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Btw, I'm about to upload a profile picture. But warning, it is not mine. So please do not think I drew this amazing piece of art.

Hello new readers that are currently reading my stories, I update my stories a lot! And if I stop updating or didn't finish a story I most likely got out of liking that story or not having enough time to finish it. But If that does happen I'll mostly tell you! Things that'll be writing about are, Ninjago, Miraculous Ladybug, RWBY, and more shows and books! But for now i'm staying with those topics!

Things about me-

I'm younger than 18

I have Curly hair :)

I play Animal jam and Transformice (My usernames are-(Animal Jam)-Amazinggurl12345(Transformice) Nerdfanxoxo

I have blue eyes

I love to write and draw


My list of favorite characters from Ninjago








Gamardon(Sorry I didn't spell him right XD)




Favorite Characters from Rwby










Favorite Characters From Miraculous Ladybug

Chat Noir/Adrien-





Gabriel Agreste :3

(There is not much main characters in Miraculous Ladybug XD

I'll update my profile at times but this is all I have folks!


Gahhh I'm just waiting to write a story but of course I have to wait 12 hours! Well not exactly 12 hours because the 12 hours is almost up XD.

But since then I've gotten into the webs of, Avatar The Last Airbender, Mlp, and, Assassination Classroom! So expect some stories from those shows!

But anyways every some days I'll be doing an writer blog on my profile! And the blog is going to be about, my daily life, new stories, ending's of story's dates, and much more! So with that said this will be my first blog! So get ready for the awesomeness!

Daily blog 1*

Since March a mama kitten ran into our shed and gave birth to 4 kittens.

3 girls and 1 boy, Fatty Mc.Patty(The boy) Jackson, Jr., and Runt. Ever since then I really want to keep, Fatty Mc.Patty but cannot as we already have 3 cats in our house. So we are planning (Well I am) To send the mama and the two other kittens to the shelter and have our Grandpa and Grandma keep, Fatty Mc.Patty, and, Jr.

But of course I don't think it'll work but I'll keep hoping.

Anyways it's been a week since school got out and let me say it's been awesome with the few days we have, I read a lot of books, of course gotten into new series/anime, and I just adored it! Anyways that was it for my life blog and now these are some future stories that I'll be writing!

1. I The Monster and Emotion- This story will be a Ninjago story (XD sorry) This story will be following the Ninja in there different points of view as they each think they are the monster of the team. Kai dealing with his uncontrolled anger, Jay dealing with depression making himself hurt people in the process, Lloyd becoming more headstrong than usual, thinking rash and leaving his teammates to get hurt, Cole like Kai has been getting anger problems because of his father, Nya becoming utterly confused, and Zane is still missing (This story was before the Chen season so the teammates are still a team and Zane is still dead/missing) Each ninja are now blaming themselves for there emotions and for Zane's death, but in the end will they find out that they need each other and it wasn't their fault? Or will they live in the same darkness they started out with? Find out in,"I The Monster and Emotion".

2. The Earth we rely On. Oh yes another Ninjago story, sorry again if you do not like Ninjago! But anyways this is still before the,"Chen season", and does not tie in with, "I The Monster and Emotion", Instead this story follow's Cole and his team falling apart under pressure and the fate of their dear friend, Zane. Lloyd has been away for many months leaving in his despair, Kai has been hating himself struggling with the pleasure to live on after his past and losing a dear friend, Nya becoming cold and confused once again rather to stay or to leave the team with her emotions, Jay finding slipping deeper and deeper in madness as Nya the one he loved turned away from him, and haunting things that came from his past come back. Cole the only one who is thinking straight and is the only one who hasn't give in to his emotions will try as hard as he can to sew he's team back together, to defeat the evil and despair, the evil and despair that lives in within themselves.

3. Every Holiday Spirit Dies At A Breaking Point. You might be saying, ok the, "FutureWriterIsHere", cool it down with the Ninjago Fanfics! But of course I can't, I have many other fanfics but for this blog I'll only be writing six trailers for the one's I have in mind at the moment, but stay ok! This story is going to be a oneshot so you don't have to be waiting for the next chapter! In this oneshot Christmas is here! Everyone should be happy, right? Well for the most part everyone is happy, cheerful and filled with glee. But it isn't until later on lies and secrets are told, will they get back to the holiday spirit or go away with hatred and will not forgive each other for the things they lied about? Find out in, "Every Holiday Spirit Dies At A Breaking Point".

