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Hey guys!

I know almost everybody on this site has a really long blog but I fear that I am short minded and pretty much everything I write about myself is rather short. Anywho, enough with the babbling. Lol.

Sooo, I will start with a rant about all my favorite things.


Harry Potter

Eragon series (By Christopher Paolini)

Anything by David Clements

Anything by Melanie Rawn

The Dark Tower series by Stephen king (Anything by this guy is good)

Mary Hoffman’s’ series ‘stravaganza’

J.R.R Tolkien is holy

And I could go on and on about all the books I am madly in love with. (I own over 200 some books) books and writing are a huge part of my life. Without the worlds between the covers of a book I wouldn’t have an imagination.


Everything but certain oldies, country, and metal/screamo

I like a little of everything.

I’m also in a high school Marching Band! we went to California for the Pasadena parade '07! (GO US!) We also went to The Macys’ parade in NY in 04’ unfortunatle now i am a senior and my marching band career (in highschool) is over...

I love band, I’ve been playing Flute for 7 years going on 8, and I am learning bari Saxophone. (no, I am not a geek, I’m just very dedicated to my music.)


Any really old Disney movie you can think of (such as Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, stuff like that.)

Lord of the Rings movies

Horror movies of any kind are awesome (as long as they aren’t predictable)

Gilmore girls (duh.)

Dharma and Greg

Will and Grace


Instant Star

Stuff like that…there are tons of others but I’m not all that big on TV because I usually never have the time to watch anything because I’m usually really busy over the summer with marching band, writing, hanging with my homies…lol…. and reading…reading passes up the TV by a long shot.

Random stuff about me:

I actually really love to play video games like James bond, sly cooper, ratchet and clank, and a bunch of other games. I enjoy the challenge, and the looks on all my guy friends faces when I join in on a conversation about a shooting game.

Being outdoors is important to me. I don’t think I can manage to not be outside for even one day. Especially during the summer, because I like to go on bike trails, walk the dog; go to the park…stuff like that. I can’t stand being locked up in the house. Even when its raining or its below zero I go outside just to be out there in the fresh air. I tend to be an active person. Lol

I don’t think there’s really anything else about me to tell but if I think of anything I will add it…

Hope you enjoy my writing and don’t forget to leave a review. I love the ideas and the thoughts you guys have on my stories!

-Over and out-

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