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New and updated profile. This is in-fact an old profile. My new account xXxJTDxXx is my new one. I have my stories and everything on that account.


Gundam Seed; Naruto; Full Metal Alchemist; Loveless; .//hack; Bleach; Kamichama Karin; D.Gray Man; Gundam Seed Destiny; Invader Zim; Eureka Seven; South Park; ANTM; Tokyo Mew Mew; DN Angel; Inuyasha; Card Captors Sakura; Teen Titans and more...


Dearka and Miriallia ; Hinata and Naruto ; Edward and Winry ; Lacus and Kira ; Cagalli and Athrun ; Daisuke and Riku ; Kagome and Inuyasha ; Cyborg and No One; Jinx and Kid Flash ; Sakura and Li ; Beastboy and Raven ; Terra and Death ; Robin and Starfire ; Karin and Kazune ; Toshiro and Karin ; Ichigo and Rukia ; Shikamaru and Temari/Ino ; Choji and Ino ; Orihime and Ishida

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