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I like tomatoes, writing, reading, ramen (which truly is the food of the gods), swords and sharp stuff, anime/manga, intimidating people, snakes, fire, cooking, reviewing on stories and hopefully giving good feedback, dragons, this site and its convenience to finding awesome Fan Fics, karate, and stuff.

I dislike marshmallows, people who exist to try to make others' lives miserable, chewing gum and lollipops, people who think all slytherins are evil (just because I'm an evil slytherin who likes killing off or causing pain to her characters, doesn't mean other slytherins aren't), and idiots who think that reading and any learning is a waste of time and effort.

My hobbies are reading, intimidating people, writing, sleeping, sewing, meditating and cooking.

Goals are to be an awesome writer and a famous Author someday and to finish learning Japanese, and stuff.

I don't really have anything elce to share.

Ja ne!

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