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I'm currently the Beta/Co Author for Transformers Prime: Dawn of the Dinobots and it's sequal Transformers Prime: Shockwave Rising.

Challange: If anyone can make a good story where Dr. Wily and his robot army somehow got sent to the DC verse and then show just what could happen when the Wily Army would do in this situation.
Also you guys should read the Megaman Megamix and Gigamix to get a good understanding on how somethings work in the Wily army and a lot of the robot's combat capabilities. IT woudl be an interesting situation because the Wily army is comprised of robots with unique combat capabilities which are identical to some super powers. Quick Man's top speed is unknown but his normal cruiseng speed is Mock 6. Shadowman knows every form of martial arts in the world is an expert infultrator and is capable of teleporting and litterally moving through shadows. And that's only two. And I'm also saying to not put Megaman in it if you want. I'm asking if any good fanfic writer can make a good story to write and see how things would end up here with Wily and his army running loose.

Another idea is a Megaman Astroboy crossover involving Wily sending his robot masters to Astroboy's world to aquire tech samples from it ranging from common to exotic. The Wilybots would be an interesting problem since even though they aren't exactly evolvable as that crazy Dr. Tenma keeps going on about. Another way to describe Astro's evolvability is learning how he does things is more like he learns and applies self programming to correct for problems in what he's currently doing. It sounds more like Learning which is what all of Wily's robots can do and their tech is pretty exotic here and in several ways more advanced but their are things in Astro's world that Wily doesn't which would likely drive him with curiocity and would want to look at them for ways to improve his robot masters. Personally I think that would be an interesting story especially while Wily's robot masters would likely cause problems for not only Astro but also Dr. Tenma and Shadow as well.

(Face it Wily's likely smarter that that robot Dr. Tenma made that he claims is a much better scientist that any human)

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