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"How do you document real life when real life's getting more like fiction each day?" - Mark Cohen (RENT)

roselips is amazing! read her stuff! she is nifty ( and alarmingly sexy! but not like domenic! thats completely different! hehe yes i am crazy!)

oo check out my original stuff (my original stuff is much better than my fan fics)

My fav fics:

In The Forests Of The Night- and all other amelia atwater-rhodes stories. (audrey/jessica) (nathaniel/ooc)

RENT!- (Roger/Mimi) (Mark/anyone not already with someone else) (Angel/Collins)

Gilmore Girls- (Luke/Lorelai aka Javajunkie) (Jess/Rory aka literati)

Birds of Prey- (Jesse/Helena aka Reese/Huntress)

Criminal Minds- anything with Reid in it! (spence/jj) (garcia/morgan)

X-men- just about anything

Fruits Basket- (tohru/kyo) and anything w/ hatori or hatsuharu thats not slash because they come off as straight to me

ouran high school host club - (kyoya/haru)

I FINALLY HAVE A STORY POSTED! yay! my first fruits basket fic. check it out!

this message brought to you by BLING!

that is all...

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