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Name: Mike Smith

Not mutch to say about my self really.

My pen name means Missouri Mike

I have to apologize up front to any writer's who find my review's a little strong or difficult to read a.k.a. my bad grammerand to if any of my review's are mean or ofincive i will do my best to clean them up.

Age: 23

Height: 6 foot


Hair: Redish Blond


High School grad of 2002

Hobbies: Bowling, PlayStation 2, watching T.V., surfing the web,reading book's, spending time with my freind's and family and much more. :)

Favorite Sports:Bowling ,Base Ball,Pro and college Foot Ball, and Rugby.

Favorite Band's:Metallica,Ozzy,System Of A Down,Drowning pool, Korn ,Static X,DC Talk , NewsBoys, KMFDM, Kittie,AC/DC,MotleyCrue,Petra,Evanescence,LinkinPark,Sevendust, Rob Zombie,Cypress Hill,Aerosmith,Disturbed,Lords of Acid,MegaDeth and many more.

Favorite Book's:The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point By Dan Brown , Rainbow Six By Tom Clancy, The Partner By John Grisham , Riding the Snake By Stephen J. Cannelland, The Eleventh Commandment By Jeffrey Archer.

Favorite Movies:Phatom of theOpera2004 edition,Bill and Teds Excelent Adventure , Lord Of The Rings The two Towers , Hunt for The Red October , Mortal Combat , Dare Devil , A Man Apart , Tomb Raider The Cradle Of Life, Resident Evil , The Rundown , The Rock ,Con Air and many more.

My Favorite fanfiction is Kim Possible.

Favorite comment's: Never Be normal.

Favorite pairings: Kim/Ron,Ron/Bon,Ron/Shego,Ron/Monique.

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