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Hola, ¿cómo estáis?

Mis aficiones son los videojuegos, Internet, la tecnología, la lectura y también estoy algo interesado en anime y manga.

La verdad, antes de empezar a escribir ya estaba enganchado a este sitio desde que buscaba posibles crossovers de God Eater (a pesar de que nunca he jugado a los juegos) y he estado navegando desde en busca de historias interesantes de mis series favoritas, más bien crossovers (siempre me interesó el tema). Algunas de las historias son muy buenas pero pienso que algunas de mis franquicias favoritas no tienen muchos crossovers. Así que pensé en empezar a escribir algo que llevaba tiempo imaginando. No es fácil escribir historias que mezclen varios de tus mundos favoritos por lo que respeto a los que siguen manteniendo esas historias. Mientras tanto, haré lo que pueda, a ver cuanto escribo.

Franquicias favoritas: Persona, Pokémon, .hack y similar, God Eater, RWBY, Megaman, Kingdom Hearts, Sword Art Online...

Posibles futuras historias: God EaterxSoul Eater, God EaterxGATE

The New PE Teacher (Mass Effect x High School DxD): After using the Crucible to defeat the Reapers, Shepard finds herself in Kuoh, Japan from the past with few resources. Having no way to return home and tired from all the fighting, she decides to take a job as a PE instructor in Kuoh Academy. Unfortunately, her life still far from being normal when she encounters a Fallen Angel killing a perverted student of hers and another crimson haired one reveals herself as a Devil.

"I don't care if you're a god, Angel, Fallen, Devil, Hero or another supernatural being, human or alien. No one fucks up with my students, human or not, they're my damn friends!"

Order's Re: Incarnation (RWBY X Xenosaga): Everyone have ever heard of OP isekai protagonists. Everyone have heard of self-inserts. But who did hear about ending up in the body of a psycho badass cyborg in a world full of monsters and a broken moon? Me not. And it’s not Raiden. But she’s hot as hell. PseudoSelf-insert/gender bender/Male protagonist in T-elos body.

Human Legendaries (Crossover with Gijinka Legendary Pokémon):

-Space A Live (Date A Live): While investigating some strange distortions around Ultra Space, Palkia was knocked out and fell into a world with strange powerful human girls explosively destabilize space when they appear, a boy has to seal their powers by kissing and flying power-armored humans. Trapped in a mortal form without most of her powers, Palkia will need to survive the insanity.

-Renegade of Zero (Familiar of Zero): This wasn’t Giratina’s day. By touching a strange rift, the Antimatter Deity ends up as the partner of a tsundere pinkette. Not to talk about some physical changes.

-Truth and Ideals (Fate/Stay Night): Apparently, summoning rituals has an effect on old-looking stone orbs: awakening dragons from another world. Can Shirou’s ideals and Rin’s truth help them win the Grail War? Or will they be the cause of their ruin?

-Continental Rising (Rising of the Shield Hero): Naofumi became a grumpy and selfish individual when he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. But what could happen if the Shield Hero was already grumpy and selfish in the first place? And had enormous tectonic powers and wasn’t human to begin with? Kingdom of Melromarc, we present you... Groudon. May Arceus have mercy.

Black Steel Chronicles (God Eater 2 crossover):

-The Devouring Grail Wars(Fate/Zero x eventual Multiverse) After an aborted Devouring Apocalypse, Blood Captain Hiro Kamui is left stranded in Fuyuki City in 1994. Alongside a humanized Kurogane, both have to struggle to make a living while trying to return home. But it seems our God Eater and God Arc got tangled up in the shenaigans of a mystic war between wizards and superpowered spirits of the heroes from the past. As Kuro would elocuently say in her words: "Going up against a bunch of overpowered myths... if it weren't for fact that I'm a living weapon that had slayed similar things in the past, I would have said fuck it, but it seems I have still to be your sword, brother. And I admit that I'm also craving for a good fight..." FemHumanized!Kurogane God Arc with FemProtagonist aspect. Master!Hiro Kamui and Servant Archerko!

-Of Arcs and Blades(Xenoblade Chronicles 2): When a mission goes awry, Hiro Kamui wakes up in a world composed of titans and a cloud sea, Alrest. And if that wasn't enough, his God Arc transformed into what the locals call a Blade, his team is dispersed thro and his only lead is a boy and his Blade, the legendary Aegis, in his search of Elysium. Why couldn't his life be like one normal God Eater? Blood God Arc!Blades.

Brave New World: A Commander's Odyssey: After activating the Crucible, Jane Shepard ends up in the past with a teenager body. Don’t knowing what to do with her life, the lethargic ex-soldier ends up again in high school. However, all her class is summoned to another world to help defeat the Demon King. With the way of the warrior before her once again, what will Shepard choose?

