when gifted by Haru. The world would have no more magic due to the existence of Virtual Technology, as Magic is powered by mysteries (If those mysteries were chalked up to being virtual reality augmented special effects then it'd naturally die out) his avatar would be STEEL SWORD. Steel naturally does not exist on the periodic table so it's a mystery as to why he has that, a further hint at his still mildly inhuman nature as a Sword.

He'll be able to trace at Level 1. Stomp. The End. Also, he'll become a Level 9 somewhere down the line as the Metal King. The problem with the fic idea is that I don't have a clear vision of how I want to END the fic. With the limited ideas I have for it, it won't ever have an ending, much like the Anime and Light Novel. I'm already running into that problem with My Ideal Academia and Bladed Horizon. This is probably far more suited to be a one-shot, maybe during the events of the Accel World special, who knows?

-Remnants of that Night: [RWBY x Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel]

Illya died. Shirou died. Rin died. Sakura died. They all died that night, having failed to stem the corruption of the Holy Grail. It didn't matter now, they were gone. Even the small wish Illya made to save them, to live fulfilled lives, it was ignored. However, as if a shining ray of hope was cast down upon her, Illya awoke. However, she was not in the world she knew once before. The shattered moon proved that.

Basically, everyone dies in Heaven's feel and reincarnates into Remnant. All of them in separate families and continents basically. Shirou with Nora at an orphanage, Illya at the Schnee family, and Rin and Sakura in Menagerie. I'm changing canon hard because I personally don't like the way RWBY went with their story after volume 4. The facilitator of that change mostly being Rin doing Rin things. However, it also has a problem being that I don't know how to end it. So the same reasonings as with Accelerated Sword.

-Of the Void: [Familiar of Zero] (idk, I want to write this for some reason)

Frankly, this is just a pure FoZ fic, not one that replaces Saito or anything. As much as I like replacing him and seeing how the 'new' character interacts with the world in Saito's place, I always felt that these fics leave Louise untouched. She gets development in a lot of them, but I feel she should have gotten more, but there was never enough time for that because they needed to focus on their main character. So, I thought to myself, why not make Louise the main character?

This fic would begin at the absolute beginning, from where Louise was young and before everyone "knew" she couldn't cast any magic. Just like those Naruto fics where they'd make one small change, which results in a thousand ripples, I'd make one small change (Wardes doesn't find her secret hiding spot). Louise will evolve from that, and as a result, Halkegenia will too. Some part of me also wants to make it a Time travel fic (also like a majority of Naruto fics) but that has hindrances of its own to consider. Whichever the case, I just want Louise to become the badass instead of just summoning one. I think I could write something like that. She'd still summon Saito though, I can't break them up now can I?

-The Once and Future Huntsman: [RWBY x Fate/Grand Order]

Basically, Jaune Arc is King Arthur (Male) reincarnated. He slowly regains memories of his time as Arthur once his aura is unlocked. Excalibur would end up having eight seals on it, not the thirteen restraints that Proto Arthur's Excalibur had, but seals dictated by some other reason I won't say just yet. This would just have a stronger Jaune until it culminates with Excali-blasting the giant wyvern from volume 3. It's sort of meant to be a one-shot, so there isn't much left to say about it.

-Fate Undone: [Fate/Stay Night x Fate/Zero]

Aoko Aozaki visits Fuyuki during the 5th Holy Grail War, and nobody knows what exactly happened. Only the result remains, or rather, will remain. All the Fuyuki masters are sent back in time ten years, directly in the 4th Holy Grail War, with their servants in tow.

They'll be at their respective areas, meaning Illya at the Einzbern manor with Berserker... alongside her mother and Kiritsugu, with who she has some issues to work out. Shirou will be Shirou. Rin will be fleeing from her father because his Servant just went ballistic on them (with EMIYA as her servant ofc) all the while Tokiomi tries to make sense of what's going on. Basically, a whole lot of clusterfuck shenanigans will be occurring and could lead to different events... But mostly because I just want to see F/Z Lancer get bodied by F/SN Lancer. LULW.

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