4. A simple Text can leave A scar. Oh ok, ok, I know, another Ninjago fanfic, just stop hating and actually read this. Anyways this is actually after the Ghost season and the team has moved on with most of their lives, but that doesn't mean they can't keep in touch. (Yes and the team still lives in the bounty but not much evil roams around) In this story it will be more cheerful than the stories I have in store but, that' doesn't mean I can't add character death? Oh wait, that's not that cheerful,uhm, umm... Anyways in this story the ninja text each other a lot! And I'll be showing those texts and other things but different events will change the texts and how the story will end. Yes this story will be a, "Pick your Own ending!" I'll be asking you all questions at the end so you can chose the ending, like, "Should there be character death?" (Yes I'm evil) Or,"Should something brighten up the mood?" Anyways that's all I have for this fanfiction. (This fanfic was just some testing and also I would like to play around with this and sorry if I end this fanfiction later own, I do have some liking to it but I have way more other story's to work on so I might end this story later on without a side note 030)

5. The Fate Of our Own Destiny. Ok yes another Ninjago fanfiction! I did tell you they'll be six right? Anyways this story I have been planning for SO long. And it'll be a very long story. And yes this story will be before the, 'Chen Season', and after the, 'Rebooted'. Oh my i'm so sorry for always leaving out Zane to go missing or die. I'm sorry my fluffy robot :C And warning this story does not tie in with any of my other Ninjago fanfictions one of these days I will tie them in with another fanfiction, but today I'm too lazy. Also this does include an Oc, so if you do not like Oc's you do not have to read this! Anyways after Zane's death the ninja are yet still a team but close to departing with there differences. Linda a simple girl, and a teacher at, "The Four elements", one day meets a horrible fate in her simple life, and new darkness has stepped up in Ninjago city, "The king of Darkness", with his shadows, that are every day killing and taking away humans and life. Linda being one of the only survivors is saved by the Ninja, but while in their cusity she find the whole team as been divided easily making darkness grow apon them. Betrayels, secrets, lies, death, will all come crashing down on them, as they fight to save Ninjago. But will they save it? Or let darkness devour them and everyone around them? Find out in, "The Fate Of our Own Destiny".

6.Oneshots of Love. Ok,ok my last Ninjago fanfiction I have in mind, then I'll be heading into Rwby. But for now let's go into this story. In,"Oneshots of Love", was inspired by many people who have the same idea. In this fanfiction you guys will be voting about a canon or made up couple in Ninjago so I can write different scenes where the couple fall in love or have a date, or kiss. (ugh I can already feel the salty-ness of this fanfiction) I'll have any couples even Oc's if you wish. But of course this will be updated every once a week since I have WAY more stories to work on. But I need 2 or more votes to do that couple and yes If you guys vote for that couple again I'll do another story of that story. But if you want this story to be sad,(I love writing sad story's MWAHHAH) Then you can say by your vote if you want a fight to go on between them or for them to break up? Or one of them dies? Man I just love breaking your guys heart's :3

7. There's a point where it Tips, There's a point where it breaks, There's a point where it bends, And a point we just can't Anymore. In this Rwby story, after the fall of beacon everyone is trying the best to get through the tragic. Yang is trying to get over the pain and hatred, Ruby, Jaune, Nora, and Jen are trying there best to get the old team back together. Blake is still running away from the problems of the world, from her fears, from,"The White Fang", and Weiss is trying to please her father and be perfect once more. As darkness falls and a new hatred appears do you really think they could win? (Waring Ruby x Jaune XD)

8. The Dress (Oneshot!) "Blake you broke my armor again! Stop going to tough on training, I can do it myself!" Jaune puffed as he went back to his closet looking for another pair of armor, but then he found something he didn't want to find. The dress. "Jaune you didn't have to wear that!" Oh how she laughed, and laughed, at Jaune who was currently wearing a girl's dress. "But Prryah a promise is a promise!" He missed her, so much. And all it was because of that, little- he just wanted to forget, just forget her, forget the pain on the day she tried to save the world but then, just- he didn't want to think about, but how could he not? It was right there, like memory's hanging across the wall. Blake waited and waited for Jaune to return to train until finally she decided to see what the hold up was, but something she didn't want to see. A sobbing Jaune holding onto a white and purple-ish dress like his life depended on it."But i'm not good with emotions or feelings."

9. When you miss a Raven. Everyone left her. No one cared for her. After losing a arm to save Blake, all Blake does in return was run, like a coward. Ruby just left without any trace leaving herself to lie within a dark abyss, Weiss didn't even try to get back she was ever more and some what happy to go back home. Qrow just left to find Ruby not caring about her own health, even her own dad was wrapped up with finding her younger sister than helping her go through this pain. And what stung the most was, why did her own mother leave her?

10. Red like roses-(Oneshot) When you miss someone but yet not really know them, and when your friend is missing someone and they knew that person so well, you can't just not cry with them. (Warning Ruby x Jaune)

Oh my that took me 30 minutes, well anyways I only have 15 minutes left to upload a story and after that i'll finish writing some trailers for the fanfictions I have in mind! Anyways I might do the Rwby fanfiction first, but honestly I don't know.

Ugh guys whenever I post a story it says some anime titles, some weird names like, ponylover?
And some other things, it's stupid. And whenever I go to edit them out and I save the changes it doesn't save and those stupid weird words are still there. Can you help me out? Please do tell me if you see them or how to get them out.