Remnants of the Gods (God Eater x RWBY): There are stories lost to man, those of greater heroes and villains, of powerful monsters never before seen in the lands of Remnant. This is the story of one of them, one who hunts monsters, she who has fallen in battle, returns to the battlefield with more power than she and the world have ever presenced. For this is the tale of a Devourer of Gods... OC centric. Slight Multiversal Crossover and progressively OP protagonist and antagonists.

-The Pseudo-Dragon Berserker (Crossover with Fate/Stay Night): Instead of Heracles, Illya summons a certain purple Huntress-in-training with a draconic arm. Everybody will know what happens when you piss off the God Eater with a divine dragon's rage and power.

Man and God (God Eater x Evangelion): Shio ends up in the Evaverse, at the care of Shinji and Misato. Her best weapon in this bleak world will be her innocent cuteness and inquisitive curiosity. But dark secrets threaten to destroy that small semblance of peace. If gods can be made human, can humans be made gods?

This Rocks! (To Aru Majutsu no Index x God Eater): Enter Zetta Rassei, God Eater, Level 2 Electromaster and the coolest person to ever exist! Yeah, sure, she may have her arm replaced by an Aragami one, is too lazy to bother studying to improve her powers and resorts to videogames as inspiration and she can't cook for her life... but his unlucky neighbour (a.k.a. cook) keeps getting involved into interesting situations, so with her sniper-scythe, her parkour skills and her guitar, she will be in for the fun. Prepare yourself Academy City, for your friendly neighborhood God Eater will make sparks fly! And maybe teach these bunch of adorable clones the meaning of fun... Half Aragami!OC with Variant Scythe/Sniper Gun and possibly bordering on Crack from the amount of humor I plan to introduce.

Ice Masks (Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen x God Eater): Ser un AGE no es nada fácil, especialmente para alguien tan joven. Dana Pennywort pensó que llegó su fin hasta que despertó en un bosque helado y con brazos inhumanos pero sin ninguna de sus cadenas. Tras encontrarse con una extraña chica con cola y orejas de animal, seguido de un amnésico debilucho, esta ex-God Eater de 13 años tendrá que encontrar su lugar en este extraño nuevo mundo. Otro OC medio Aragami con Biting Edge/Raygun y elemento Hielo.

Kingdom of Swords and Hearts (Kingdom Hearts x Fate Kaleid): After a failed experiment with the Kaleidoscope, Chloe was transported to Virtual Twilight Town and then contracted by a black coated man to act as bodyguard for a certain Nobody as long as they could return her home. But she didn’t know about the adventures she was heading into…

Gate, así que los God Eaters fueron a luchar allí (GATE x God Eater): Tras evitar un Apocalipsis Devorador y una crisis multiversal, la Sede del Lejano Oriente es atacada por una fuerza invasora de otro mundo. Tras la unilateral victoria de Fenrir, deciden dedicar casi todos sus recursos en explorar el nuevo mundo para vengarse, hacer paces y crear una nueva colonia libre de Aragamis. Lo que no contaron fue en encontrarse con dragones, un ejército japonés de un pasado alternativo, verdaderos dioses y el barullo de políticas interdimensionales... Bashing de las políticas del mundo moderno y badass!Fenrir (la serie es buena pero la política es frustrante, así que me toca hacer algo al respecto. Jejeje...).

The Xeno Effect (Mass Effect x Xenosaga):

-Act I: Butterfly's Dream: When the Collector ship destroyed the Normandy, Commander John Shepard died at least in body. But what about the mind? Trapped in a bizarre universe, Shepard must ally himself with Shion Uzuki and the ragtag group that follows. What is the mystery behind the eldritch horrors known as Gnosis? And is KOS-MOS simply a battle android?

-Act II: Return of the Shepherd King: After narrowly escaping the Collector’s base destruction, the last the Normandy and her crew expected to see is to end up in another dimension. One that Shepard knew from a dream. Contacting once again with former allies, Shepard and his crew will have to face off a challenge possibly even greater than the Reapers. Will they survive? Not even God knows the answer...

-Act III: You Shall Be As Gods: The Reapers have found Earth in their intent to continue this cycle’s harvest. Commander Shepard must unite the galaxy for a probability of survival against the odds. Things get complicated when elements from the other universe begin bleeding to this side, including a familiar but heavily damaged blue-haired robot maiden.

-Act III/2: Shadow Echoes: Prequel to Act III. A year after the Normandy’s appearance, despite the threat of "Gnosis terrorism", Federation space is experiencing a considerable technological revolution thanks to the discovery of Element Zero and Mass Effect physics. Shion continues to investigate Vector under anti-UMN group, Scientia. However, things turn to the worse when the Elsa’s trapped in hyperspace and KOS-MOS is being scrapped in favor of the new and enigmatic Anti-Gnosis weapon T-elos.

