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Hey hey! Hello people of the world, I am a new RWBY fan fiction writer that finally decided to fill up his profile with some content. I am currently writing my first fic and , while I basically know where all is going, I am far from being over with it, so don't expect more content from me before Jupiter is done in several months, possibly a year.

My current fic is, like I just said, Jupiter, a story where Jaune as two family swords instead of one when arriving at Beacon. This small change causes a butterfly effect and boom. The teams are different. That's the whole concept on which the story is based, and it is far from being a restricting concept, so don't worry, excitement will happen. One of the most important elements of the story is the slow burning romance between Jaune and Weiss. My goal is to make this romance realistic, that is why it will be long to create.

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