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Someone complained that Story ideas were not stories so I'm posting these plot bunnies here. Even though no one is ever likely to read them since I don't write stories anymore.

If anyone wishes to adopt any of these ideas all I ask is for you to send me a link to your story. Feel free to use any of these ideas for your stories.

I'm editing some of my plot ideas out if they are getting to where they are starting to become mini stories on their own. So if numbers seem to be missing don't be surprised just means I was actually including dialog and such making them almost mini stories. I'll only do that though if they get really out of control.



Doctor Who story ideas and questions, 12th Doctor mostly.


1: Why does the Doctor meditate sitting ontop of the tardis?

2: The reason the Doctor's 12th form doesn't like hugs or physical contact is because his Telepathy has become a lot stronger and he's having problems controlling it.

3: As the Doctor stepped out of the Tardis he sees Clara about the be shot by Daleks, this awakens the darkness inside him and the Valeyard awakens

4: Twelve secretly downloads Danny Pink into the Library to save him and hopes to find some way to bring Danny, River, and the little girl CAL back to life, after finding some old Timelord tech hidden away in a ship trapped in the Time Vortex.

5: Every being in the universe has a darkside, an evil inside them. Most times it never manifests itself in a person. But in a Time Lord the darkness inside doesn't change with each regeneration, the darkness in a Time lord only grows more powerful with each lifetime, until it finally takes control. But on very very rare occasions when the Timelord has a twin-soul or a soulmate the darkness can be controlled by the Timelords other half. (He cupped her face with one hand, her pleas for the Doctor to be returned to control of his body again ringing in his ears, tugging at his soul, he leaned down net to her left ear, "As you wish, [Galifreyian word that means My Light/Twin-soul]" he whispered, then he gently kissed her lips and stepped back lowered his head and totally relaxed for just a moment. In the Doctor's mindscape the Valeyard turned to return to his cage, but stopped next to the 12th Doctor and put his hand on his shoulder, "You had better protect her, because if anything happens to her, or she leaves ..." he turn his glowing eyes to look the Doctor in the eyes "I will tear this universe apart and burn it to ash." the Valeyard said in a cold voice. He then continued to his cage and entered without being forced to do so. The 12th Doctor looked at the other Doctor's gathered around the Mindscape. He stepped forward and took control of his body, once again flooded with the telepathic roar that was the minds of the whole human race, 'Bloody shields shattered again.' he thought. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times looking at Clara "That was unexpected." he says softly.

6: The Doctor is tired of Danny Pink thinking of him as an Officer so he invites Danny to the Tardis to have a long talk after the talk they pick up Clara and go on an adventure.

7: What is the Doctor thinking when Missy makes him put his hand on her chest to feel her heartbeats in "Dark Water"

8: The Doctor notices that Clara is suffering and after investigating the cause he finds that maybe it's time to have a talk with Danny Pink and try to get along with him rather then fighting constantly.

9: Since the 12th Doctor's clothing choice seems to be in the Magicians theme does he know any magic tricks? Is he going to play at being Merlin?

10: Clara is back to teaching but not at the same school as before, the Doctor has noticed something off with the timelines, ripples are forming and it all seems focused on one of Clara's new students, a young boy with multiple personality disorder with a past that his parents haven't told anyone about. When he was 4 years old he was kidnapped and held prisioner for a month during which cruel and torturous experiments were performed on him by a group of aliens and humans. After talking with the boy and asking permission to enter his mind to try to heal his mind the Doctor finds the supressed memories of the boys torture, realizing that the boy is still a target and likely to be captured again the Doctor gives the boy a special watch that will be ignored but will allow the Doctor to find the child if something ever happens. A few weeks later the boy is kidnapped again and the Doctor calls in UNIT and Torchwood, the Doctor finds the boy in a warehouse strapped to an alien chair used for creating insane soldiers that will suicide attack the enemy. The Doctor looses control and the Valeyard takes control and burns out the minds of three of the aliens that are the reason for all of this, just before UNIT and Torchwood can secure the aliens.

11: in between adventures has Clara ever asked the Doctor to play the guitar for her? She seemed to really like him playing in S9E1.

