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Name: Lnara


I'm a college gradute .My favorite past time is too watch yugioh, Full metal Alchemist, Naurto, D.N Angel. I love crossovers, and action\Angst fictions.

Alerrrrrrrrrrrrttttt !

Hi everyone i have recieved several reviews and alerts to continue and i owe an opolgy to all my previous and new readers about this long delay i have some updates that i have but ive have always wanted to make the longer no excuses but getting a job and keeping it after graduation has put a stop to all y projects the last 2 yrs i have promised but sadly failed to keep it i will try My best to finish new chapters soon plz accept my apology for not keeping my word before ill try my best this time

Some of my favorite sayings :

'We do not choose the time in which we are born, but what we do with the time that is given to us determines who we are" Gandalf in lord of the rings

"life is not about finding answers, but asking question. Even when we know that we will never find the answers. It is what keeps us going on to see what exists beyond those hills. So we should always ask Q even if we know that we will never find the answer." From an alien series by Steven Spielberg.

Feel free to email anytime.

Oh remeber review my fictions i love hearing your opinion.

Alert New

New Kingdom of hearts fiction out Keys of fate


Shadow Guardian: Complete.A continuation will be hopefully started next year.

Rebirth: In progress ..

Night WIn progressanderer: In progress.

Keys of Fate : Chapter 3will be out soon.

Atlantis: abendoned for now.

New beginning: abandoned

Lost Souls: abandoned

P.S. A special thanks to all my great readers and reviewers


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