Brave New World: a Commander's Odyssey (Mass Effect x Isekai): After activating the Crucible, Jane Shepard ends up in the past with a teenager body. Don’t knowing what to do with her life, the lethargic ex-soldier ends up again in high school. However, all her class is summoned to another world to help defeat the Demon King. With the way of the warrior before her once again, what will Shepard choose?

IT'S RAINING IDIOTS! (Konosuba x Red vs Blue): After a mishap, again, the Reds and Blues ended up in a fantasy world… with Sister. Kazuma will have to deal with even more useless idiots. At least those Freelancers are competent and sane and he can somehow empathize with that Spanish robot.

I hate magic...(Mass Effect x Campione x Fate/Zero): When it was supposed that Jane Shepard can finally rest in peace, she was summoned into a battle for some sort of wish-granting grail in the past. She died again, saved the Minor Grail’s spirit from being corrupted and escaped, somehow, before the Excaliblast destroyed them. The only thing is that they are now in a universe where gods and godslayers run rampant. At least she still has the Normandy and her friends, however, they all experienced some… changes. Servant!Campione!Female Shepard.

Remnant's Own Mass Effect(Mass Effect x RWBY): Jane Shepard died defeating the Reapers. Then she is reborn the daughter of an Atlasian Admiral. With knowledge of her past life, she goes to great lengths to revolutionize Atlas entire military... only to go study in Beacon. "What? I had enough military for a lifetime, it was time to try something different." Sentinel Shepard.

We stopped praying a long time ago (God Eater x Warhammer 40k) Inspired by The God Eater Effect from velvet queen and based on its universe: A new class of Dreadnougth Carrier, the FSV Infinity, was in its way to its first run test. Unfortunately, they ended up in a grimdark future with only war. Armed only with untested, experimental and top secret weapons and troops, will they survive this cruel galaxy or will end up as food for the thirsrty gods?. Warning: Probably not going to follow entirely Warhammer 40k, for one, the lore is extremely extensive, and two, there will be elements and characters borrowed from other media.

Rising of the N7 Nerd (Mass Effect x Rising of the Shield Hero): Self-insert. One day, I wake up in a void and with a window offering me a adventure with a variant of the SPECIAL system based on Fallout and Mass Effect. What type of nerd would I be if I didn't accept? Now I'm travelling with a rather grumpy shielder and her cute raccoon girl slave trying to save the world. If what I've seen from the other three heroes and that bitch princess says me something is that we're probably doomed. At least I have a shop option with other series stuff that could be useful...

Rising of the Wasteland Hero (Fallout x Rising of the Shield Hero): I suddenly wake up with the gear and skills of my character from Fallout New Vegas, in a world full of magic and fantastic creatures. And while my SPECIAL is intact, I have another RPG-like system which says I'm level 1. Now I'm travelling with a rather grumpy shielder and her cute raccoon girl slave trying to save the world and blow shit up. If what I've seen from the other three heroes and that bitch princess says me something is that we're probably doomed. Maybe I need to apply some wasteland justice here...

Servants and Blades (Fate/Stay Night x Xenoblade 2): Ten years ago, I was saved from a fire by two strange women that called themselves "Blades" that recognised me as their "Driver". Now, some classmates are involved in a secret magic war that is seemenigly connected to the disaster from years ago, and now I'm involved in, but not in the way it was supposed to be... And worse is that the participants are obtaining Blades of their own and some planet goddess from another dimension called Mira is freeloading in my house because it was entertaining and wanted to see humanity's homeworld... Non Master!Driver!OCProtagonist, Driver!Nasuverse Masters. And more stuff from Xeno games.

Of Spirits and... Penguins?! (Penguins of Madagascar x Date A Live):Due to the Chronotron, the Penguins end up in a parallel future. Shidou’s life will become more chaotic than what is planned…

Una ISO en Aincrad: Una de las últimas ISO, Xena, descubre una anomalía en la Red que la transporta a Aincrad, un mundo igual o más mortal que el suyo. Mientras un gamer hacker entra con emoción en SAO, hasta que se entera del mórbido motivo de su creación. ¿Podrán estas almas similares entenderse y sobrevivir juntos? ¿O acabarán borrados del mundo virtual y real? (Primer capítulo de la serie "Una ISO en...")

Disclamer: Yo no soy dueño de ningún manga/anime/libro/juego/película/etc. Tan solo poseo mis OCs y mis ideas. Si ninguno de ellos es mío, será de otro. Si hay coincidencias con alguna otra obra de ficción o la realidad, sólo es eso, una coincidencia.

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