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Hi, I'm a Harry Potter fan(atic). I love reading generally and have come to be amazed at the talent of some of the authors.

I am an avid reader of Harry potter fanfiction, and will generally read any well written story.

I enjoy most xovers as well as a.u. type stories. My motto is I'll try anything once! That is how I am with the stories I read, If I like the story it will be added to my C2 community. I do try to review regularly on the stories I am reading, only problem is that quite often I dont know what to say other than Hi, I liked your story.

I don't do flames or rude and nasty reviews.

I strongly believe that if somebody has taken the time and effort and has had the courage to put a piece of their work out there for you to read on a FREE site you should not abuse them. Its quite simple if you dont like it DONT read it.

Another pet peeve of mine is abandoned stories, I dislike (hate is too strong a word) getting interested in a story only for the author to abandon it . Occasionally stories will be put up for adoption, however no links are provided to the new author.

I have a C2 community of stories that I am currently reading, have read, or plan to read. There's a huge selection of stories in there from some of the most popular and prolific authors on the site to brand new authors and their first stories.

If anyone could let me know how to add links to some of my favorite stories here, I would appreciate it.

I wish I had a time turner so that I could spend more time reading, unfortunatly real life and work take out huge chunks of my time.

I live in the U.K. near Robin Hood countryside and forests. as for age a favorite saying of my aunts when asked her age, I am as old as my tongue but older than my teeth. I did'nt get that for ages and just thought she was weird. As I've gotten older I've understood why she didnt like to broadcast her age. Lets just say I'll never see 20 again lol.

Well thats enough about me for now better get back to the real world .

If anyone knows of any good fics that they think I might like, please let me know recommendations are always welcome.

A few of my current favorite stories

1. Harry's new home by kbinnz. A great Snape unwittingly becoming Harrys guardian story, a wonderful relationship between the two develops often hilarious.

2. A fathers love by teacherbev A James and Lily manage to communicate with Harry fic great stuff, if you hav'nt read some of this authors other work, do so its great.

3. Are you cross? by angelauthor14. A kidfic young Harry living with his godfathers after being abused by the Dursleys, learning about love and fun, all the while testing his limits.

4. The unbreakable vow by Ash Darklighter A great read, Harry has to flee the wizarding world after being cursed by Voldimort into losing his magic. How he copes with the one person he takes with him, once again a great read.

5. Erasing History by padawan lynne. A Jealous Ron kills Hermione and kids leaving harry distraught, thrown back in time Harry decides to change history. After all no one said what time the prophecy had to be fulfilled in.

6. For you I will by leggylover03. Severus has never done anything for anyone, but what will he do for one small boy named Harry?

7. The heir of Prince Manor by daughterOfAres. A wounded Snape has to take advantage of the protective wards at privet drive, While there a few of his misconceptions about Harry are shattered. He also finds out about a secret Petunias kept for the last thirteen years.

8. All because of a Hippogriff by Muggledad. A Harry realising how important Hermione is to him during the time travel time in P.O.A. The new story by this author called Partners is also well worth a read Its a Harry/ Daphne fic well worth the time .

9 Muggle summer wizards fall by canoncansodoff Begins after Dumbledores funeral Harry receives some unexpected and really useful help from the muggle world, he begins to wonder if the power he knows not could be the british monarchy.

10. More important things by robst. A Dumbledore answers Harry fic where Harry learns of his destiny earlier and the changes that happen as a result. If you hav'nt already read this authors other works then do try them there well worth the time.

Any thing written by old crow. I find myself rereading these stories a gain and again there so good.

If somebody could let me know how to put links to stories in here it would be appreciated. I'll add more stories regularly so watch out for some more great fics,

Bye for now.

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