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I want to star out with recc'ing some of my favorite places/writers on ff dot net:

First off...for the best limp!Sam...head over here


No dissapointments. I promise. Her stories are filled with all sorts of Supernatural-esque goodness.

And for anyone else who is insanely obsessed with Castiel (as i am..) head on over to Twisted Ingenue's forum Sacred Fascination cause their are some awesome Castiel/Misha threads going right now.

Also, I've been a part of Endiku07/OnyxMoonbeam's weekly drabble challenges, and they're terriffic, and fun, and there's a lot of really great authours writing some awesome stuff (and this is not me pimping out my own stuff, a lot of the people in this challenge are a million times better than me). You should check out the C2 forum that has all that work archived.

September 23, 2010

So I know I've been gone awhile, and while I was contemplating giving up overall, courtesty of the idiots (yes, I think idiots is the nicest word I can come up with) of Literate Union [http:///]. I promise this isn't going to be another manifesto, but I think that most of us who have had run in's with them are pretty sick of it. The only point that I have to make is that fanfic is a place for enjoyment where people can have fun and improve their writing skills. Criticism is important (as long as it is constructive) but there is no need to tear people down. And because I need to get up on my soapbox just once, or God help me I'll lose it, there is no freakin' reason to target stories just because they're rated MA (or M, NC-17, whatever you want to call them); if you don't like those sorts of stories, don't read them. If you want to critique for real reasons, then I'm on board with that-just don't attack people for no real reason at all.

Oh, and note, for those of you who said you were reporting my Adam Lambert/Supernatural story Crush and Fullfillment, you did an awesome job, (read: sarcasm) because they've never been taken down. I guess you people were the only ones that had a problem with it.

That's all I really have to say. I just think it would be nice if fanfiction can stay a fun retreat for everyone and uh...bugger off.


I just sit at a typewriter and curse a bit.
P. G. Wodehouse
...after being asked about his writing technique

I have a thing for older men. A lot. Jeffery Dean Morgan really did it for me.
I'm from Buffalo (proudly mentioned in BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK!) NY the crappiest city on the planet. For a city…we have nothing.
I'm overtly political. It gets obnoxious sometimes.
Yes, I think that Sam and Dean are my OTP…but then Castiel ruined it, damn him. Now, I have three. Six? idk, math=not my strong suit.
I curse a lot. I try not to let it show in my writing, but in real life I have a filthy mouth.
Bella Talbot is the beastliest character we‘ve ever had on Supernatural. Shame on the network for writing her off. She's a bitch, but she's a bitch with STYLE and as a fellow bitch I must respect her for that.
I decided recently to have my soul removed to make room for (more) sarcasm
I am ridiculously allergic to perfume of all sorts and freshly cut grass, also animals...I think. At the very least it's likely. So, if you want to kill me, that would be the most effective way.
I have a recently discovered interest in manga.
I used to have a psychologist like all great writers do. She enlightened me to what a not nice person people think I am. Sorry, but I’m really not mean if you get to know me.
I am completely unromantic. The things my friends find sweet or romantic I think are stupid or funny.
I'm a complete bitch. Everyone tells me this. My friends tell me this. My MOTHER tells me this. But they love me anyway, so it's all cool
I hate children. They annoy me. I have no maternal instinct whatsoever. I also hate fetuses. I don't care what you say, they're parasites.
I used to run. Like, literally. But now I’m fat and lazy and should probably think about taking it back up. Not that I wasn’t then but I was less fat and a lot less lazy. XD
My father is (a) invisible, and (b) an annoying aloholic. I have plenty to tell E! True Hollywood Story one day.
My favorite show is SUPERNATURAL! Duh. I really like Criminal Minds too, though.
I have a cat named Dean who really is a big douche sometimes but I still love him. Even when he sleeps on my work shirt and I go in looking like I was molested by Bigfoot.
I have an undying fascination with religion and the occult.
I was on a SN posting hiatus for a bit, but I'm back now. I love this fandom so obscenely much.

I want a MacBook like you can not imagine. I’m thinking of selling my soul for one.

I'm pretty much a freak. It adds to my charm, though

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