12: One night after one of their adventures Clara returns to the Console room only to hear thirteen different voices two of which she recognizes, the Doctor is talking with his former selves, only there is no holograms nor faces on the monitors. What does Clara hear? What are the Doctors talking about? Why is the Doctor talking out loud to his other selves and why do they keep talking through him?

14: The Doctor has said many times that he can feel the turn of the Earth, feel time, sense things that are wrong in the timeline, can all Time Lords do this to the same level as the Doctor or is he just much more connected to the flow of time and the universe as a whole? What if the Doctor was tied to Time and the universe more then anyone could have imagined, what would happen if he died and couldn't regenerate? Would time cease would the universe start to collapse?

17: The Doctor and Clara run into Jack Harkness at a posh party, the host of the party has artifacts from the time of the Pythia. One of the artifacts is a disk that glows in the presence of someone capable of becoming a High Priest of Pythia. The host carries the disk with him and when he and the Doctor are standing talking the host notices that the disk is glowing while near the Doctor, the host arranges for the Doctor's drink to be dosed with an extract from a 'sacred' trees berries. The drug causes the Doctor to have visions of the future, the visions will burn up the Doctor's mind if the ritual of Awakening isn't completed, but only the Sisterhood of Karn knows the ritual, with the Doctor in agony from the visions Jack and Clara have to get the Doctor to Karn to save his life.

19: Something causes the Doctor to become feral and seek out Clara to make her his mate.

20: If the Doctor is on the autisim spectrum how would he deal with an autistic child that needs his help?

22: (The following is pretty much a running thought that keeps popping into my head randomly, as such it is no where near a complete story idea. So please pardon any grammar errors cause I seriously was not paying any attention to anything I was typing beyond just getting it OUT of my head.)The Tardis lands on the planet Dalonis IV home of the Dalona a race of peaceful humanoids with silvery eyes that can see souls, they share a symbotic relationship with their planet so strong that they can not leave their world, nor can they live without the living planet. The elder of one of the small villages near where the Tardis lands is shown a vision of what will happen in 10 years time (The Time War), the planet shows the elder how much the Doctor has suffered and shows the elder what the planet wants it's children to do to help heal the Time Lord who tried/wil try so hard to save their world from the waves of the Time War, the planet wants to give the Doctor the gift of soul sight that the people of the plane have. So the daughter of the headman of the tribe, young Oswin (yes one of Clara's echos) is instructed to take the Time Lord to the healing hut and put him into an induced sleep using special charged stones that induce a healing sleep, the young Oswin shows the Doctor his own soul and the bond he has formed with Clara, the sight of his own soul and how beautiful it is breaks down the walls that the Doctor has built to protect himself from the pain he has suffered, he breaks down crying and letting out all the pain he has bottled up over his long life, convincing the Doctor to lay down and rest Oswin places the first of many charged stones on the Doctor's forehead inducing a deep and healing sleep. The headman then injects the Doctor with some of the tribes blood mixed with a type of water only found on the planet known for it's healing and it's ability to merge some cells to make them stronger. The Doctor is feverish for a full week while his body adjusts to the gift it is being given. When he wakes he can see like the Dalona which shocks him, the Elder tells the Doctor of his vision and the request of the planet, for the Doctor to recieve a mark (tatoo more or less) to remind him of their world and allow him to carry a peice of them with him always, the mark is given via an oil-like liquid from the heart of the planet one drop is dripped onto the Doctor's bare chest and a beautiful picture of the planet etchis it'sself onto his chest above his right heart. The Elder tells the Doctor that the mark will transfer when he regenerates because it isn't just placed on the body but tied to his soul. The mark glows as song fills the air around the whole planet, every being on the planet sings their song of peace and the mark absorbs the songs filling the Doctor with a feeling of peace like he has never felt before.

24: Clara convinces the Doctor to dress up like a Vampire for halloween so that he can help Clara and a few other teachers escort some of the kids out trick or treating. Things get out of control when in the yard of a large spooky house. A cloud of smoke engulfs all the kids and teachers and the Doctor and Clara changing them into their costumes. (think Forever Knight Vampire mixed with classic vampires like Dracula, lol, 'Dracula Doctor'or should that be "Doctor Dracula"?) Can the Doctor resist biting Clara?

