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Hi guys, I'm just a weirdo who has way too much time on their hand and so I took to writing Fanfiction.

I currently have two stories up but I don't know when I will be able to update them.

The first story is Elder Remnants: The Dragonborn gets Stuck in the RWBY verse with no way home. This will hopefully be updated once every two weeks.

The second story is The Silent Familiar: everyone's favourite ice cream lady Neopolitan is summoned to be the familiar of a very unskilled mage. This will probably not be updated often.

it is unlikely that these stories will be updated for a while, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten them. they will be updated... eventually...

Favourite RWBY ships:

Blake X Yang/Bumblebee Ruby X Blake/Ladybug Jaune X Pyrrha/ Arkos Nora X Ren/ Sloth/ FlowerPower Guns n' roses/ Ruby X Crescent Rose Summer Rose X Zwei (Because i can) Qrow X Whiskey Zwei X Harem
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