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Check out community: Uzumaki Taicho (51 stories). It's a collection full of Naruto/Bleach crossovers.

I got special permission from eiffelart's to use his art.

I am also a staff for three other communities:

a Harry Potter community where harry has a sibling(s) called Wrong BoyWhoLived (114 stories)

a Glee Community filled with RACHELxEVERYONE stories called "You're Still the One" (49 stories)

a Hunger Games community for stories that are KATNISSxEVERYONE called Also Known As Katniss Everdeen (72stories)

Please pay them a visit:) The majority of the stories in there have an average of 10 or more reviews per chapter so rest assure that they are all beautifully written stories with a well thought out plot!

All my stories are discontinued.

"Don't expect anything Then you are never disappointed" -Anonymous
"Is my friend in the bunker or is the bastard on the green?"
"Yesterday was history, the future will be a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present." -Ancient Master Oogway
"Without hair, he is nothing." -Jet Li
"Sex Is Like Math,Add The Bed,Subtract The Clothes,Divide The Legs & Pray You Don't Multiply"
Quotes from Doodle Google artwork:
"I wish religious harmony for the world. We all are equal under one God! Our world will be a better place, if we love and respect each other irrespective of our religion. With respectful coexistence of different religions, peace will prevail in the world." -Sameek Das

"There are heroes who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect their nations. My wish for the world is for all these military heros to be able to take off their uniforms, lay down their guns, hang up their boots, and come home to their families." -Demitri Miller
"What I wish for the world is for public art to be more accepted. Graffiti art allows people to express their individuality and emotions. Just because it's not in a museum or on a canvas doesn't make it less of an art form."-Antony Martinez
"My doodle, "A new beginning," expresses my wish that in the current crisis discoveries will be made. That in these discoveries solutions will be found to help the Earth prosper once more. That those solutions will help the world get back on its feet, and create a better place for everyone." -Christin Engelberth

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