Anyways I'm going to do some more trailers and some of my favorite characters in a few minutes :D

Favorite characters in, Assassination Classroom-



Koro Sensei

The Reaper


Favorite characters in, Avatar the Last Airbender






The White Lotus


Favorite Characters in mlp


Starlight Glimmer-


Sunset Shimmer-

Rainbow Dash-

Pinkie Pie-







Sweetie Belle-




Nightmare Moon-


Gahh I just Love Rwby! So if you expecting Ninjago stories I'm writing one right now so don't worry! ;) And i'm also writing a mlp, Rwby, and a Miraculous Ladybug one so I don't know which one to upload first XDDD

Ok guys I'm turning, Red like Roses, into a series I already did two extra chapters, and yes they were short. But be safe I'm making 6 really long chapters in all the words put together from those 6 chapters have 40,000 words B)

So yesh, I'm a fanfiction acholic. You got a problem with dat?

And by the way, I have a softball tornament tomorrow so I might not get to update tomorrow. Yes I know i'm sinful. :C

Daily Blog 2

Hello again! I'm going to be making another blog for more of my up coming stories! But you may just be like, "But TheFutureWriterIsHere you haven't even finished the other stories!" Well I'm working on all of them right now! But right now i'm focusing on one of my major stories, (Major stories are the long ones) and some of the stoires I started are major stories! So i'm just trying to finish the first major story first. And yes I won't just be making Ninjago stories I have other stories in mind that I need to start making, such as Assassination Classroom, Tokyo Ghoul, and Miraculous Ladybug! Anyways I hope you like these story head starters!

1.The Centipede- This story is an Tokyo Ghoul story! It's dealing back with Kaneki still dealing with the centipede from season 2, as he struggle to take control of himself what will happen to the rest of the team? Will they get hurt? May some even die? As more ghouls and CCG's appear Kaneki can't help but become, "The Centipede".

2. Our Pasts are Not Today- This is an Assassination Classroom story! Anyways yes I'm still working on my other story of Assassination Classroom, but of course that one is a major story! But anyways this is kinda a side story or what not, but anyways here it goes. This story covers everyone's past and differences and how it effects them today, can they come back from their jobs and talk about their pasts head to head? Or will they just fall deep within the abyss of self hate?

3. The Lady Marinette- This story is of course a Miraculous Ladybug story! Anyways after getting rejected over Ladybug for so long, Adrien Agreste is soon falling over the young Marinette! But is Marinette truly feeling the same now? After some late nights her and Chat Noir would talk to each other making her fall for someone else, such as, Chat? Oh the irony, anyways, I'm working on this story right now! So expect it in a week or two.

Those were kinda the only stories I had on the top of my head, but anyways here are just a couple of updates.

We All Need A Family- As right this moment i'm writing tons of chapters and trying to fix the grammar mistakes! I'm also making a cover image for it as well!

Rwby Stories- If your waiting for Rwby stories don't worry! I'm writing some right now!

Anyways that's all I had to update! I hope you'll like my stories!

Blog Update 3

Still waiting on the Rwby stories XD And yes I am almost finished with the Miraculous Ladybug story! But still I kinda just want to work on, 'We All Need A Family', since I really want to do some things with the characters!

Honestly I don't think I'll be writing a lot of NEW stories but I might soon, but as you could see I don't have TONS of free time, but I'll try! I'm also getting into anime's such as, Sword Art Online, and Ajin. So I might write stories for those shows! But I still need to finish my Ninjago stories, my Assassination Classroom stories, Tokyo Ghoul, Mlp, and Miraculous Ladybug XD Anyways that's a lot of things I have to write so don't expect them to all be done!

Anyways here are some updates on my stories!

We All Need A Family- Still working on the grammar and cover image! Also writing chapters as I write!

Rwby Stories- Still working on them 0.0

Other Ninjago Stories- Already working on three of them!

Anime stories- Almost done with the Assassination Classroom chapter 1! But It won't be done soon, and also the Tokyo Ghoul stories!

Anyways that's all I have for the update! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Blog Update 4

Ok guys! I have now gotten into, Blue Exorcist! I just love that show so much! I just written a story about it, but it's going to be of course a major story so it will be update more just like, "We All need A Family", anyways here are the updates!

Rwby Stories- Almost done with two of them, been really busy!

Anime Stories- Still in the works!

We All Need A Family- Just got updated! The cover image is coming! I'm sorry, but i've been writing a lot so I don't have TONS of time.

Ugh yes short update but before we stop here's my favorite characters from, Blue Exorcist!







Shima (Bada$$ spy)



Mephisosta (I think that's how you spell it XD)


Hello I haven't updated this profile in such a long time! But I just want to say a few things, I have to work on my Ninjago stories, however i'm sick this week so don't expect updates for while on both my Ninjago and anime stories! I'm sorry, but please be patient! :D

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