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"The words; pour in drip by drip, gliding over the memory like honey sliding across a tilted canvas; slow enough to make impact and fast enough to not cessate the thread;
dancing in oblivion until printed in coherent stretches; making the eyes bleed and hearts yearn, bile rise and brows frown. Thats the state of writing; thats what I want my words to do. Whoever believes that actions speak louder than words, never fathomed the power of words. Cause innocently sequined words innately spark reactions; beyond imagination, beyond bounds and to a much larger audience. What matters is the sincerity in their deliverance. That’s the joy of writing; creation of worlds unknown, of perspectives unheard; of contentment that satiates infinite facets of our sole face. I deep-heartedly acknowledge this blessing, more so, the realization of possessing this, a previously unacknowledged talent."

So, Hi everyone,

I am sure that it would be pure chance if you would have stumbled across this page.

As a kid, I watched Detective Conan eagerly. Surprisingly we were recommended to watch it, not for the content itself but to pick up the language.( guess, the best way to learn a new language is to (listen/ watch) cartoons/movies with the best dub). Besides, I am just a year younger than Detective Conan.

Like many young aspiring writers, I am trying my hand at writing. So, I really would love to have sincere reviews.

My OTP is KaiAo, but i will definitely try making smoothies out of different pairs.

Did I forget to mention something about myself? Read between the lines..

(P.S: That above thing, I sat down to write a new story, but that came out..Though in all honesty, thats how sincere I feel)

Until Later,


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