25: Twelve and Clara find themselves watching a ship that has anchored it'sself just off the shores of England. The anchor gives the Doctor an idea for saving Galifrey. A pair of dimentional Anchor and comunication device are soon built, that he can drop off on Galifrey when Twelve goes back to save Galifrey.

27: "Every life you touch Doctor, tends to touch other lives, and those lives touch still more lives. You are the start of never ending chains of compassion and hope. The seed to a mighty ever growing tree. You have woven yourself into so many lives. I don't think the universe could survive without you now."

28: Twelve takes Clara to spend Christmas with The Brigadier and his family.

31: Twelve is slipped a drug that in most races just induces a mild drunkedness, but in a Time Lord it causes his telepathic shields to shatter and fall completely. Leaving Twelve hearing everyones thoughts and feeling everyones feelings. Completely swamped by all the thoughts and feelings he must depend on Clara to get him to the safty of the Tardis before they can be captured. Once back on the Tardis though a new problem makes itself known. Now the Doctor can hear every thought in Clara's head and feel everything she feels. How will this change their relationship?

32: Clara gets a call from Kate asking her to visit HQ, once there she meets Martha, Jack, Mickey, Sarah Jane, Ian, and Barbara. Twelve comes looking for Clara and winds up having a little reunion with everyone.

33: Clara finds the Twelve asleep in one of the Tardis' Libraries, after a few minutes he starts having a nightmare, but instead of waking him from the nightmare Clara does a little trick her Gran used to do for her, Clara gently lifts the Doctor's head and places his head in her lap and starts petting his head. A few seconds of this and the Doctor's nightmare is gone and he is sleeping peacefully again.

34: After Heaven Sent and Hell Bent Twelve returns to the trap ally just minutes after he was teleported away, he offers the Raven a soul for a soul. In a vial he has a powerful and ancient soul one that he has been given to trade for Clara's soul he tells the Raven that the soul in the vial is stronger and will keep it fed for a long time. The Raven agrees and flys into Clara's body returning her life then the Doctor opens the vial and allows the Raven to eat the soul within. Twelve takes Rigsy and Clara back to the Tardis, taking Rigsy back to his home. Twelve then in silence takes Clara to Galifrey introducing her to Romana who has an offer for Clara. The Time Lords offer to turn Clara into a Time Lady.

35: When Clara was brought out of the Doctor's Timestream, what came out was also an echo, but the secret of her echos is they are all the real her when they are with the Doctor. When they travel with him they all become the original, gaining all her memories. How will the Doctor cope with his truely impossible girl?

37: UNIT finds a device that when activated turns everyone into Animals (Antromophic Humans more or less.) They can't figure out how to turn it off however, and Clara calls the Doctor, who when he shows up is also effected by the device and turns into something no one expected. (Either a Kitsune with thirteen tails, a Dragon, Phoenix, or some alien critter be funny if it also made him more feral then the humans are turning. lol)

Stargate: Atlantis Story ideas
Yes. I'm a McKay fan.

1: What if... the ascension device when used to reverse rodney's evolution didn't fully change him back what if it changed his fake ATA gene into a real ATA gene but also strengthened to the point that McKay could use Ancient tech as/more easily than Sheppard or O'Niell?

