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Name: NoinK a.k.a. Insert name here

Age: Age is just a number

Hometown: Where the home is in a town

Occupation: Full-time Job title here, Part-time Type here, Wannabe Fill in the blank

I am...unspeakably loud...insanely normal...creatively dull...horribly good...arrogantly humble...hysterically calm...perfectly imperfect...simply complex...precisely off-center...cynically optimistic...foolishly realistic...incompetently capable...animatedly real...patiently anxious...cowardly courageous...characteriscally remarkable
..or so I'm told.

:I have nothing to hide and more importantly nothing to prove:.
.:I am uderstanding but not understandable:.
.:I am easily ammused and easily annoyed:.
.:I love my friends:.
.:I'm confusing, sometimes i even confuse myself:.
.:Food is the key to my heart:.
.:I don't care what people think or say to me:.

Never judge a book by its cover. People sometimes perceive me as snoobish when they first saw me. Just cause I am a very quiet and timid person doesn't make me snobbish or unfriendly. I'm just plain shy. Get to know me better, and you'll see how crazy I am. (Not psycho-crazy, fun-crazy)
The rest is for me to know, and for you to find out :)

"Remember youth as you pass by,
As you was once, so once was I,
As I am now, you soon will be,
Prepare to die and follow me."

DO not make someone you're EVERYTHING, coz whe that person is'll have NOTHING.

Cause no fuss, get a grip on yourself it don't cost much.

The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything...the young KNOWS everything.

If you hate the way life is treating you, look at how you are treating life.

You want a miracle, be the miracle...

Ongoing UNFINISHED fiction...

Gundam Seed - Aegis

This story won't be updated anytime soon a.k.a on I'm still working on the whole plot...which keeps changing. Rest assured...this story is not being killed, it's just postpone until further notice.

Gundam Seed - Be Mine

Though I've pretty much have the whole idea/plot for the story...I still have to type it into words. New chapter will be post as soon as I've find the time to actually do it.

Gundam Seed - Conflicts and Conspiracy

I've ran out of conspiracy to continue this story, and I lack the creative juice to think about the conflicts. Finished a few chapters...but there's still something else missing. Once I know what's missing...those finished chapters will be posted.

Harry Potter - Ancient Magic

Still building up the whole plot of the story as I don't want it to be like some cliché amateur fiction-made story. I still need a LOT of references...which also means this story will be posted/updated regularly every several months.

My profile is my own little message to the world. Therefore, everyone can enjoy the benefits.

For the record, I'm still alive and trying to make the best out of life. where is that missing chapters?

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