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Hello traveling readers to my profile. You are probably here because you are looking for answers as to why I've done something in a fic.

An Avid fan of Harry Potter and Star Wars, amateur novelist and aspiring writer.


Im currently working on 3 stories, very slowly and will post them when they are finished, I refuse to post incomplete work which will cause me stress about having not finished the fic. Which in turn will make it harder to write. So rather than entering that 'Catch 22', I'll post when they are ready.

First one will be:

Closing of the night... After Hagrid invites Harry to come to his cottage with his cloak. Harry decides to send him an owls saying that he can't make it, after Hermione's comment about potentially missing Sirius. The Day of the Task is upon them and Harry doesn't know what the Task is yet.

So I've been around on this website to watch as fantiction tropes got so over used that it became Canon...

So here are my views on the Harry Potter franchise, the some I put here are things I've confirmed from JKs press statements and my general opinion more will be added as I go along.

Book 1 :

I think that the first book should be looked at as a stand alone book. JK had no way of knowing that the series would blow up the way it did and so wrote a fantasticle world which quite rightly didn't make a whole lot of sense. Then the rest of the books were commissioned and JK had to somehow fit it in with the rest of the books. This is the explanation that I've found makes the most sense as to all the inconsistencies in this book.

The Weasley trap :

Authors like so say that the Weasleys are at the platform to trap Harry into friendship and cite Mrs Weasleys comment about which platform the train leaves from ( something she should of known ) as proof of trying to entice Harry over. I disagree, why? Because of who she asks the question to. She asks her 9/10 yo daughter and I view this as a parent playing a game with their children by asking a sort of redundant question. We all do it, ask things of others that we already know the answer to. Especially to children. So that's what I think is happening here.

Magic and Logic:

Magic in the Harry Potter world should be viewed as a muscle. Why? Because if you view it as a core then you've put a limitation on the characters magic.

If you are trying to apply logic to the HP universe then I'm afraid that you've already missed the point, and deserve to be called a muggle. If ever you decide to write something as illogical well then, now I would say you on the right track.

A nice and yet vexing way to look at physics in and around magical people or places is simply the absence of the laws of physics. When accidental magic happens and the lights flicker its not a magnet field being generated, in that moment the electrons flowing in the wires just decide to ignore ohms law and muck around a bit until the magic is gone.

Magic is desire made real, therefore any and all things with magic also have a desire of their own. (no logic in that?... Bingo!)

Sorting Hat:

Many people seem to write the sorting hat as a magical artifact that finds out what personality the child has and then matches them to the right house. I doubt that this is the case. Plus that's logical. (see logic above)

My best assumption is that the sorting hat is a lot more complex than that. The sorting hat looks at who you are and through a sort of arithmancy which plots out the different routes to get the student to a point where they can be the best that they can be. This decision would be based on all the personalities of previous students and their own plotted courses, as well as the individual house embodiments.

This assumption is made on two points. Harry, and the hat suggesting to Harry that Slytherin would lead him to greatness, meaning he was not yet ready for it and that the house including the members would be the ones to making him great, in there own way. Neville because at the time of sorting he does not embody what it means to be a Gryffindor but is lead there primarily through his association of his fellow house mates.

Also, on another point, the hat doesn't actually suggest Slytherin and only says that that house could make Harry great after Harry requests not to go to Slytherin. If Harry had said 'not Hufflepuff' the hat probably would of tested him on that request too.

The Horcrux:

The Hocrux in Harry's head doesn't give Harry his second life, it's his mother's love charm, read chapter 35 (kings cross) Dumbledore explains it, even if it is slight convoluted.

Draco Malfoy:

Boggles my mind why there are so many fanfics with the Hermione /Draco paring. I do enjoy a well written characterization of Draco. But in the words JK herself, it is disturbing how many young people have romanticized Draco Malfoy, he has no heart of gold just below the surface, I've changed the her actual quote slightly. But frankly I completely agree, he's a racist/biased bastard and quite sick in the head, he's also a bit of a coward, not able to kill even when all his beliefs tell him to. So to those who find that kind of thing attractive... um good for you but don't say you never knew.

Side note, Draco Malfoy is not Tom Fenton. Tom seems to be an awesome dude, and if he had starred as Harry Potter he may have been better than Daniel Radcliffe.