2: Todd or Micheal or random Wraith captures McKay and convinces him to fix an Ancient device that Todd beleives could be how the first Wraiths were created, McKay figures out that it isn't how the Wraith were made, and that it isn't just Ancient tech but a hybrid of Ancient and some other alien race possibly Firling, When McKay finally gets the device to function Todd forces McKay into the device and it activates creating an eggshell like bubble around McKay. In the eggshell the device transfers McKays mind into a buffer then breaks his body down to it's base componets then rebuilds a body that is the perfect combanation of McKay's dna, Ancient dna, and the other alien races dna, then the device transfers McKay's mind plus the complete database from the device into the newly made body. Scrambling is memories somewhat in the process. When McKay breaks out of the egg Todd is shocked McKay is totally different a cross between a Human/Ancient and a bipedial Dragon. McKay doesn't remember who or what he is he acts on instinct and attacks and kill the Wraith Todd manages to flee and abandons the hive ship. McKay kills all the Wraith on board and activates a transmitter that sends a signal to Atlantis without knowing it. Sheppard and crew come find the Hiveship board and find McKay and the humans that the Wraith had captured McKay has freed everyone and has started to remember who he is. How will he react to the others when they come to the rescue, how will the others react to what Rodney has become?McKay gains the following abilities from being part dragon: slight telepathy/empathy, super senses, stength far beyond Wraith or humans, speed, agility, flight with wings, fire-breathing, venom, all energy weapons are useless aganst him due to his scales just obsorbing the energy and converting it for his use, he can spit ice and/or acid, his claws can cut through most things (but not the hull of a puddlejumper), he will live a MUCH longer life then any human or non acended Ancient.

3: McKay and team come across a device that does much the same as the Ascension device but to a slightly lesser degree, in other words McKay won't die from it he'll be stuck at the edge of being able to ascend and not being able to do so, with no ill effects.

4: tag to Tao of Rodney, answer the question: was there any lasting side effect from the Ascension machine?

5: When the expidtion first came through the gate to Atlantis the city turned the lights and everything else on for them, canon and fandom most always say it was because of Sheppard's ATA gene but what if it wasn't what if the city didn't check for the ATA gene first but for the mental capacity to understand or recognise that Atlantis is alive, with Atlantis found in Rodney McKay.

6: What would happen if one of the Wraith decided to test how a sceintist would do as a Runner, and the first test subject was Rodney McKay?

7: McKay and crew find a device that give people super-powers but the powers it gives people are more often then not a curse not a gift, so what would be the WORST power to give McKay?

8: What if McKay had a twin brother that was supposedly killed by the Trust when McKay didn't stop Carter from saving T'ealc in 48 Hours. But the Trust didn't kill him they placed him in stasis. The stasis chamber that he was stuck in has been found by the SGC and he has been removed from stasis. The link between Rodney and him as twins is back and stronger then before. What will this mean for the crew of Atlantis?

Below was added 12-31-2010

9: Everyone brought one personal item with them, What if McKay didn't have anything he could or wanted to bring to Atlantis? How would the others react to finding out that McKay had nothing of Earth?

10: A device is found that causes people to develope Synesthesia. How will the crew handle having their senses overlap with other senses? And why is it that McKay doesn't seem to be having any trouble adjusting? Wait what do you mean he already has something like Synesthesia?

11: slightly different take on idea #2. McKay finds a device on Atlantis out on the North Pier, when activated the device transports him to a planet that belonged to the Furlings but turns out the Furlings lived mostly on planets with much lower levels of O2 and higher levels of CO2 and where bipedial dragons. (please don't shot me I like the idea of McKay turned into something like a dragon) The planet can be either in the same solar system as Atlantis or in another galaxy on the homeworld of the Furlings. The Furlings either are still on the planet and take McKay in and teaching him or they could have abandoned the planet or all be dead. If they still live and teach McKay take into account that they must see him as an Ancient at first just until he has the chance to explain that he isn't and they must be willing to help him return to Atlantis, either by taking him there and fixing the machine that will change him back or by talking Radek through fixing the device over radio or whatever. If the Furlings are dead or whatever, then McKay and gang need to find some way to get him back and return him to either being human or turn him into a half human half Furling so that he can breath O2.

Below added 1-2-2011

12: With his alergies and hypoglycemia and any other medical problems he may have how did McKay get clearance to go to Atlantis?

13: McKay finds an Ancient version of a piano, but it does more then play music it creates a visual show in the air above Atlantis when played. McKay gets it working and plays while thinking of everything they had been through. Takes place either before Sunday or right before season 5 final ep.

14: What if McKay had created his own written language, a sort of short hand that only he and his sister knew, how would the team react to seeing him writing in what to them looks like an alien language? Will they act wierd towards him? Will they think he is an alien?

