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Hellifrit PM
Joined Jun '16, Malaysia

For every word written is a step forward to improvement, to dream, to a vast world of writing, and a possibility of a great book.

Real name: Unknown

Age: 20

Birthday: November 9th


Playing Video Games

Read Light Novels, favorite Fanfics and Mangas

Make stories

Watch animes

Favorite games(including Trading Card Games):


Hyperdimension Neptunia

Slay the Spire


Shin Megami Tensei Series


Grind Blue Fantasy

Steam account name: Hellifrit

Bad or good stories, that is for you to judge.

Currently, my update frequency is slightly more consistent but changes would happen at any moment.

Current Projects:

Blazblue: Fictional Emptiness

The Player

Next possible projects:

A future fic of Familiar of Zero with a minor cross-over with Megaman ZX. The premise will be a descendant of the Valliere family who is now part of the royal family summons an Anti-Mage weapon as a... not Gandalf?

A Hyperdimension fic crossover with Fate/Kalied. Miyu is transported to Gamindustry and is now living with Vert.

Cardfight Vanguard Fic about a good female Deletor player with a streak of 50/50 win-lose rate.

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