Different wands for Harry:

This is clue number one for a self-insert. But for the rare case when it's not here is what you lose;

Without the Holly and Phoenix Harry loses his only advantage over Tom Riddle, the graveyard scene is more important that just locking wands, its the moment that Harry's magic takes dominace over Tom's which means that any wand that either character have from that moment onwards are irrelevant. Harry and Tom's magic will always lock and fight. Thinking about it now, after the graveyard scene is really the best opportunity to give him a new wand.

Harry choosing said wand from its component parts... Wtf? Just conveniently forget the 'it is the wand that chooses the wizard' statement shall we.

The whole thing is just a pointless divergence from Canon and doesn't achieve anything in the future, so why is it done? Well as said above, it's a self insert.

The Trace :

The trace like wandlore is one of those overly convoluted topics and here is my solution to how the trace works.

Firstly the Trace is not applied to wands, if it were there is a way to get round that have anyone of age or older to use the wand, the Trace charm breaks and there, your wand is trace free.

My theory is that the Trace is a year long charm that gets applied as the children walk through the portal to platform 9 3/4.

The Trace does not work on or in the presence of adult witches and wizards.

So why did I decide on this and why does this work. The following is conjecture.

Well firstly, Hermione states that she has tried a few spells already 'just for practice', now it's possible that that happened on the train but with my theory that's not necessarily required. No Trace is triggered.

Secondly, Harry's Trace is set off by Dobby without his wand being involved. And he gets a ministry letter. At this point it had been less than a year since he walked through the portal.

Third, in the second book, Harry and Ron don't go through the wall and thus the charm is not applied and the boys don't get letters for flying the car to Scotland. At the start of the third book when aunt Majourie has a bloating problem, Harry actually doesn't receive a letter, even if the incident is brushed off anyway. How did the Ministry know about the incident then? Well Sirius Black was 'after' Harry, so Harry was probably being watched.

Lastly though it's not commented on much, students are allowed to leave Hogwarts after they finish there OWLS and therefore should be able to use their wands/magic unrestricted.

Fear of the Name:

Just because you shouldn't fear the name doesn't mean that you should use it overtly.

Also, there was and is a very good reason to fear the name. The taboo charm meant that anyone that says the name finds themselves having to deal with snachers.

Bank statements: .. Wtf? What 11 yo gives a damn about bank statements or even know why you need them or that you should even have them. Most of us adults are to afraid to look at the sms that come to our phones when we spend money, so why would a kid care.

Dumbledore :

I don't see the guy as manipulative. What Dumbledore does, and I will admit it looks like a manipulation, is give the opportunity for a character to make a choice. Dumbledore does impress his view on the topic but ultimately the character has the final choice. Harry, Ron and Hermione don't need to go off on their own, they could stay with the order or return to school. The choice is there for all of them to make and they know it is available to them, but that is the easy choice to make, to make it someone else's problem. But they chose to do what is right and in this case, hard. He made sure that if they chose that path they would have the minimum needed to win, which they did.

In fantastic beasts, Newt sees the glove and knows its Dumbledore but goes to him anyway, and then is asked to go to france, but is still given the choice. Newt only decides to go because Tina is there, something Dumbledore probably knew but didn't say so, as not to manipulate Newt. Something similar probably happened with the thunderbird prestory.

The Dursleys:

As hard as it is to imagine. The neglect that Harry suffered was common during the time period and you will still find chases of such in the first world. I say first world because this kind of neglect is still very common in third world countries.

Point of all that is that while not morally right it was a norm and was in no way a criminal offense for the time period.

Ron /Hermione relationship:

Im just going to put this here:

Love endures with patience and serenity, love is kind and thoughtful, and is not jealous or envious; love does not brag and is not proud or arrogant. It is not rude; it is not self-seeking, it is not provoked [nor overly sensitive and easily angered]; it does not take into account a wrong endured. It does not rejoice at injustice, but rejoices with the truth [when right and truth prevail]. Love bears all things [regardless of what comes, believes all things [looking for the best in each one, hopes all things [remaining steadfast during difficult times, endures all things [without weakening].

1 Corinthians 13:4-7 AMP

This is what love is and Ron and Hermione's relationship in the books does not show even half of these, hence my favorite pairing is Harry/Hermione.

Sure you may be thinking 'but G I'm not a Christian' and I'm going to reply with, you don't need to be one to want and deserve this kind of love. but if the love you want for yourself isn't that as stated above then don't be too shocked if 'it' doesn't work out.

More will be added as I find the misunderstandings. ... G

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