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I greet you all yea wonderful and beautiful people. In other words sup. I am Elizabeta Jerose. (Just a pen name, not my real one). I love reading and writing and such. Literature is an art that should be well appreciated. Feel free to hate me.

I adore writing. I am very selfish and shallow when it comes down to it, even if I do enjoy writing story for an anonymous audience , I also write strictly for moi. Writing isn't a torture as so many people kindly put it. It's not about handing in an essay and getting good grades. It's a whole new world you could dive into, t's an adventure worth exploring, it's an empty canvas or photo book you need to fill. It's not about getting comments and favorites and followers (though those are nice), to me it's the thrill of being a anonymous author, no one knows who I really am so it make the process even better.

I think of it as an opportunity to challenge my mind and my abilities and myself and see how I use all the techniques I've learn't in school. Believe me, sometimes I free write, no punctuation or grammar or spell checks. I do that all after, right now it's all down to the pen, paper and my imagination. Write for yourselves, learn to love writing with every thing in you and all of your beautiful hearts and learn to love your writing with all your heart, because it's yours and nobody else's. No matter what may happen or what kind of criticism you get from your audience, that's the joy of being anonymous, it's important to write for yourself because you enjoy it and it matters to you!

Wow, that was deep. Okay. Hope you enjoy my works. Now somethings about me, I will put up later. Ciao darlings.

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