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A message from his roommate. I regret to inform you that on Tuesday 02/16/21 Nathan passed away from sudden onset pancreatitis resulting in multiple organ failure and ultimately brain death. His mother made arrangements for the donation of his organs. I'm sure he cherished any followers he had, and hopefully his writing here will be a way at least some others remember him. Thank you*

For those of you who liked On Gods We Trust I regret to inform you that it will not be updated, ever.

I no longer care for that particular fanfiction nor the RWBY FNDM. On top of that it was a teerible story with poor writing and no plot. I felt bad going back and reading it.

I'm currently invested in My Hero Academia and am trying to make fanfiction of that. So if you'll be patient with me I'll try my best to give you something good to read.

SPECIAL series

This is my first project after coming back from a long time away from writing so please give me a bit getting into the swing of things.

The SPECIAL series is meant to present Izuku Midoriya with various abilities equivalent to One for All through the SPECIAL system from Fallout. For ease of comparison think of current Izuku as having 100 in his Strength stat. He's a glass cannon who destroys himself with every instance of this power, until he eventually learns to control it. With the ability to topple tall buildings in exchange for a shattered arm.

Now imagine that same level of ability in Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. that's the series of stories I hope to bring to you all. Please note that these stories will present different character interactions and OOC moments, especially for Izuku.these will be updated and presented out of order because writing is hard and the Muses hate me.

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