Below added 1-7-2011

15: Sg-1 including Jack come to Atlantis for some reason, chaos insues but is dealt with quickly enough. Afterwards Sheppard invites SG-1 to join SGA-1, Beckett, Zelenka, and Weir for a round of 20 questions that the Atlantis crew have been holding after every crisis. What questions are asked and how do McKay and the others react to Sheppard inviting SG-1 without asking them first?

16: What kind of wierd things do the crew of Atlantis do in order to go to sleep? ie. does anyone sleep with a stuffed animal? or sleepwalk? or fall asleep in or on some Ancient device?

17: After the gene therapy worked on McKay was he tested in the Control Chair and if so how did his test go?

18: A secret from McKay's past comes back to try and kill him.

Below added 1-8-2011

19: A different take on idea #2 an Ancient device starts turning everyone with the ATA gene into different races, some real like Nox, and Asgard. Some made up like Elves and Orcs. So who gets turned into what, also where and what is McKay?

Below added 1-13-2011

20: Where was Carson during the events of The Shrine?

21: The Shrine AU Rodney called for Carson instead of John. Or Carson was there istead of Keller.

Below added 1-28-2011

22: What would happen if some how the gel in the hand part of the control chair were to burst open and spray McKay in the face and mouth? What purpose does the gel serve anyway?

Below added 2-1-2011

23: What was going on between McKay and Beckett during Tao of Rodney when McKay grabbed Beckett's lapels just before his eyes rolled up and he died? What was the first thing Beckett thought when Rodney suddenly grabed him by the lapels of his lab coat for the second time? The first being during Duet.

Below added 4-16-2011

24: I've seen some x-overs with Dr. Who where Sheppard is the Doctor but what if McKay was the Doctor and he had become human to hide from someone/something? Only he hid a little to well and only after finding something on Atlantis does he start to remember his past.

25: There are pipes filled with all kinds of stuff (liquids, gases, gells, oils) on Atlantis right, and some think Atlantis is alive (myself included) well what if some people on Atlantis started a prank war and Atlantis got in on it by causing some of the pipes to start "leaking" on people as they walked by. Maybe some of the stuff in the pipes is like the gell in the Control Chair and causes some really strange things to happen.

26: What if Atlantis uses an Ancient child's toy to play a prank on the crew of Atlantis.

27: The Ancients were a little wierd sometimes right, so what if one of them left a child's toy disguised as something else and the Atlantis team find it and suddenly the city is filled with strange and colorfull critters and the team have to "catch them all" lol.

28: The crew find a hidden lab on some moon somewhere and find a classroom with a holographic teacher teaching and empty room, what will the SGA-1 gang learn?

Below added 4-23-2011

29: Ever since he was a child Rodney McKay has dreamed of a place full of knowledge and technology FAR more advanced then human tech, he dreamed in full HD detail, he walked all the rooms and halls but there was one room he could never enter in his dreams every time he tried he woke up, he longed to go there, he thought he had found it in Atlantis, then came the mission to planet MX3-C3N3 a planet full of ruins left by the Ancients but there is more then just ruins, a hidden lab holds the halls and coridors McKay dreamed of ever since he was a child, and now he is drawn to the one room he could never enter in his dreams. Drawn by a sound only he hears, can the others protect him from whatever is in the room? Can they save him? Does he even need protecting? Does he need to be saved from whatever is in the room?



A black man walks into a cafe one early morning and noticed that he was the only black man there. As he sat down, he noticed a white man behind him.
The white man said, "Coloured people are not allowed here."
The black man turned around and stood up. He then said:
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"When I go in the sun I'm black,"
"When I'm cold I'm black,"
"When I die I'll be black."
"But you sir..."
"When you're born you're pink,"
"When you grow up you're white,"
"When you're sick, you're green,"
"When you go in the sun you turn red,"
"When you're cold you turn blue,"
"And when you die you turn purple."
"And yet you have the nerve to call me coloured"
The black man then sat back down and the white man walked away...
Copy this onto your site and help stop racism!

I love it when people use "This is a Line Break" in their stories. lol.

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