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Joined Apr '05

My penname used to be she-devil-16 but is now Ice-wolf-16

myspace: http:///index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=100789569 (add me ;p)

Fav animes: Beyblade, wolfs rain, gundam seed, gundam wing, Inuyasha, Ghost in the shell. I do like alot of anime but there my fav.

Beyblade fav chatacters: Bryan (anything to do with Bryan I love), Tala, Spencer, Ian, Claude, Meguel, Mathilda, Brooklyn, Mystel, Lee, Kevin, Romero (oh hes just funny)

Fav Beyblade pairing: I like Bryan with mainly anyone as long as it's not Boris B. or something just wrong like that. Kenny with anyone is just wrong... he should die a virgin

likes:the Blitzkrieg boys, Yaoi, Feddrick (read Kais cockroach), BRYAN, jap music, linkin park, ANIME!, Miyavi, Gackt, Hyde, Daigo

Live journal: falcon_of_wind I have changed it because I changed my e-mail.

piczo: Http://

I will start writing stories again soon :) when i find insperation

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